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        1. Kin

          A guy called graham smith and apparently the alliance of european republican movements
          Funded no doubt by the EU
          it’s the FU from the EU to the UK

          Good old forth reich

    1. Kin

      So the bookies get the blame for teenage gamblers
      Like publicans get the blame for alcoholics
      In reality the truth is since on line gaming gambling has become even worse
      Ban on line gaming as anyone can access it
      As you flick through all your sky channels you see advert after advert for internet gaming with celebs like Keith lemon prancing around like he is ant and dec
      It’s time internet gaming was banned
      But as usual it’s a big earner for everyone involved
      Then look at the lotto and the scratch cards
      The latest one
      Walk into a centra and buy a line and you could leave a new lotto millionaire
      It’s time at least all gaming including the lotto advertising was banned full stop

      1. Premium Wobbly Content

        And what about the pubs profiting off the local alcoholic? Is that Sky’s fault also?

        1. Kin

          Pubs were closed by government during the pandemic
          So blame your local supermarket
          The figures are there about the increase of alcohol abuse during the pandemic the domestic abuse etc etc and that was not caused by pork chops
          Only rich alcoholics can afford to drink themselves to death in a pub pal
          Bottle of whiskey in pub =€100 bottle of whiskey in Aldi €19.95 on special offer and you can also buy your frozen burger there as well

    2. Kin

      What’s not mentioned in the news is over 1000 azov soldiers have not surrendered in mariopal steel plant
      There is outrage that Russia intends to put those who have surrendered on trial for murder but in Ukraine the first Russian soldier has been put on trial no doubt beaten and tortured for his confession
      He looked so scared as he sat their just waiting for a bullet in the brain or the noose
      I just wondered has the Red Cross inspected conditions these soldiers are being kept in and looked to see if any have been tortured

  1. f_lawless

    Noteworthy article on the anti-democratic subversion of UK politics by an elite vested-interest group.

    “the most important piece of UK journalism this year is being totally ignored by the mainstream media. Please do read it; you will learn more about how the UK really works than you ever will from the BBC”, according to former UK ambassador, Craig Murray.


    “Leaked emails reviewed by The Grayzone reveal possibly criminal plot by pro-Leave elites to sabotage Theresa May’s Brexit deal, infiltrate government, spy on campaign groups, and replace May with Boris Johnson.

    – Intelligence cabal infiltrated UK civil service thanks to “centrally placed mole”
    – Ex-MI6 chief Richard Dearlove pitched espionage operations targeting civil service and campaign groups
    – Fake Democratic Party fronts run by CIA veterans were proposed to infiltrate pro-Remain groups
    – Cabal sought to spy on and disrupt Prime Minister’s top Brexit negotiator
    – Shadowy billionaires funded effort in total secret
    – Dearlove claimed credit for influencing government policy on Huawei
    – Cabal now seeking to remove Boris Johnson
    – These efforts could amount to charges of TREASON

    1. stephen moran

      No one sane bar Tucker “replacement theory” Carlson believes a word that comes of the rancid infested bigoted gob of Max “nothing is happening in Xinjiang” Blumenthal – a complete an utter willy – he’s like the bastard offspring of Wallace and Daly – he’s a fully paid up racist apologist for global Putlerism

        1. jonjoker

          Only ONE highly placed mole?
          I thought the whole Tory party and at least half the Labour party MPs were on the pay-roll of the “élites”. I thought the GB civil service was run by and for the elite etc etc.
          No news here lads and lasses.

    2. Kin

      The EU were up to their eyes in it and the brits returned the favour with Boris Johnson and I have to hand it to him Boris is no push over
      Now the EU is trying their best to get sir Keith starmer elected but they forgot his baggage of being the man in charge of the crown prosecution service when jimmy saviles case was dropped
      In reality it’s a bit much for that baggage to be PM of the UK

        1. Kin

          And it’s still the best version
          Claptons will always be the sunshine of your love with cream

    1. SOQ

      Being vaccinated and the speaking about your injuries makes you “an outspoken critic of… the COVID-19 vaccines” now it appears.

