73 thoughts on “Friday’s Papers

    1. TenPin Terry

      Nazir Afzal has 144.2k Twitter followers.
      That’s 144.2k more than you, No Followers™.
      Morto Mr Burns.

      1. stephen moran

        when people have no intelligent counter arguments to make they demean themselves with petty personal insults – ditto for yesterday – you need to up your game

        Did Nadir share her Netflix password with you as well ?

        1. Mad

          1. I ate food
          2/ I drank something
          3/ I love Boris
          4/ I hate the Irish
          5/ not crazy about Pakis either

          C Santorum/Salmons/Nobjocki/Nelson (2010-2022)

        2. TenPin Terry

          Petty personal insults ?
          This from the man who described Priti Patel as a poison dwarf.
          In fact you don’t seem to like women – especially Asian women – at all do you No Followers™ ?

        3. K. Cavan

          “when people have no intelligent counter arguments to make they demean themselves with petty personal insults”, says stephen, as he changes “Nazir” to “Nadir”.

        1. Kin

          He is too busy cleaning the council house to ready it for 5 Ukrainian refugee families
          His missus apparently is livid she has to share his bunk bed

        1. TenPin Terry

          I’m not on social media so the number is about the same as your IQ And Dumber™.


    1. Gabby

      Classic. In his day Vivaldi was top of the pops. These young girls could have a career.

  1. TenPin Terry

    So much for Partygate.
    Box Office Boris’s sole contribution was a 9 minute appearance at a surprise birthday celebration in the office that was part of his home where no booze was consumed and the cake remained uneaten.
    Sir Kneelalot may come to regret demanding his resignation even before the fine was issued.
    Especially in view of his own Durham deceptions:

    1. Angela Rayner wasn’t there. She was.
    2. Dinner was spontaneous. It was pre-planned.
    3. We went back to work. All the evidence shows they didn’t go back to work.
    4. There were 6 of us…no there were 20.

    1. Cato

      Still feeling the sting of Nancy Pelosi’s smackdown I see. Quite the ouchie in fairness.

    2. K. Cavan

      Come on, TPT, he’s called Sir Kier Something & he’s ready to roll up his sleeves & start preparations for beginning to plan his readiness to take on the task of looking forward to his stint as leader of The Labour Party.

  2. TenPin Terry

    By Jove, breakfast is only just over and the mercury is already hitting 24 degrees.
    It’s going to be a gorgeous day I’d vouchsafe.
    Is it a tad early for a gin and tonton ? Possibly, so perhaps a chilled Heino to smooth us into the rigorous day ahead.
    Sunbed. Pool. Sunbed. Bar. Pool. Sunbed.
    It’s all go here in the Southern Med.

    1. Cato

      Dumdum, darling, your panto Brit routine has run its sad little course. Are you depressed?

    2. TenPin Terry

      One thing that baffles me as I sit here by the wild jasmine-bedecked swimming pool area having just applied Lady TenPin’s Ambre Solaire is how quiet all those BLM virtue-signallers on Broadsheet have gone.
      Surely it’s not the millions of dollars that was raised that has been spent on a nice house for its founder and large bungs to her family and friends.
      Yes, sirree, they’ve gone very quiet indeed.
      That would be hypocrisy served with a side portion of cant.
      Spelled with a U.
      Waiter, a large gin and tonton please if you would be so kind …

    1. Mad

      1. I ate food
      2/ I drank something
      3/ I love Boris
      4/ I hate the Irish
      5/ not crazy about Pakis either

      C Santorum/Salmons/Nobjocki/Nelson (2010-2022)

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Ah Charger, you’re great fun (sometimes), with your wind up skills and talent to create different characters, you should have your own show and be on the telly, but, you’re an innocent abroad when it comes to big boy politics..

      1. Mad

        1. I ate food
        2/ I drank something
        3/ I love Boris
        4/ I hate the Irish
        5/ not crazy about Pakis either

        C Santorum/Salmons/Nobjocki/Nelson (2010-2022)

          1. Mad

            That was my point Tom
            It’s an infinite loop
            While the subject in Point 5 varies slightly occasionally – when he’s in the first happy stage of being drunk he might write some waffle about how great life is – but this isn’t durable and as he gets more loaded it degenerates into desperate crap about someone else he hates.

          2. TenPin Terry

            The daily People’s Republic of Cork link should be along soon …

            Heh x rinseandrepeat™

  3. hmmm



    URGENT: The most powerful evidence yet that mRNA vaccines hurt long-term immunity to Covid after infection
    A bombshell study – from the National Institutes of Health and Moderna, no less – should end debate

    Alex Berenson
    12 hr ago

    Unvaccinated people are much more likely to develop broad antibody immunity after Covid infections than people who have received mRNA shots, a new study shows.

    The gap remains large whether people had mild, moderate, or severe Covid infections, the study showed – undercutting a crucial argument that vaccine advocates have made to defend the shots.

    The research draws on data from Moderna’s 30,000-person clinical trial for its mRNA shots. It may help explain why so many Americans now suffer multiple Covid infections, sometimes within months.

    Researchers already knew that many vaccinated people do not gain antibodies to the entire coronavirus after they are infected with Covid.

