Last night.

Texas, USA.

Good times.

Thanks Fearganainm

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41 thoughts on “Brutal

  1. David

    An unspoken truth the blairite and bushman wars are the moral equivalent of outings wars from the Gorgons head

    1. David

      An unspoken truth the blairite and bushman wars are the moral equivalent of putins wars from the Gorgons head

      1. Nigel

        If they are morally equivalent then why do so many people who claim to oppose US wars act as apoligists for this one?

          1. Me So Harney

            You did, you supported it.

            When pushed, you claimed Syria should have been taken over by NGO’s.


          2. Nigel

            I thought you said I ‘supported the invasion of Syria.’ Now you’re talking about NGOs? All to distract from your support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

          3. Kin

            Now we see 30 odd thousand refugees living in hotels and summer is coming
            Now charger sorry tin man can rent out his council house without loosing
            We are to take 200 thousand of them in the next two years
            The Syrian and Iraq war actually brought a hand full of refugees here
            We need plenty of tents for them

        1. Kali

          Maybe because Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine were being shelled for 8 years resulting in thousands dead at the hands of the Ukrainian army. So probably not entirely morally equivalent

          1. Nigel

            Wow, you missed the argument where the invasion of Iraq was justified because ‘Saddam used chemical weapons on his own people.’

            (You also missed the part where that conflict was started and fueled by Putin.)

        2. K. Cavan

          Yet more Logical Fallacies from Nigel. The appeal to the Majority, if lots of people think it’s true, it must be true.
          The majority in The West think replacing Afghanistan’s centuries-old tribal society with a Liberal, Rainbow Flag-waving, Open Borders, Feminist, Trans Groomer regime is Progress.

        3. Kin

          No Nigel it’s just spelling out the truth
          Biden wanted this war and by god he got it
          Now he has arrested the biggest casino owner in the business for spying and influencing politicians for China
          Biden will not be happy until the whole of europe is a wasteland from war
          Meanwhile the Ukrainians have their first Russian soldier on trial
          This guy looked as though he was tortured and confessed to everything
          Maybe he will be hung and apparently he shot the victim through a car window
          I can see many more just waiting for the bullet through the brain
          And no word that the Red Cross has inspected these POWs living conditions and ensured none have been tortured
          A great film you should watch Nigel is the Mauritanian

          1. Nigel

            Biden wanting the war is a complete invention. It’s simply not true.

            Your speculation about the soldier on trial is just that – speculation.

        4. Kin

          Fact is Nigel the USA are the only ones ever to let off two atom bombs forerunners to nukes
          The only time russia ordered a launch the political officer on the sub they guy who enforces soviet rules stopped the launch
          The USA also used MOABs and chemicals like agent orange which was not a spy
          They used napalm in viet nam and not content with taking defeat in viet nam and Cuba behaved like spoilt vindictive spurned wives with making the victors suffer
          I do not think they ever won a war on their own ever
          Whoops they won their own civil war while they also lost that won if you lived in the Deep South

      2. K. Cavan

        I can’t see the USA allowing Canada to be attacked for 8 years before invading, TBH, David, maybe Mexico.

        1. Kin

          Jesus mad why not get your pint in Derbyshire
          You are going to love this
          Our lady who dose went to Dubai for a holiday
          Great time but a round of drinks in a pub in a hotel was 3gray goose with tonic 2 glasses of Carlesberg a coke €170.00

          1. Mad

            Haha had an experience like there at a ski resort one time in France David- 4 drinks including two Cokes – €72

    2. Mad

      Great to see actual David back
      Where is your actual pub man?
      All joking aside …

      If it’s any consolation when I am next down there I will call in for an actual drink and to try and support your business

        1. Mad

          I’m very sorry David I mistook you for another (much lesser) david. I still think it’s great to have you back though. And if you did own a pub I would definitely drink in it

        2. K. Cavan

          He thinks that you’re the raving loon that wanted his pub to be frequented exclusively by lab rats, David, I reckon.

      1. Kin

        Jesus mad I do not want my pub firebombed or a torch led mob in monochrome marching on me

  2. Nullzero

    I bet he was praying a shoe would hit him in the face and deflect attention from that blunder.

  3. K. Cavan

    The cack-handed nature of the narrative being rolled out; that this war started when Russia invaded & that Putin is a madman instigating an unprovoked attack because maybe the planet’s largest country & largest wheat producer needs to take over it’s bankrupt neighbour to obtain more land & more wheat, just shows how, having sold us The Pandemic that had no effect on Global Mortality, the Elites are confident that the decades of dumbing-down & fattening-up of the population of the West is complete.
    The comments from the pro-war boyos on here bear stark witness to this, at least with the Fake Pandemic they had the Voodoo Science & the Fake Miracle Injections with which to muddy the waters. In this case, you have to pretend that the last thirty years of America’s Wars simply never happened or that the military assaults on the populations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria & Libya were merely Uncle Sam charitably trying to bring “Freem and Democracy” to distant lands.
    This time, along with the implausible “Putin is Hitler” meme, they’re selling us the “Kindly Uncle Sam” meme & you’d have to be seriously retarded to swallow both, simultaneously.

  4. benblack

    Best clip ever!

    Never delete – there for all future generations to blindly ignore.

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