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This morning/afternoon.

Elm Park, Dublin 4.

Medical Laboratory Scientists strike outside St. Vincent’s Hospital. Over 2,000 medical scientists across Ireland are taking part in industrial action today, as they seek resolution for a two-decade pay dispute.

Medical scientists in Ireland strike over pay and staffing issues after negotiations fail (Irish Mirror)

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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7 thoughts on “Follow The Scientists

  1. scottser

    bloody [insert profession here] – they’re never happy. look at them there, gouging for a pay rise again. it’s about time the [insert profession here] stopped holding this country to ransom and did their fair share. i wouldn’t mind but the benefits they already get are unbelievable.
    those [insert profession here] really get my goat.

  2. ce

    Yeah but weren’t they all in on the scamdemic… with all of the doctors… and all of the nurses… and all of the media… and alll the…. burn the heretics…

  3. Kin

    Described as hero’s in the dail by paul Murphy the hostage taker
    Just wonder about the 80% of patients having their procedures cancelled yet again think about hero’s
    Fact is people will die as a result of this strike

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