Not Giving A Monkey’s [Update]



This afternoon.


This morning.

Hey, hey, it’s the monkeypox.

Your mask will not save you now.

All you need to know about monkeypox (RTE Brainstorm)


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24 thoughts on “Not Giving A Monkey’s [Update]

  1. eamonn

    wise monkeys see no,hear no, speak no.
    what do the wise monkeys in the who have to say about this.
    i spose there is something to be said for another lockdown ted?

    1. jonjoker

      Absolutely, Eamonn – but does it also presage the end or at least the winding down of the Ukraine war too?

  2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    now that is far more frightening than COVID, I presume it doesn’t fly through the air though ?

  3. Broadbag

    ”Four of the seven cases are in people who identify as gay, bisexual or other men who have sex with men.”

    You’re confused? I’m f-ing confused bro!

    1. Kin

      And apparently the nationality of many asylum seekers and of course it’s breaking out in many places as people are not being tested
      Rumour is it’s due to the migrants trying to get in
      I am all for migrants but try fecking testing them before letting them in
      Maybe it’s time visitors from everywhere we’re tested before being allowed through immigration
      Maybe the nob in the WHO who is demanding mass vaccination might do his job as other pretty nasty viruses and sicknesses are out there and covid spread so fast because of travel and no testing until it was too late

  4. Nilbert

    “Monkey Pox seems like the kind of thing that might happen to your body if you had taken multiple injections specifically designed to permanently damage your immune system and were driven to wild delusional fantasies by far-right fear-mongering propaganda campaigns, and clickbait news aggregators”


    1. SOQ

      There is documented evidence that a number of dormant viruses being reactivated post vaccination- the most common being herpes / singles and Hepatitis C appears to be on the rise.

      That is not “far-right fear-mongering propaganda campaigns, and clickbait news aggregators”- that is fact.

      1. Nilbert

        ‘documented evidence’ and ‘appears to be’?

        That doesn’t actually make sense. You cannot have evidence that somethig APPEARS to be the case – it either is or isn’t. That’s the whole crux of a disinfomation campaign. Vagueness, and duplicity to constatly nudge people in a direction. Questions masquerading as facts and constant biased speculation.

        1. jonjoker

          No, Nilbert, the whole point of propaganda is to make something that isn’t true APPEAR to be true.
          Twisting the evidence is how this is done.

          Or maybe nobody has ever taken your words and tried to make them mean something else than what you intended? For most of us this began in childhood when a sibling or classmate tried to incriminate us. As they grew up their word-twisting abilities became more refined and before you knew it they were working in PR.
          You may be the lucky exception that proves the rule.

      2. Kin

        Try destruction of the planets rain Forrest’s
        Plenty of very nasty viruses just waiting
        The history of monkey pox points to this

    2. Kin

      Nilbert in the Amazon basin and other Forrest’s all over the world lurk bacterias viruses that are just waiting for civilisation
      A good example was when the white man discovered the new world our sicknesses wiped out whole tribes
      Maybe as well as global warming by the destruction of whole swaths of rainforests these sicknesses are now a big problem
      Monkey pox is from monkeys and I bet a result of many Forrest’s destroyed in the DRC and other nations that have destroyed our planet
      Maybe nature is sending us a pretty important message and as usual the wHO need to get their finger out or we get rid of them

      1. Nilbert

        Undoubtedly that’s true. The more we encroach on new ecosystems, and destroy habitats, the bigger the risk of encountering heebie jeebies that will be detrimental to us. Likewise, the human is a pathogen for many other species.

        Its the bit about ‘multiple injections specifically designed to permanently damage your immune system’ that I took issue with.

  5. Jo

    “Almost everyone working in my field ALREADY KNOWS THE CAUSE OF THIS. We can easily deduce it from the barrage of very specific inquiries and tests the FDA has been sending us.

    Here’s your plot twist… it’s NOT the mRNA shots. It’s being caused by a serious unforseen outcome in the development of the JOHNSON & JOHNSON (JANSSEN) COVID-19 VACCINE.

    You see, that vaccine uses an adenoviral vector platform based on the virus known as ADENOVIRUS 26 (Ad26). It’s a genetically modified version of a childhood gastrointestinal virus originally found in the feces of a sick 9-month-old.

    Even unmodified it’s generally considered benign and the J&J vaccine was supposed to contain a modified, entirely REPLICATION-INCOMPETENT VIRUS. CAN’T REPLICATE = CAN’T SPREAD = CAN’T MUTATE.

    Only IT WASN’T REPLICATION-INCOMPETENT. In a small percent of vaccinated patients it replicated, reached sufficient viral load to spread, and MUTATED IN THE POPULATION. The official inquiries I’ve seen lead me to believe that an unforeseen interaction with Gilead’s HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) allowed it to become replication competent.


    The gastrointestinal tracts of thousands of those who got the J&J vaccine likely were or are currently teeming with this stuff. Every time they have a bowel movement and flush it’s aerosolized all over the place. They use a public restroom and a parent and child use the same stall next, and soon after you have a hepatitis case.”

    This is theory for evaluation for the current hepatitis outbreak in children.

    Other vaccines used infected monkey kidney cells in their make up. Would concur that monkey pox would be a similar outcome.

    1. SOQ

      Anything is possible where the immune system is involved but has there been any conformation that those people received the J & J jab yet?

      1. Jo

        Let’s see the same was said about blood clots for the last few months, now the vaccine has been pulled due to blood clots….

    1. Kin

      Sleepy joe has the solution
      Let’s just all trot off to war and them monkey pox will not matter
      It’s all putins fault

  6. anolderman

    Just for sport on a friday ;-)
    The Book of Revelations in the New Testament lists the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as conquest, war, famine and death, while in the Old Testament’s Book of Ezekiel they are sword, famine, wild beasts and pestilence or plague. Plague just had that of sorts for 2 yrs. Sword, lots of wars about at the moment. Famine one due along any moment now what with Ukraine & China. Wild beasts hmmmmm! I wonder is the monkeypox spread by bodily fluids contact. No spanking jokes pluheese! Have a nice weekend ya hear!

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