      I am not sure what the point of this story actually is- how about- Rock musician Eric Clapton, a critic of vaccine efficacy, proves point by testing positive for the coronavirus maybe?

      1. Kali

        76 year old tests positive for deadly disease and lives. How will this be spun by the braindead to keep up the pretence that lockdowns were needed

          1. E'Matty

            Yes. After his vaccination he suffered side effects that looked like stopping him from ever playing guitar again and so began his questioning of what he’d been told about vaccine safety and efficacy. As so often happens, the idiot brigade quite often label those suffering vaccine injuries as anti vaxxers, despite the fact they have actually received a vaccine.

          2. Ian - oG

            Well I asked Kali but thanks for the informative reply there Matthew.

            So to sum up, ”vaccinated 76 year old tests positive for deadly disease and lives.”

            Also, after his vaccination his injuries were so severe that his ability to play guitar was impeded to the extent he went off on tour playing guitar.

            Did I get anything wrong?

          3. SOQ

            At the time, it was unknown if the injuries would be permanent or not- which is a very worrying, especially when it prevents you from doing your job.

            Like a lot of other people he probably resented being bullied or coerced into take it, which according to the hard of thinking, now makes him an ‘anti-vaxxer’.

          4. Ian - oG

            So he is still touring and playing guitar after the vaccinations and also, at 76 he doesn’t seem to be very ill from covid.


            Time has told it would seem.

          5. SOQ

            Well obviously you have read his medical repost in full then- or perhaps you are just waving the high hand because you can’t be bothered thinking about it?

          6. Ian - oG

            Bothered thinking about what?

            Have I said anything untrue here?

            Has his condition deteriorated, either from covid or his vaccine ‘injury’, if so please share, thanks!

          7. Micko

            Well, if ya read the article, they allowed people to be tested.

            The “test result loophole apparently allowed Clapton to, in good conscience” to perform.

            Seems fair.

            I’m in mainland Europe at the mo and there was no Covid cert checks in Dublin airport flying out (Sunday) and even though masks were “mandatory “ still on the plane. About 90% didn’t wear one and even the staff let theirs slip all the time.

            Pretty much back to normal – great stuff! :-)

        1. SOQ

          So some one who had a cleared condition which then returns- couldn’t possibly have a connection with the vaccine is it?

          Already people who were cleared of cancer are seeing some very aggressive returns which are being documented as vaccine related.

          But sure to the pharma shills like yourself, that is all just a big coincidence now isn’t it? And, if it is not one of your own family then sure- what odds eh?

          1. Nigel

            ‘couldn’t possibly have’

            In other words, this is supposition.

            ‘being documented as vaccine related’

            On the same basis, presumably.

      1. SOQ

        You know Fearganainm- we can all just check The Guardian website ourselves if we feel so inclined, but since their vaccine and lockdown propaganda, and now the Ukraine BS- we CHOSE not to.

        So a daily advertisement from yourself is not necessary?

        1. Fearganainm

          Triggered by one (Irish-related) link from The Guardian?

          What a pathetic life you must lead. No wonder your perspective is so warped that you’re constantly immersing yourself in utter garbage.

          Is it because The Guardian never publishes anything by German Vladimirov or your other risible ‘hot take’ favourites?

          1. SOQ

            “What a pathetic life you must lead. No wonder your perspective is so warped that you’re constantly immersing yourself in utter garbage.”

            Take your personal attacks and shove them you absolute pig ignorant idiot.

        2. Ian - oG

          Should Bodger stop put up the front pages as well, I mean we could all just go check the Guardian ourselves if we feel so inclined.

        3. Fearganainm

          @ SOQ

          You absolute thick.

          How does it feel to tell people what they can or cannot post and have them laugh in your face because they regard you as some kind of simpleton?

          Go ahead, pretend that you represent some ‘voice of we’, you isolated mug. You’re not a sheriff and you don’t have a posse. You’re impotent.

          It must hurt knowing that people usually ignore all your garbage links, eh?

    1. Ian - oG

      Pair of twits.

