This morning.

Capel Street, Dublin 1.

Key elements of the changes?

Via Dublin City Council:

Permanent closure at Parnell Street after Jervis Lane to remove through traffic on Capel Street.Delivery access will be facilitated between 6am and 11am. Car parking spaces will be removed and converted to loading bays to ensure there is sufficient space. There will be all day loading provided at a number of side streets.
Mary’s Abbey traffic flow direction will be reversed and residents exiting from Abbey Street will exit via Mary’s Abbey.
Mary Street between Capel Street and Jervis Lane will be reversed.
Strand Street Little and Strand Street Great will remain open to traffic all day.
Initial street improvements including seating and greening are to be provided.


Top Pic: Stephanie Dickenson

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23 thoughts on “Reclaimed

  1. SOQ

    Oh God- Panti Bliss will have an excuse for walking the streets now.

    Seriously- it is a great boost for Capel Street. Good to see somewhere on the north side getting a lift for a change.

    Watch the shop rents skyrocket now mind.

    1. Gavin

      If you were to take some people seriously, rents will collapse and it’ll become a ghost town. You’re right it’s great to see that side of the city get some love

      1. TessFlynn

        It will most likely become another tourist street with loads of identically unique coffee shops and tat shops – another part of theme park Dublin.

    2. Kin

      Great but as usual wait until the jams are located elsewhere
      I see gridlock and I do not live there but did years ago when Dublin was alive and Dublin
      The big fly in the ointment is businesses will close them of course no rates
      Ah well they can just convert all the vacant premises into housing now without change of use

  2. johnny

    speaking of reclaimed.
    toady’s property porn in the IT,showcases what is truly one the most magnificent private residences,estates in Irl,but,its on the northside.
    it was in the Guinness family since before the foundation of the state,funny how that worked out for them.
    great news on Capel St,lower income shoppers always shop up,or in higher income hoods,like grafton st,higher income shoppers rarely if ever shop down or in ghettos,they need deal with the junkies and aggressive panhandlers.

    1. Bobby Boucher

      Bit of an silly thing to say, have you ever actually been or lived in the northside? Howth/Sutton/Portmarnock/Malahide beats the pants off their equivalent on the southside imho.

  3. theotherguy

    Maybe it might get some decent shops on it now? Because let’s be honest, the vast majority of the street is a kip.

    1. paul

      I’m quite fond of charity shops and hardware stores but a bit of variety would be welcome. What else would be good there? Food for sure.

      1. Ian - oG

        Bikes, tailored suits, vaping, pets, porn, musical instruments, gadgets, upholstery, blinds, tents, hardware, hemp products, food of a wide variety including great bars, restaurants, cafes, chippers etc. car parts, gardening supplies, art supplies, scale models, hairdressing. I’m sure I missed something but that’s a lot.

        Take another gander Paul, surely some of the above appeals?

        1. paul

          I’ve not been down in a good while except to rush through the AIB branch there since they closed the one on O’Connell Street. I can only recall The Black Sheep, Panti Bar and the red one, Jack Nealon? But they’ve all been pretty good when opportunity allows.

          Where is the art supplies place? I know Evans is around the corner.

          Your list is comprehensive, ticks most boxes for a city centre street :) I’m flying down it in Streetview as I type, being reminded of all sorts that I’d forgotten.

        2. Kin

          How about what Dublin once was small bakers butchers veg shops grocers
          But all gone now because we chose supermarkets and let the heart of the cities decay
          Walk around Rome Paris London Milan Barcelona Madrid and you see life and artisans here you just see pound shops and tat
          Even grafton street is decaying with two Pandora shops selling cheap paste jewellery

    2. scottser

      capel street was once the city’s main thoroughfare leading to city hall and was as posh as fuk. it’s always had an eclectic mix of shops and is also home to one of the finest instrument makers around.
      nah, capel street still rocks.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        I agree, it’s the street that feels the most like Dublin to me…Northside forever !

      2. Kin

        It once was now it’s nothing
        Dublin was a great city but in the words of Carmelita Hederman Lord Mayor of Dublin
        Dublin should be like Venice
        Summed it up
        Dublin should be like Dublin
        Hopefiully one day mannix Flynn might become Lord Mayor
        But until then Dublin’s lost its soul
        It was traded in the days of the Celtic tiger
        Sorry scottser
        Maybe I am just an old fart dreaming of what could of been
        It’s sad

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      one of my pals too, so quick plug for Dash burger !!

  4. Kim The Cardassian

    All for pedestrianising streets and all that, where do the cars they moved go now? Have they created new roads or routes? That’s 2 main roads from Northside to Southside closed off to cars. People travelling down Capel Street aren’t going to suddenly start using public transport, they have to go somewhere.

    1. Gavin

      Pretty sure the council detailed that in their plans you should probably check with them.

    2. SOQ

      It depends- there is a good bus service in from Dumcondra end- the new Luas and then the Red line runs right through it.

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