Super Grass Informant


This morning.

Spray milk on the paddocks?

This changes everything.

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46 thoughts on “Super Grass Informant

  1. Hank

    There aren’t many people farming Ford Focuses anymore. Nice to see someone keeping the tradition alive.

    1. Paulus

      I may be reading the numberplate wrong, but it looks like a 1911 model too.
      Cars can produce a bumper crop!

  2. SOQ

    EVERYTHING is so geared towards chemicals these days.

    Did you know that boiling water kills weeds? That’s right, a kettle of boiling water is just as effective as any weed killer. It works super well on pavements and tarmac- and all for the price of boiling a kettle.

    You don’t believe me? Go try it.

          1. Me So Harney

            A compound isn’t “a” chemical..

            It is made up of 2 or more chemicals, water is H2O, hence its called a compound.

          2. Oro

            Oh dear @MSH :| between this and whoever it was yesterday suggesting we take some boats out of the water to counteract rising sea levels “because of the space they take up!” I’ve less faith than ever in BS’ commenters scientific cred :(

          3. Oro

            I think we’ve already moved past the point where you were proved wrong. Funny one to dig your heels in on.

          4. Oro

            What’s the point? You’ve already been shown the material indicating that you’re incorrect, you’re ignoring it. You know you’re wrong, everyone else knows you’re wrong, but clearly you’re at such a loose end with how to spend your day that you’d rather make a holy show of yourself and argue the toss with everyone saying that you know that 2+2=5 and everyone has to prove you wrong. It’s……depressing.

          5. tom3

            Chemical substance can include elements but I wouldn’t. Not sure what your point is but you’ve lost badly.

          6. Me So Harney

            So you gone from a chemical being water to chemical substance being the talk of the day..

            And I’ve lost badly.. Lol

            Resurrect tom1 and tom2 in fairness..

          7. Me So Harney

            Claiming water H2O is a chemical.. Yeah.. You’re in over your head alright..

            Get onto tom1 or tom2, I’m sure they can help you out..

          8. Mad

            You’re a fupping idiot Harney
            Why do you even bother?
            You have the IQ of a fencepost

  3. Cobweb

    Spray the grass with milk to feed the cows to produce more milk to spray the grass with to produce more milk to….. Any udder ideas?

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      don’t worry Gates has come out with a yummy milk replacement for your baby:)

          1. galaxiapolizia

            you can churn them out ’til the cows come home
            but we’ve herd them all before…
            you’re milking it now…!

          2. U N M U T U A L

            I dunno… Speaking for me(and probably most cows), in an ideal world…? definitely less gates. ;-)

          3. SOQ

            There is an awareness happening about vegetarian / vegan products- otherwise known as ‘fake meat’ now.

            They are marketed as healthy alternatives but the list of ingredients is usually long- most of which nobody has ever heard of.

            I wonder what someone who has lived in a remote vegetarian society and has never eaten meat would think of such?

          4. U N M U T U A L


            Just spitballing here…

            Fake meat products are a transitory product for meat eaters to prevent them going cold turkey.
            An interim solution.

            …Seitan (pronunced “say · tan”, make of that what you will :-) is gaining more popularity in the fake meat market.
            Essentially it’s a wheat gluten that gives products a real feel texture similar to meat.

            If there is a push to limit meat consumption then access to wheat supplies might be useful.

            Last time I checked, Ukraine and Russia were in the top 10 of wheat producers.

            I think it was kissenger that might have said…
            “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

            Last time I checked schwab and henry were great pals… ;-)

            Talk about getting your mock ducks in a row.
            Tis food for thought, all the same.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Is there a ‘butter’ mountain these days – or is free cheese being given out? If not, this is a great way to use excess milk

  4. Tom3

    That’s a crazy amount of growth. You’d nearly think we were having a sunny and wet May.

    1. johnny

      ..milk is not the only ‘thing’ he sprayed,for a farmer supposedly concerned about his soils health,try keeping the ford focus off the artificial turf.

  5. dhaughton99

    The free school lunches we give out to students come with water in milk cartons. The company who supply the lunches refuse to offer milk.

    1. SOQ

      Farmers have sprayed slurry onto fields for lifetimes. It is just the waste from cows being siloed over winter. It is a natural fertiliser but will pollute if dumped into waterways- likewise milk.

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