      Harris should have shaved his moustache off years ago and everything would have been fine but no, had to keep it.

      1. Ian - oG

        Thanks Fearganinm, saves me having to actually go onto their clown shoe ‘news’ site.

        Had to laugh at her saying it was ‘fair comment’ though. If it was why not print under your own name?

    1. Big Lad

      Oh ANO, you left his name in at the bottom and forgot to cross out the address at the top.

      Excellent work.
      I got a great laugh out of it

      1. jonjoker

        It’s amusing in a sd sort of way to see Gemma complain about fake news from others.

        As for complete lack of editorial control “as long as it supports a particular narrative” – posts here seem to be mostly about a small number of topics, but as far as I can see there’s give and get on both sides of the discussions, sorry, narratives.

        1. ANO

          Below the line, absolutely, whatever about the quality of the discourse I think it’s fair to say that you tend to see various sides of any ‘debate’ represented in the comments on this site.

          Editorially though, the site has a definite and obvious bent but so what ? It’s not a pure news site and it doesn’t present itself as a neutral source.

          While the O’Doherty/Broadsheet editorial Venn diagram wouldn’t be a single circle, neither would it be two separate ones.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Written by E Jordan.
      It was a funny read alright. After himself (Jordan) dancing on the graves in Tuam in person.

    3. TenPin Terry

      She’s right about one thing.
      I only visit Broadsheet to get my wobbly bits wobbled.
      Well, that and to find out more about Vanessa’s infamous Creamed Horn.
      Unsuccessful so far but I live in hope …

      1. Broadbag

        Bodger, where does one sign up for this secret premium tier of Broadsheet with the wobbling of the wobbly bits? Asking for a friend…

  2. SOQ

    Global Coalition Statement: Commercial Aviation and Pilot Vaccine Injury 17/05/22

    Signatories from Canadian, UK, USA, Australia, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and International aviation, medical, scientific and ethics bodies.

    “Many of our pilots have lost medical certification to fly and may not recover the same. Others are continuing to pilot aircraft while carrying symptoms that should be declared and investigated, creating a human factors hazard of unprecedented breadth. The very foundation of our just safety culture – non-punitive reporting – no longer exists. Pilots have suffered and are suffering medical issues that at least correlate to receiving COVID-19 vaccinations. Their spectrum of symptoms is broad, ranging up to death. Pilots who report their injury face possible loss of licensing, income, and career while receiving little to no support from their unions, and a prosecutorial invective from employing airlines. Many of these airlines believe they indemnified themselves from liability, claiming this in the very same documents that forced “no jab, no job” mandates on their employees.”


    1. Big Lad

      I think that website you linked to is only 11hrs old. It has 1 comment on it,, written by the author. ..
      Was it you?

      1. jonjoker

        BL, your post might bear greater weight if you had addressed any of the points mentioned in the document.

        That said, I immediately question any organisation that uses the word “free” and even more so “freedom” in its name nowadays, as do the signatories below. These days it tends to be a synonym for “alt-right” and even further right:

        UK Freedom Flyers
        Free To Fly – Canada
        US Freedom Flyers
        Aussie Freedom Flyers

        1. SOQ

          So far, the aviation industry has refused to commission any studies into how much damage these vaccines have actually done, and are just hoping for the best- meaning no major incidents.

          The treatment of injured pilots by the airlines has been disgraceful and the unions have been both deaf and dumb because they know they too are liable.

          @ BigLad- if the fist thing you do is to check publishing dates and time then criticise someone for linking to such, you clearly have an agenda.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    I see another of Chargers heroes has been arrested for rape and sexual offences spanning seven years. Ingrained in a lot of tories obviously.

  4. Ian - oG

    Didn’t take long to scratch the surface and find a coalition of naturopaths, ”integrative doctors” (new one on me but absolute pseudoscience ), quacks linking abortion to breast cancer and vaccines to autism.

    Scratch further and you find racists, homophobes and quite the spectrum of human scum. There is also the now obligatory 5G scaremongering. And of course, there’s the usual donate button and even merch!

