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This morning.

Via Twitter`:

“We remain vigilant about coordinated activity on our service – using both technology and human review, we proactively and routinely tackle attempts at platform manipulation and mitigate them at scale by taking enforcement action on accounts for violating our policies in this area.”

“In this instance, our teams have taken action and suspended over 300 accounts for violations of our platform manipulation and spam policy – specifically for attempts to artificially incluence conversations.”

Twitter suspends 300 accounts after surge of activity on Donnelly NMH post (Irish Times)


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21 thoughts on “Buying Likes

  1. Tom3

    Tommy the troll strikes again I did not expect this to gain much traction. Do you know how little a few likes cost?
    I’ll do the same for SF soon for balance.

    1. jonjoker

      For me, the real question here, and one that I haven’t seen answered or even asked is a very simple one.

      Just why does Dublin need 3 maternity hospitals?
      Or is it the case that the Yummy Mummies of SCD wouldn’t be seen dead sharing a space with the plebs in the Coombe and the Rotunda?

      Add to that all the moolah to be made when the owners of the current NMH sell off the property to some big developer (or even set up a development company themselves), and maybe we begin to see the light.

      1. paul

        there is definitely a need for more maternity hospitals (more space and more personnel). The crowding in the Rotunda (the only maternity hospital I have professional experience with) is dreadful, no sooner than the baby is out, they want you out the door as there are at least two more people right behind you who need the bed. The staff are fantastic but their job is medical, they shouldn’t have to juggle needs. I’m genuinely surprised there aren’t more babies born in corridors and bathrooms there.

        It’s not just the anticipated birth stuff that weighs on them. Pre-fabs stacked everywhere for ante-natal classes, waiting rooms full of people before their scans and their needs should further care be needed, emergency spaces juggling patients and external births too (I forget the actual term but home-births and private patients where they need additional care not offered by the private hospital).

        All very much needed but not on the terms being offered by the nuns.

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          I have to say the Rotunda supply a stellar service and all the staff are kind and respectful to boot, even the food is good, better than most restaurants in Dublin. Granted I was semi private but I never once felt under pressure to leave or hurried or not cared for.

          1. paul

            my wife felt the same. Her own care became complex such that they moved her to a semi-private room and a lot of the stress fell away (end of the corridor, nice and quiet, by the window in the height of summer) especially seeing people leaving every hour or so while she was stuck for more than a week waiting on results, docs etc in the middle of the summer handover. The MASSIVE omelette she was given when she was admitted is still a talking point if anyone is unsure which hospital to deliver in, Rotunda all the way.

            I’ve met people in my job who have encountered the same staff we did and I can safely say that they are still doing a phenomenal job.

          2. The Millie Obnoxious™

            Have to second this.

            Two babies born in the Rotunda, one born in very traumatic circumstances and cared for extensively in NICU, the other born without a hitch, and the level of care both times was outstanding.

            The staff were incredible. They do unbelievable work, and they do it in really difficult working conditions. I was never pushed out the door, I was offered supports when needed, and additional care throughout my pregnancies. On my last pregnancy, I was offered a tubal ligation by my doctor as a matter of course, with no judgement either way.

            When I picked up an infection after the birth of my son and had to be readmitted to hosp, they gave me a semi private room, and took really good care of us.

      2. bell

        close to 70,000 births a year, plus all of the other services these Hospitals provide.

        You seem to have difficulties with maths so i’ll break that down:
        70,000 over 3 hospitals equals 64 births per day per hospital.

        What is it that makes Culchies so bitter?

        1. Kin

          Mind you living off the powerhouse of the economy that’s what we are all like and we all talk like the healy raes we wear flat caps and have straw coming out of our ears
          But it’s right
          Why has the national maternity hospital have to be in Dublin?
          A better place would be in rural Ireland where staff could live a nicer life less crime and cheaper property and better lifestyle
          And of course less junkies shooting up and gangland violence

      1. Kin

        To be honest I no longer care about this maternity hospital they can kit it out in gold and it will still be the same a total waste of money and of course a big deep money pit

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          The nuns will get to mortgage it for half a billion though and when they default it’ll be a whole other legal quagmire.

  2. jonjoker

    “Twitter has suspended over 300 accounts”
    … and some people thought that Elon Musk was going to usher in a new era of freedom of speech.

    1. Kin

      It depends on why they were suspended
      Are they fake accounts to boost the subscription numbers to defraud future investors like Elon musk

    1. Kin

      I suppose he was thinking just that Ian 0 as he orbited the Earth and decides which mansion he eats his foie gras in with a bottle of plonk
      He would have to live 100 lifetimes to actually count from one to what ever billion dollars he is worth where is it would take many of us one hour
      These people call the shots

  3. Ian - oG

    Cats must love him though, almost all of his head would be great for the auld scratching.

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