7 thoughts on “Five Year Van

  1. Paulus

    Two drainage operatives struggle to carry their very heavy toolboxes along almost a mile of very narrow country path to a house with a sewer problem. On reaching the site, one of them realises that they will need the special thingamagig to solve the problem.
    ‘Did you bring the special thingamagig?’ asks one.
    ‘Oh no’, replies his mate,

    ‘It’s back in the USSR’.
    This shaggy-dog story is brought to you courtesy of a three-coffee lunch.

    1. scottser

      A woman’s sobbing because she has locked her keys in her car. Someone offers to help. She watches, amazed, as this man removes his trousers, rolls them into a ball, and rubs them against the door, which magically opens.
      “That’s so clever!” the woman exclaims. “How’d you do that?”
      “Oh, it’s simple,” he replied. “These are khakis.”

    2. Kin

      Strange goings on with those pesky soviets funny enough on the local beech you could not go into the water due to an invasion of jelly fish no doubt Russian
      I am waiting for that nuclear torpedo and went out a bought a surf board for the 500 foot tsunami

  2. uh-oh

    I have used their services through work in the past – great bunch of lads

    Have you heard of their sister company: “Underground Survey & Analysis” or USA for short

    I kid you not: https://usa-ltd.ie/

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