    Unvaccinated people nearly always gain antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein, which covers the virus’s core of RNA, as well as its spike protein, which allows the virus to attack our cells. Vaccinated people often lack those anti-nucleocapsid antibodies and only have spike protein antibodies.

    Vaccine advocates claim the lack of nucleocapsid antibodies may occur because the mRNA shots prime people to fight off the Covid infections more quickly and have lower viral loads. In this view, the narrow immune response is a feature, not a bug – vaccinated people are less seriously infected and so do not need to generate anti-nucleocapsid antibodies.

    This study essentially demolishes that theory.

    1. SOQ

      So basically the shots do the opposite of what it was claimed they would to do.

      The question now is if people are susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 for life or, do they manage to mount some sort of immunity after repeated infections?

      1. Tom J

        The billions of people around the world who took a Covid 19 vaccine will be dead within twelve months. Leaving people like you to run the planet. Good luck with that.

        1. K. Cavan

          I hope you’re not too bitingly critical of our efforts, Tom J, the dead can be so sarcastic.

          1. Tom J

            @ K. Cavan
            If you call posting a load of rubbish on Broadsheet making an effort, then yeah I am bitingly critical. Anyway good luck with the running of the planet, you have about twelve months to make ready for the mass funerals. We done what we thought was right, may we rest in peace if any.

      2. K. Cavan

        Well, SOQ, highly-qualified, multi-millionaire scientists like Dr Yeadon were talking about Priming of the Immune Response, before a single clot-shot had been administered to the herd, mostly because that’s exactly what happened to all the lab animals in the failed 1980s trials of mRNA injections.
        I can’t see how the current crop of lab animals will fare much better, though it obviously depends, those who got Pfizered received either a 3, 10 or 30 microgram dose, depending on the batch.
        I’m sure the Pfizered Covidians on here will know which one they received, right?

  4. bell

    DFA won’t allow passport staff to process applications from home, yet most of the passport staff have been and stall are working from home.
    They should have been laid off

  5. Kin

    That’s a good one remotely working in a passport office
    And here it was me thinking they were on a go slow for more money
    I applied for one in October
    I had a massive argument with her stating it would be months to receive it
    We did it on line
    Took photo using app on site after spending money in the local Tesco but chose wrong option on machine so could not present them
    That was a Friday at 6pm
    I smugly ate dinner
    On Monday morning there it was not even one working day
    But 3 computer days
    I bet that’s a world record
    Maybe it’s time to realise replace all public sector pen pushers with computers
    For two weeks I had to eat humble pie morning noon and night

    1. Mad

      At least you got to eat humble pie
      I went into your pub there last night and ordered stew – David – an hour later and I’m still waiting on it to arrive. I asked your waiter and she said sorry Dad is in the kitchen today and just shrugged her shoulders…. Is he on his phone, I asked? She was gobsmacked… how did you know?

    2. scottser

      ‘Maybe it’s time to realise replace all public sector pen pushers with computers’

      so, who operates the computers?

        1. scottser

          you’ll probably get them all at once and have to skull them in 20 minutes before fecking out time comes.

      1. K. Cavan

        Well, maybe the computers could just sit there, doing nothing, just like the public sector workers?
        We’d save a lot of money in wages. A whole lot.

        1. Mad

          You appear knowledgeable and competent in the area of living off others and appearing to fupp all K?

          1. K. Cavan

            Ah, bless, you’re a public servant, then, Mad. Which means you’re “knowledgeable and competent in the area of living off others and appearing to fupp all” (sic) yerself, eh?
            No wonder you’re here all hours of the day, unironically bitching about people being here all hours of the day.
            I’m overcome with a nostalgic urge to call you Norm, Mad.

    1. K. Cavan

      Jeez, johnny, is it monkey-pox season already? Lots of people still have their Ukrainian decorations up.

    1. K. Cavan

      I think New Naziland is far further along than Ost Ralia in becoming a fully-fledged NWO dictatorship, under the despicable & repulsive Ardern.
      Both countries need an enema.
      You can stick a fork in Ireland & turn it over, it’s done, though it’s reassuring to see a couple of countries with a collection of uglies in parliament that matches ours.

  6. johnny

    ..we are having the most weird weather at mo,its going be like August over the weekend,or in 90’s with high humidity.

    my plans are lots AC,get totally banked,or as my BFF says,make a commitment,or take one ‘those’ :)

    its sofa,weed and this over the weekend,have a good one.

    Stranger Things 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix


    1. K. Cavan

      That’ll be the Chimate Clange, johnny, saw Biden talking about it the other day. He said it’s an estig…exit…exten…very bad guys, come on, man.

  7. K. Cavan

    Good to see the authorities are clamping down on silver foil to stop smackheads chasing the dragon. They’re supplying junkies with syringes, instead, how Progressive.
    Ireland didn’t get to where it is today without this sort of high-level tomfoolery, no sir.

  8. Kin

    Jesus the junkies in Dublin cannot chase anything apart from their next fix never mind dragons

  9. TenPin Terry

    The nightcaps are always a mixed bag when one is on holliers in foreign climes.
    Tonight it’s an old favourite.
    Tia Maria with a good expresso coffee and a pungent Cohiba.
    The fragrant Lady TenPin advises me I have consumed more than 50 government-advised alcohol units today.
    It seems like more than that to me.
    But then I’m very …very …drunk.

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