WHO Know What Tomorrow Brings


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Yesterday: Darwin’s Natural Selection

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52 thoughts on “WHO Know What Tomorrow Brings

    1. Kin

      Get rid of them
      Their headquarters in Switzerland is worth a few hundred mill on the market

    2. Kin

      All we see regarding government actions world wide is price gouging carbon taxes and governments hell bent on WW3
      Oh blame that on the Russians
      Suddenly we woke up and found out Putin is a bastard

  1. Nigel

    Conspiracy theorists warned us that covid was fake, lockdowns would never be lifted and vaccines are being used to deliberately poison the human race. Reducing their predictions to things that are actually plausible consequences of a global pandemic in the digital age while leaving out the belief that it is all being done deliberately as part of an over-determined all-encompassing intricate plot is some nice sleight of hand, like building a huge conspiracy out of some nugget of truth, then acting as if the nugget of truth proves the conspiracy right.

    See also, the ‘warnings,’ except for ‘climate lockdowns.’ People aren’t going to be locked down by climate chaos, they’re going to be displaced homeless refugees.

    1. Me So Harney

      More hysterical than the conspiracy you’re trying to ridicule.

      What a fail.

        1. hmmm

          More lies from the Potato.

          Runaway Global warming is a myth peddled by fraudsters. Check the facts.

          “From 1905-1945 annual human CO2 emissions hovered around one gigaton of carbon, or 1 GtC/yr.

          But according to the graphical depiction of global sea surface temperatures (SSTs) shown in Kennedy et al., 2019, SSTs rose about 0.6°C to 0.7°C during these 40 years.

          Emissions grew from 1 to 5 GtC/yr from 1945 to 1975 and then from 5 to 9 GtC/yr from 1975 to 2012. But during these 30- and 37-year periods SSTs cooled -0.1°C and warmed 0.3°C, respectively.

          So in the 67 years from 1945 to 2012, net global SST warming was only about 0.2°C (0.03°C per decade) even though human CO2 emissions exploded from 1 to 9 GtC/yr during these decades, whereas the global SST warming was about ~0.65°C (0.16°C per decade) in the 40 years from 1905 to 1945 when CO2 emissions were a relatively flat 1 GtC/yr.

          If human CO2 emissions were driving Earth’s surface temperature trends, why is there such a mismatch between the trajectory of the emissions versus the surface temperatures?”


          1. Kin

            One thing no one talks about is when an object is put into water it displaces water
            Like put a potato in a full glass of water and see what happens
            Now take a look at the maritime ship tracking app which tracks ships world wide
            Look at that and see the sheer volume of ships in the sea massive carriers
            I am sure if half these tankers were not in the sea the sea level might be a couple of inches less
            So much for global warming
            Earth over shoot day which marks the allotted years worlds resources fell last year not on December the 31st but July 29th
            So we might as well just enjoy what we can on this planet as nothing will stop what they keep rabbiting on about

      1. Kin

        Ah sure the energy rationing are on the way as the west abandons Russian oil and gas
        Fact is the EU do not have the infrastructure to pipe it from anywhere else but Russia they do not have the storage facilities and come next year we will see Germany introducing energy rationing as for us they will most probably export our energy to mainland EU telling us all we are all in it togeather

      1. Nigel

        Everyone staying in doors due to massive heat is a kind of lockdown, I suppose, but in the long run as it gets worse, people will just have to move. But my point is none of these things are conspiracies, or even theories, just things that get grafted on to conspiracy theories.

        1. Kin

          Yes Nigel it can be said it’s the same because of the cold and of course when you cannot afford to heat your home you can always spend the day on the dart like many pensioners keeping warm

      2. Kin

        They certainly did and it was caused by smog
        The same thing happened in London on December the 5th to December the 9th 1952
        It was under winston Churchill’s government
        My family left Ireland in 1954 and lived in London for 6 years until we had to move to Blackpool in 1964 because my mother was an asthmatic and London would of killed her then
        This was way before they even thought of global warming and tax gouging

    2. Micko

      “People aren’t going to be locked down by climate chaos”

      You’re dead right there.

      People only care about the what endangers them right now.

      It was easy for the media to blow Covid out of proportion. Climate change though? Nah. No one cares – it’s not an immediate danger.

      The WHO and world governments can sign whatever they want.

      People will tell them to fupp off if it doesn’t suit them.

        1. Micko

          Ah you’re just annoyed and upset that people are back to normal. Like your rant about people not wearing masks in planes the other day.

          And to think – you did it all for nothing, followed every rule – like a compliant moron.

          And now you’re getting left behind.

          Makes me happy you’re so mad. :p

          1. Mad

            Lol fair play Micko
            Eh no though
            Hope you’re getting a few mainland Europe beers or wines in all the same

        2. Kin

          Sure mad there is always the local pub but hey you have to go and find one in Derbyshire where you can drink bitter and avoid the draft lagers

          1. Mad

            Are you piling in there David!
            Go on my son!
            I’d say you have a few in tonight watching the Rangers game eh? That’s where Micko is you know – Seville – he’s a big Rangers fan I hear

      1. Nigel

        What are you talking about? There’s massive support for action on climate change. The logjam is between politics and private interests.

        I also reckon there’s massive support for pandemic preparedness.

        1. Mad

          Micko always has to find the contrarian angle
          Especially when the beers are in
          That’s his thing Nigel

        2. Kin

          Yes children and governments using it as an excuse to gouge for tax
          The day I see plastics not being used to cover rotten celery or tomatoes peppers pre portioned veg etc in shops I would say they actually are prepared to take the climate seriously
          Like they did with the plastic bag tax scam

          We could all live in the dark Nigel and stay in a room to be carbon neutral but it means nothing unless China India the states starts doing their bit
          So until then I will drive my Range Rover and search for turf just to annoy eamon Ryan

          1. Mad

            I suppose anything is better than looking at a reflection of yourself in an ugly empty pub mirror David

          2. Nigel

            China and India haven’t put a fraction of the carbon into the atmosphere as western countries have.

