A Limerick A Day


Inmates opened a gourmet pop-up restaurant at Cork Prison yesterday for invited guests

Life’s difficult for those who are
Confined behind many a bar
But now they can look
At fresh ways to cook
And dream of a Michelin star

John Moynes

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14 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. Premium Wobbly Content

      Maybe if you spent a bit more time behind the bar yourself David…just sayin

      1. Kin

        I do not sit behind my bar wobbly bits
        I cook in my kitchen and we are a seasonal business

  1. Niall

    Pavlova topped with Banana Brownies, Raspberies,
    White Chocolate & Chantilly Cream

    Drool !!

  2. Kin

    You mean meringue Niall topped with banana brownies raspberries white chocolate and Chantelle cream
    Pavlova was named in honour of a Russian ballet dancer Anna pavlova like her delicate and light
    Your creation is like a deep fried mars bar that should be named in honour of giant haystacks

  3. scottser

    did you hear about the french man who couldn’t count past 7?
    he had a huit allergy.

    *gets baguette*

    1. scottser

      Protestant lad walking down the Falls gets approached by a bloke with a balaclava and a gun.
      “Prod or Catholic?”
      “Jew, actually”
      “I must be the luckiest Muslim in Belfast…”

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