What They’ll Be Wearing Next Season


Brendan Courtney with ‘Nancy Drew’ and,  from top, Brendan’s designer dog bandanas to support Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind


This morning.

Roisin Grant writes:

TV presenter and fashion designer Brendan Courtney has designed dog bandanas to support Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind’s annual national fundraiser, Guide Dog Day which takes place on Friday, 27 May.

The bandanas, which are available in 4 different designs, are an eclectic mix of vibrant colours with inspiration taken from the coat of Brendan’s own dog, Nancy Drew.

The bandanas are available to purchase on the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind website at a cost of €10 (plus p&p). All proceeds go towards helping the charity train dogs to become Guide Dogs for those who are vision impaired or Assistance Dogs for the families of children with autism…

Irish Guide Dogs

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5 thoughts on “What They’ll Be Wearing Next Season

  1. Kin

    None as handsome as my boy paddy
    If labradors ruled the world sorry if dogs ruled the world it would be a utopia

    1. scottser

      it would be a utopia for dogs, you mean. people would just spend their lives cleaning up dog poop and having to sleep on the floor.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    A great cause and a lovely idea. Not having a dog, I would feel silly wearing one myself, but they seem very colourful.

    Where I used work in Dublin was one of the routes the trainers would take the dogs as they learned their trade. Occasionally I chatted with them at the lights while waiting to cross. They said one of the biggest challenges they have is keeping the young dogs focused, just like little kids. They are interested in everything, and much as the public may want to, the worst thing is for them to pet the dog. It distracts them.

    I also learned, through association with a certain Little lady related to me, that in the US a ‘Seeing Eye’ dog is not necessarily the same as a guide dog. ‘Seeing Eye are an organisation, possibly the first in the US, to train dogs to assist the blind. So all Seeing Eye dogs are guide dogs, but not all guide dogs are Seeing Eyes.

    Not sure if we have the same distinctions here.

    Best of luck with the bandanas!

  3. Liam Deliverance

    Dog Number 1, would you be OK with skipping the evening walk today?

    Dog Number 2, would you like a pork chop or a lamb chop with your dinner?

    Dog Number 3, I’ve just booked you in for a checkup at the vets next week, OK?

    Dog Number 4, The cat is not well, I’ve let her sleep in your bed, just for tonight, OK?

  4. Hughie Luas

    Are these scarf things made from sustainable materials coming from fair-trade sources?

    What about Brendan Courtney – we know he’s recyclable, but is he sustainable?

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