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Cooldrinagh, Kerrymount Avenue, Foxrock, county Dublin.

Via Irish Times:

Interiors are elegant and refined. The five reception rooms, some of which have impressive and highly detailed marble fireplaces and wall panelling, have superb views of one of the real selling points of the property – the gardens.

When the Beckett family lived at the imposing Edwardian house, they employed a gardener called Christy, who also gets a mention in the Samuel Beckett play, though as a whip-wielding dung carrier. His legacy is still alive today in the acre of magical gardens that have grown and matured over the past 119 years, since the Edwardian three-bay house was constructed.

Samuel Beckett’s childhood home in Foxrock for €3.8m (Irish Times)

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13 thoughts on “Waiting Rooms

  1. Hughie Luas

    I’ve run past it a few times on a 10km route to the Noggin. Not even as much as a dustbin small plaque marking it as once Samuel Beckett’s residence.

    There’s only one Christy.

    1. Eoghan

      There’s a bench inscribed with “waiting for Godot” about a click down the road at the crossroads(junction of Brighton & Westminster roads) in the village, where there’s a quaint little green.
      I reckon that’s the community’s nod to the Samuel hailing from there.

  2. johnny

    It has one the most beautiful private gardens in Dublin,John the prior owner sadly passed away,his stunning and elegant wife,spends most of her time in sunnier climes.

    John was a true old school gentleman and a great friend to many,godspeed.

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