      2. f_lawless


        “The WHO and world governments can sign whatever they want.

        People will tell them to fupp off if it doesn’t suit them.”

        I’m trying to have a go at you, but in the interest of some kind of constructive discourse, here’s my two cents:

        If the currencies as we currently know them are eventually phased out and replaced with so called “Central Bank Digital Currencies” aka “programmable vouchers” – and this process seems to be gathering pace rapidly – then isn’t that opening the door to tyranny? For example, an individual may decide that they’re not going to comply with diktats from the likes of the WHO, but then they may find their programmable vouchers can only be spent on certain pre-approved goods or that their vouchers don’t work beyond a certain radius from their home (geo-fencing).

        1. Micko

          Ah I’d disagree man

          Covid only worked coz people were scared out of their wits.

          Look at how quickly it disappeared once people weren’t scared anymore.

          I think in general only fear coerces people into things and unless there’s a giant environmental disaster heading for us – it’ll be fine.

          Same way people only care about Ukraine coz it could personally effect them via nukes, WW3 etc.

          Sure we can’t get even figure out where to put the new maternity hospital without people giving out crap…. ;)

          Be grand.

        2. Kin

          After this pandemic and the lies from government and the WHO
          No one is going to be fooled again unless they say Putin let one off
          Then Nigel will be running down to the clinic wearing a hamza suit saluting the hero’s

    1. Fearganainm


      Registered as a consultant paramedic with Hospital and Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences, Dera Bassi, India

      Completed “Fitness Nutrition Specialist Program” from American Council on Exercise

      Certified “Diabetes Educator” from Research Institute of Complimentary Health Sciences, Vietnam

      Completed “Advance Nutrition Therapy” and “Code Blue Training” from Lincoln University College, Malaysia

      Certified in “Emergency and Pain Management” and “Management of Influenza Like Illness” from Shridhar University, Rajasthan

      Received certificate on “Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes” from International Diabetes Federation

      Honored with “Corona Warrior” by Indo-Vietnam medical board for curing patients of COVID-19

      Member of “Network of Influenza Care Experts” and “Wellness and Inflammatory Syndrome Experts” by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

      Received “Systems Health Foundations” training under the guidance of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, USA

      Worked with international medical doctors, osteopaths, homeopaths, yogis, naturopaths and nutritionists

      Interviewed by national and international media channels on health and wellness

      Honorary Member in Writers Guild of Monthly Magazine “BISWAS” from Indo-Vietnam Medical Board

      Authored books like ‘Advanced Nutrition Therapy’ on disease reversal through plant based diet

      Holds record in curing people from chronic lifestyle diseases through plant based diet. The record is registered in India Book of Records.

      Recipient of Honorary Doctorate (PhD) in Nature Cure and Sciences from World Records University UK.


          1. Me So Harney


            Tell us contrarionganainm, Where’s Roger..?

            And no photoshopped NATO archive images from 2019.. You know the one’s where there’s no masks in sight..

            Same with gramps Eric and sex pest Cadieu..

            Now gth off your soapbox..

            Adrian Wong lololololololols, what a lemon..

      1. SOQ

        And your point is caller? Here is a question for you- if the natural and holistic approaches to medicine don’t work, then why is there so many practitioners- and more importantly, why is there so many clients?

          1. Ian - oG

            Oh dear, why am I not surprised you can’t let anything go?

            You’re a bitter little man.

            But to answer your question: people like you.

            I think they call you “the mark.”


          2. SOQ

            I won’t let it go because you were wrong then and you are wrong now- but sure none of that matters as long as you can sneer and snipe and try and put other down eh?


          3. Micko

            Natural and holistic treatments are grand if you want to take them – usually no harm if that’s your thing. Not mine personally.

            Problem is, there’s no scientific evidence for them as treatments themselves. They fail every time once under scrutiny.

            The thing is, a persons own ability to heal themselves is SO bloody good, it’s literally the reason we need double blind trials when testing new medicines. The placebo effect is well documented.

            The fact a person telling someone “this will make you feel better” somehow triggers their own ability to heal and feel better is a fascinating thing.

            It’s like how you feel better after going to the doc and them telling you, you’ll be grand and “you’re not feckin dying” ;-)

            Doesn’t mean it works scientifically as a repeatable treatment though.

            I had a friend put it very well once when talking about these things. She said “sometimes someone just giving you an hour of their time and focusing entirely on you, is a wonderful healing cathartic thing”.

            Kinda nice way to look at it.

            Still wouldn’t use em for anything serious though

          4. SOQ

            Natural and holistic treatments cured me of hepatitis B ad C at the one time without pharmaceutical intervention Micko. Cured meaning dormant- so testing negative.

            God- I am sounding like a gay Dolores Cahill- or at least like a gay friendly Dolores Cahill- who knew?

            In a castle?

        1. Kin

          I swear by Chinese acupuncture and their herbal drinks
          Especially for back problems and alternatives to dosing yourself with antibiotics

          1. SOQ

            The reason why so many people declining flu injections is? My personal is many colds and chest infections- haven’t had one since. Take it or leave it but much less companies offering these days- and definately much less mandating.

            It is a guaranteed way of placing the HR department under extra interview pressure- also resignations.

  2. Kdoc

    Because there are so many people who are prepared to buy into the the so-called Wellness Industry. Their profits far exceed those of so-called ‘Big Pharma’ and most of their products are less effective, and in some cases, cause harm.

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