A Limerick A Day


A New York court is set to decide whether Happy the elephant (above) should be granted legal rights as a person

Some judges must choose what to do
With an elephant in the Bronx Zoo
There’s chance that they might
Feel it has the same right
As they would give to me or to you

John Moynes


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7 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Kin

    Maybe they should transport it to stormont as a symbol of exactly what the reality is in Irish politics

    1. Mad

      Where is your actual pub man?
      All joking aside …

      If it’s any consolation when I am next down there I will call in for an actual drink and to try and support your business

      1. benblack

        It’s the one with the HeineKin sign outside.

        Anyone for a Kin and tonic?

        Kin crisps available, too.

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