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Right Said Fred – Godsend

“Can we get love to trend?”

The last two years have shown us that there are precious few real rebels left in the entertainment industry.

One of the rare exceptions has come from the unlikeliest of sources: take a bow, Right Said Fred.

Now The Freds have found time in between dropping truth bombs (or ‘medical misinformation’ –  the choice is yours!) on Twitter to deliver a heartfelt and soulful new single with an equally arresting video.

Nick says: Never mind the begrudgers and curmudgeons.

Right Said Fred

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6 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Sara

    They were sad when they had a career, they’re even sadder now. They’re the Colette Colfers of the music industry.

    1. Kin

      They have even grown hair
      Hardly anything more that top of the pops
      I doubt in centuaries time they will be listening to them like we listen to beethoven

  2. Ian - oG

    I generally only post positive comments on music posts because me not liking something is hardly an indication of whether something is any use or not but that is just not a good song and nothing to do with their politics.

    Sorry, not a terrible song just not a good one – crucially though, in my opinion.

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