What Do You Mean You ‘Weren’t Invited’?


It was a scrum.

Last night.

Burlington Road, Dublin 4.

The Rugby Players Ireland Awards supported by Accenture, in The Clayton Hotel withf rom top: Josh van der Flier and Sophie De Patoul; Dorothy Wall and Beibhinn Parsons; Marie Kirwan; Linda Djougang and Alice Yinka ; Susan and Mal Bradley; Rob Kearney; Francois Richardson; Christina Mahon; from left: Garry Ringrose, Bundee Aki and Jamison Gibson-Park, who went ‘full McGregor’.

Leon Farrell/RollingNews

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16 thoughts on “What Do You Mean You ‘Weren’t Invited’?

  1. SOQ

    Are women getting more curvy these days? They look healthy- great to see.

    Beibhinn Parsons’s dress is beautiful.

      1. SOQ

        Are the women rugby players too?

        Either way- they still look way better than the ‘I eat on a Wednesday whether I need too or not’ brigade.

    1. Mad

      Agree- could be a rugby thing as well
      The women here all look absolutely stunning by the way

  2. in active

    @ Sara
    Cocaine: the hidden scourge of schoolboy rugby in Ireland. Boys are tempted by the drug over drinking beer while girls see it as an appetite suppressant, says Neil Francis

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