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28 thoughts on “Say When

  1. Hughie Luas

    How can anybody trust these HSE ads when they contain bog-standard diversity imagery that doesn’t reflect what people really look like and doesn’t convince the public?

    a) yer man – who wears short-sleeved shirts in this weather? That paunch isn’t big enough either. Instead, a HH jacket, baseball cap, 2022 SUV remote in hand, baseball cap, and serious belly overhang would resonate with that age group. He (for I assume that is their pronoun) is seriously underweight. Also needs to be balding.

    b) Yer woman – needs the addition of North Face jacket, Sweaty Betty leggings, Ray-Ban aviators, AirPods, and that nose ring thing that the young folks are fond of these days. Doc Martens too. And staring into their mobile phone. This modification would appeal to that group.

    OK, the HSE has tried to reflect the diverse, multicultural nature of modern Irish society – white, black, young, old, male, and female inclusion, and that’s a good thing. Yet it fails – how do we know that one of these people is trans? And what about disability? Not good.


    1. AssPants

      “Yet it fails – how do we know that one of these people is trans?”
      Who gives a damn about an individuals personal preference; is this more important that the actual intention of the message.

      I noticed this in a lot of advertising lately, it’s not about the product they are pushing it’s about associating the relevant brand to be seen as accepting of people private and personal preferences for their sexuality.

      The only thing that appears to be advertised today; is fashionable sexuality……

        1. AssPants

          Nobody has any clue what it is nowadays, is it fashionable, is it a brand or is it a way of life.

          Whatever gets it headlines and gets it into social conciseness is what it will be for that moment.

          By the way, I never referred to transgenderism. ….

          way too easy these days, as your “wing-man”, sorry “wing-entity” says………….

    1. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

      You would be better off wondering about your wondering, weird, oh.

  2. Commenter #1

    Where has that iron clad Twitter source gotten her excess mortality data from? Inquiring minds would like to know! I only ask because the CSI has only published data on deaths up to Q3 2021, and I know Bodger and Nick wouldn’t just throw up any old graph.

    1. Fearganainm

      I’d say that Lindsay is also going to annoy all the people who claim that there weren’t any excess deaths at all.

      1. Commenter #1

        I see now; they’re relying on the World Mortality Database which pulls from a dataset that the CSO maintains tracking death notices on

        Which apparently hasn’t been updated since January 2 of this year. Weird how they’ve managed to graph up to 31 March!

  3. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

    I think that is one my most favourite graphs yet Nick Kelly.
    Bualadh Bus Big Man.
    Killing it!

    Looking fwd to the Gemma vs Broadsheet libel case. Amber Heard, Rebecca Vardy, hold the Bodger man’s beer.

    1. Nilbert

      I was skeptical at first. But when I saw the tri-colour rising majestically over the excess mortalities, and when I heard Cu Chulainn playing the bodhran over all the science, something stirred deeply within my being.

        1. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

          Not as hilarious as the cheques you are receiving from the big pharma.
          Disgraceful pharma boy.

          1. SOQ

            And why would the biggest critic of Pharma on this site be receiving cheques from them?

        2. Nilbert

          You’re very self-righteous for someone who continuously posts complete bullpoo, designed purely to derail emergency public health strategies.
          That’s also hilarious…

          1. SOQ

            If there is any justice left in this country at all- those infamous “emergency public health strategies” will be tested in the courts and those found guilty sent to prison- because that is exactly where those criminals belong.

      1. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

        Bodhrans and Science, a deadly combination.
        At least that much we know.
        Be careful out there.
        God bless.

      1. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

        Gemma vs Bodger.
        I have a few trucker friends who are intercepting a shipment of Russias finest microwavable vodka popcorn.
        I shall keep you in the loop if you are interested.
        Very competitive rates.

        1. Bodger

          Yikes. I am not aware of any legal action by Gemma. I’ll double check with our lawyer once they let him out of rehab.

          1. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

            I’d say he will be lucky to be out by xmas from what I hear. Poor soul.
            What I would suggest is that you have a word with K Kavan and see if he might give his old pal Johnny Cochran a ring.

  4. paval

    That was a good graph. The drop in excess mortality after the vaccine doses started ramping up really shows how effective they were. Thanks for sharing.

    1. SOQ

      The drop after the spike I assume you mean- but sure the nursing homes needed a clear out of the useless eaters anyways eh?

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