14 thoughts on “Stop That

  1. Ian - oG

    Yes, been around for a long time?

    I presume the person who took the photo is not that culinarily experienced?

  2. Simon Sayz

    for the same reason racism and homophobia will always be around, as will immaturity.

    presumably only found funny by people who can’t spell.

  3. Kin

    Wow €5.99 for 230 gm or €26.04 per kg
    The price gouging in the cash and carry it’s €25.00 for 2.5 kilo

  4. Gabby

    Ghee whiz. Isn’t it clarified butter, rather sweet, and used in Indian and Middle East cuisine?

    1. Kin

      Correct clarified butter and it ain’t sweet
      It’s used because of the high heat before it goes on fire and of course it’s pretty healthy fat minus the impurities
      It’s great for butter chicken but it pongs a bit

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