Rules For The Human Zoo



Unidentified Centra.

Via Sophie, who tweetz:

Banning animal bars to stop people who use heroin from using the tinfoil has to be the most insane attempt at reducing drug use I’ve ever heard in my life.  Because making life as difficult as possible for people who use drugs definitely has amazing outcomes…

And yet I think we can all agree.

The streets feel a little safer this evening.

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28 thoughts on “Rules For The Human Zoo

  1. Kin

    No wonder the kinehan cartel grew so quickly and to be one of the leading drug cartels in the world
    It’s a bit like when the pope of the day suggested condoms should have holes so you are protected from catching AIDS or HIV but the possibility of life being born was not diminished
    Better ban all foil then

  2. Sara

    Dublin’s heroin problem is so sad. We need health interventions on a massive scale.

    1. Kin

      The problems been there since the 1980s
      Pandering to it dose not work and no one wants a legal shooting up or methadone unit within a mile of them
      And who can blame them
      Maybe an exchange programme between slums in Deli for them and a chance of life for the poor soul from Deli in Dublin

  3. Frank

    pssst… heroin users, rolls of tin foil are almost entirely made of tin foil.
    One roll of tin foil in Lidl costs €1.49. Which is 44cm x 10m
    the surface area of an animal bar foil wrapper is 10cm x 10 cm (costing 30c)
    thus you could get 400 ‘cook-ups’ for the outlay of €1.49
    The equivalent in animal bars would cost €120
    I’ve just saved you €118.51
    You’re welcome.

    extra tip: You could carry your roll of tin foil around in a drawing tube so people would think you were an architect or cool designer.

  4. Nilbert

    How can can people not see?
    THEY are banning the tin foil wrappers, beause they are magentising onto our arms after we got the jabs.
    I just bought 40 animals bars and used the wrappers to make a tin foil hat.

      1. bisted

        …nor can arms…but this is Broadsheet…never let science details interfere with a good conspiracy…

    1. Kin

      I remember when the two gurriers through a penguin into the lions den in Dublin zoo
      The lions had a problem getting the wrapper off then

  5. Mad

    Micko won’t like this! He’s gonna be logging in from Strasbourg any second now to deplore it!
    Posts like this should have a trigger warning for him like Toes For Bertie back in the day

    1. Kin

      His songs were heavenly
      Another angel to join the orchestra
      His song with Jon Anderson from yes a masterpiece I’ll find my way home

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