Developing Story


Last night.

Waterford city.

Local photographer has his camera bag stolen from his car after a wedding.

Now the couple have no photos.


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5 thoughts on “Developing Story

  1. Ian - oG

    Unless he’d only just taken the photos he is going to be in a lot of financial trouble. If that is what happened he has my utmost sympathy.

    However, if this happened a few days after there is no reason to leave such valuable (to the couple) snaps on memory cards for any length of time, his first action should have been to create online backups immediately. At the very least he’ll have to refund the couple, it will affect his reputation and he might even find himself sued as they are now without their wedding photographs, silly lad.

      1. Ian - oG

        Never know where you went wrong?

        If I seem unsympathetic it’s because our wedding photographer ”dropped a camera with some of wedding snaps into a river” (what he told us anyway) a few days after our wedding. Luckily it was only about a 3rd of them and we were able to make do. We didn’t go legal or demand a refund because at the time we felt sorry about his hugely expensive camera but looking back…..he really should have made copies straight away, its a one chance to get it right.

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