Drag The Past Out Into The Light



Waterfront Hall, Belfast.

Powerful and original.



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16 thoughts on “Drag The Past Out Into The Light

  1. bisted

    …certainly not original…Trimble had his arms raised and hand clenched with Paisley when Mo Mowlam marched them down Garvaghy Road from Drumcree Church over the batoned and beaten residents…

    1. Mad


      Mo Mowlam wasn’t at that one was she?

      What I do appreciate about you is how you’re always so bitter, jaded and cynical bisted, fair fupping play

    2. Kin

      And years later nothing changed
      Still both sides hate each other’s guts and are not governing

  2. SOQ

    One thing that I think has got buried in history is not the horse trading that went on between the blocks, but the leadership that went on inside. Sometimes, it is harder for a leader to keep their own political groupings together than to deal with the ‘enemy’, because the internal battles are about ownership- and can be even more rancorous.

    So while John Hume and David Trimble absolutely do deserve credit- there were also others who also put themselves on the line, and delivered their side of the bargain. Mo Mowlam broke the mould of course.

    It is not perfect by any means but we now have a generation who have lived their entire lives without the troubles. An entire generation who have no idea of the pain and sorrow and hopefully, never will.

    1. Sara

      True. But we now have a whole generation of people terrorized by Colette Colfer’s poetry. PTSD is rocketing.

    2. Kin

      I remember her well
      Two of the giants were Mo Molam and john Hume
      Sadly she never got the credit like john Hume who also paid the price
      I never knew she had a malignant brain tumour too boot
      An amazing lady and one every Irish man and woman should thank

      1. SOQ

        At the time she was in recovery from cancer- which is why she wore a wig. Most people in her situation would have walked away from it all, but Mo had a long standing interest in Northern Ireland.

        She was a larger than life character and very much a people person- she was the right person in the right job at the right time.

        1. Otis Blue

          The story is told that while attending a meeting during her treatment she took off the wig, tossed it on the table, scratched her itchy scalp and pronounced to the assembled Unionist and Republican factions present:

          ‘The wig irritates me, I don’t have time for messing about, we need to get this deal done, let’s get on with it….boys.’

  3. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

    Bono is a war monger. A tool of the establishment.
    Yanky imperialist.

    He needs to be decommissioned.
    He is a nuclear disaster.

    Bob Marley brought the two faction political leaders together in Jamaica in 1978 at a one love concert.

    Bono is no Bob Marley.

    Praise be to Bob



  4. K. Cavan

    Bono being a cut-price Bob Marley, from twenty years before. These days, he’s friends with Gates, Bush & The Dark Lord, Tony Blair, despite Larry expressing his disapproval of the singer in his band hanging out with “war criminals”.
    U2 have actually broken up, unannounced, haven’t they?

  5. Kin

    I always remember the second live aid and the bullpoo it was a defining moment for bob Geldof and bono aka stumpy vox bono as they had tony Blair on the stage praising politicians
    The day later nothing changed and the hunger industry still looking for more and more money
    Then bono hails Ukraine in a blood bath that only two men can stop
    Putin and zelensky
    And there is no attempt to even kick start a political solution

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