    Can’t be a grift without a grift, can it?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      I’m sure he’d postpone it if he had a dose of the flu too. Or a sore throat. Hardly Karma now is it?

  5. TenPin Terry

    What a marvellous picture on the front page of the Thunderer of The Micks – as the Irish Guards regiment is fondly known.
    The 1st Battalion Irish Guards will kick off the official Platinum Jubilee central weekend celebrations on June 2, as they troop the colour before the Queen, showing off their new ceremonial flag which was presented yesterday at Windsor Palace by Prince William.
    The second in line to the throne said he was “immensely proud” of all the regiment had achieved since it last received new colours 13 years ago, noting that in the interim, the assembled soldiers had served in Afghanistan, Cyprus, South Sudan, Kosovo, and Iraq.
    “He said: I am speaking to those Guardsmen, and indeed every one of you assembled here today, when I say that I am immensely proud of what you have achieved.

    “The indomitable family spirit of the Micks remains your hallmark and I know that the support and devotion of the regimental family remains as strong as ever.”

    Irish citizens are free to join the British Army and have done over the years in significant numbers – probably because those intent on a career in soldiering didn’t much fancy the tinpot outfit at home.
    ( ” Permission to pretend fire my wooden Tommy gun Captain O’Mainwaring ” )
    Thanks lads.
    Much appreciated.

  6. johnny

    “Prosecutors said Barrack’s investment management company, unnamed in the indictment but known to be Colony Capital, received capital commitments from two UAE sovereign wealth funds totaling $374 million in 2017 after it received no new funds from the country from 2009 to 2016.”


    gosh,i wonder what Colony did with this cash…lots deals with NAMA and Noonan is what he did.

    “….The price paid by Colony represented a discount of approximately 70 cent in the euro based on the portfolio’s €1.5bn par value.”


  7. Junkface

    Those gambling apps should be made illegal. Its just another way to steal wealth from the younger generations. The stories you here about these poor young fellas, financially destroyed with debt by the age of 20. Its parasitic.

        1. Ian - oG

          To be fair not mine, was on here I read that a few years back so credit to whoever initially pointed it out.

  8. johnny

    NC voters took their trash out yesterday.

    “Cawthorn campaigned aggressively, blaming his woes on “RINOs” and the mainstream media. But voters were unwilling to give him a second chance following Cawthorn’s political stumbles, from calling Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a “thug” to alleging he’d been invited to orgies by Washington lawmakers. His downfall comes even after former President Donald Trump offered support for the embattled Republican.”


    And another one gone and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
    Hey I’m gonna get you too
    Another one bites the dust

    1. anti bot

      Why oh why does ever comment from you involve 1 sentence and lololos. Seriously how old are you? Are you waiting for your mother to come collect you?

  9. Fearganainm

    Mannok companies seek High Court injunction preventing Sean Quinn from trespassing on Cavan quarry


    “…The Mannok companies CEO Liam McCaffrey said in an affidavit that he and his management team of the have been the subject of “a long and well publicised campaign of intimidation, violence and serious threats.” Mr McCaffrey said while Mr Quinn had “repeatedly condemned the violence against the management team”, the defendant had said in a newspaper interview in 2021 that he wanted the directors of Mannock removed and that he (Mr Quinn) would do anything he could do in his power “to get those boys out.”…”

    1. Mad

      That is an interesting article, finally.
      Thanks for sharing it.
      Well done!

      I think she’s really beautiful OMFG

    1. Fearganainm

      Chinese scientists find massive 630ft-deep sinkhole with an entire hidden forest inside


      “…The sinkhole’s bottom is lined with a “well-preserved primitive forest” with the trees growing up towards the sun, according to experts quoted by the news agency. Chen Lixin, who led the cave expedition team, told Xinhua that the dense undergrowth on the sinkhole floor was as high as a person’s shoulders and that some of the ancient trees at the bottom were 131ft (40m) tall. “I wouldn’t be surprised to know that there are species found in these caves that have never been reported or described by science until now,” Mr Lixin said…”

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