It’s Like ‘Independence Day’, Without The Independence


World Health Organisation leader Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

This afternoon.

Ahead of  the World Health Organisation (WHO) meeting to sign off on a possible Global Pandemic Treaty at the 75th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, from this Sunday, May 22-28…

…via Bruce Y Lee (no relation to the Kung Fu legend) in Forbes:

You know the 1996 movie Independence Day, where much of the World united to defeat a common enemy? Well, during the Covid-19 pandemic that started in 2020, pretty much the opposite happened. The World was about as organized as all-cat produced and directed episode of Dancing with the Stars or rather Dancing with the Stars Who are Also Cats.

The global pandemic response had relatively little coordination, little unity. In fact, it was more like the 1983 and 2009 TV miniseries V, where many politicians, personalities, social media accounts and others seemed like they were actually trying to help the enemy, in this case, the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)….

Yet, despite the clear need for more global coordination, some politicians, some celebrities, and a bunch of social media accounts have been trying to, guess what, argue against such a treaty. They even started a hashtag #StopTheTreaty.

Yeah, having no global agreement in place before the next pandemic is going to work out real well, right?


Ultimately, those opposing any global pandemic treaty don’t seem to be offering any viable alternatives to improve the world’s ability to prevent and control pandemics. It’s easy to criticize anything and keep yelling words such as “freedom” kind of how babies fight against wearing clothes and insist on pooping whenever they want to do or doo-doo so. What’s much more difficult is finding solutions.

If invaders from outer space were to appear now as they did in Independence Day, our world would be kind of in trouble. You’d have politicians, TV personalities, and others claiming that the invaders aren’t real and even siding with them.

Our world needs to be more unified in order to more effectively fend off any major threats to our health, whether its infectious disease, non-communicable disease like obesity, or aliens with tentacles and telepathic ability.

Remember what that John McClane character said in the 1988 movie Die Hard:

Now, you listen to me, jerk-off. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Quit being part of the [bleeping] problem and put the other guy back on!

It’s time to put real science and health experts back on.

The WHO To Discuss Global Pandemic Treaty At World Health Assembly May 22-28 (Bruce Y lee, Forbes)

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14 thoughts on “It’s Like ‘Independence Day’, Without The Independence

    1. Kin

      Yep all I know is I can bake a great cake cook a stunning meal plus I have awards for it but knowing about viruses now that’s not my line of country
      If it was there would of been a lot less damage and certainly not infected people being put into nursing homes and infecting thousands and of course thousands of deaths
      Whoops the experts that knew did exactly that
      Maybe I can teach them how to bake a cake

      1. Mad

        What’s your specialty David?
        You and Frilly having a bake off now that I would pay to see

        1. Kin

          Sachet torte
          Mind you my bread and butter pudding is unbeatable as for creme brûlée
          My speciality is bread

  1. freewheeling

    It’s time to put real science and health experts back on, says the guy comparing a bad flu response to aliens coming down from outer space.

  2. Sailor Jerry

    Tedros is a communist and should up on charges for the killings he was involved in.

    The UN and WHO all push a Bolshevik global NWO plan which needs to be stopped.

    The red terror in Russia killed more than 50 million normal people, with starvation, pogroms, forced labour and death squads.

    If the NWO get their way, it will happen again.
    Only good Bolshevik is a dead one.

    1. Kin

      He is not a communist he is just in the pocket of China
      Look that virus was not from eating bats in a wet market in wuhan
      But there is a viral research lab in wuhan
      Which is funded by both China and the USA

  3. Darrens

    Forbes… business leaders… reads like it’s written for children excitedly do do ing for their own din dins
    gsoh sailor jerry … Red terror

  4. Boe_Jiden

    exactly right, listen to the scientists and our leaders, what’s the point of them if we just ignore them?

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