Salvation And Damnation [Updated[


This afternoon.

Eden Quay, Dublin 1.

Members of the ‘Revolutionary Workers Union’ protest at the Salvation Army-owned Lefroy House.


This morning/afternoon.

Eden Quay, Dublin 1.

The Salvation Army Ireland yesterday secured a High Court injunction requiring persons to vacate Lefroy House after members of a group calling itself the Revolutionary Workers Union entered the property earlier this month and then refused to leave.

Via Irish Times:

The building, on which the Salvation Army holds a long lease, had been operated as emergency accommodation for minors in crisis for many years until its closure early last year when funding ceased. The charity had been renovating the property to accommodate refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine and had hoped to open its doors to a first group next month.

Plans were put on hold after the building was allegedly broken into and occupied on May 1st last The court heard that in social media posts the group, which has renamed the property James Connolly House, claims it intends to use the building to accommodate homeless people.

Salvation Army secures injunction requiring alleged trespassers to vacate Dublin building (Irish Times)

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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17 thoughts on “Salvation And Damnation [Updated[

    1. Kin

      And a high court summons
      It’s costs around a hundred grand to go through the high court
      Of course they know that but will they spend the bobs?
      It’s a case brazen it out lads and let them go through the whole process costing tens of thousands
      Then let them try and collect
      It will take a minimum of six months and of course represent your self it costs nothing except time but it’s going to cost the Salvation Army tens of thousands
      And who do they bring to court
      I always thought when you bring a case in court you must identify the person you are taking action against
      This is a bluff I bet

  1. Kin

    Funny enough homeless
    Just think about this
    Our country is taking in as quoted 200 thousand and our population is 5 million
    France population around 67 million 12 times our population but they have capped it at 100 thousand
    By all rights by the math france should be taking 2.4million

    Was watching euro news and the underground in Kiev no longer a bomb shelter and lots of young men walking around in casual attire,so much for the conscription

    Wion news stating that this war has caused a food poverty pandemic all around the world as grain is not being exported either by Russia or Ukraine also fertiliser
    The day Russia invaded zelensky announced a ban on exporting grain
    So how come grain is not being exported?
    The majority of wheat barley sunflowers are not grown where the wat is being fought and they say it’s not being exported because the ports are under fire
    So they grow it in the south and the west and transport it to a port in the crimea do they

    Maybe the truth is that by withholding exports of grain it causes a massive famine and I call that blackmail
    Meanwhile as we give shelter to his people his decisions regarding agriculture are causing much food poverty right across the world and our people are effected
    So talk about the thanks we get for supporting his people and the piles of munitions he gets to prolong the war

    It’s time this war stopped and Putin and zelensky dragged out of their bunkers and made sit down and sort this out with no more destruction
    As for NATO I pray Turkey dose the decent thing and block Sweden and Finland joining as we will face WW 3

    1. K. Cavan

      Well, Kin, since Zelensky was installed through a coup instigated by ultra-violent Nazi militias, supported by funding from the CIA & Kolomoiskyy, he is entirely a puppet of Whitehall & Washington, it’s up to them, really, although we know which end of that dog-lead Whitehall is on.
      Since Kolomoiskyy, Zelensky & the vast majority of Biden’s cabinet have dual Israeli citizenship, it’s hard to know if he actually considers the poor, victimised Ukrainians as “his people”, even if Israel is not bothering with the anti-Russian nonsense.

      1. Cian

        Let me get this straight: You really believe that an Israeli-led cabal supported ultra-violent Nazi militias leading to a Jewish president, which these ultra-violent Nazi then militias continue to support?

        Do you actually think about the stuff you write as “facts”?

        1. hmmm

          Don’t worry Cian, your Ukrainian heroes are still bravely surrendering to those cowardly Russians.

          That’ll learn ’em.

        2. jonjoker

          @Cian – do you actually believe that by virtue of being Jewish a person is incapable of being ultra-rightwing?
          Do you believe that the people who murdered and/or dispossessed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are incapable of being ultra-rightwing?

          Do you think that the word “Nazi” as used today is shorthand only for members of the NSDAP from 1920-45, or do you think it might be used for people who today support much- though not necessarily all – of the policies put forward by the NSDAP?

          1. Kin

            Jon joker
            To be honest I just cannot understand or believe zelensky is a real Jew
            All I know after nazi Germany and nazi divisions of Ukrainian SS troops who were worse than German Nazis it’s in every Jews DNA much like Irish republicans love of Black and Tans
            So I can find it very hard to believe that he if Infact he is a Jew would support a far right neo nazi coup in Kiev and fact is it was just that backed by both Washington and the forth reich ie EU which I actually cannot abide due to the way they screwed our nation into the wall after the crash
            We needed help not austerity that was shoved down our throats
            So my Jewry is out over his authenticity
            Or maybe he is descended from a family of KAPO’s left Alive in Ukraine after the war

      2. Kin

        Cavan man I agree with most except israel
        The Jewish side of me hates Nazis and believes the only people that looks after Jews are Jews and that is why I support Israel
        This is also why I side with Russia on this one
        And we all know Putin is a bastard so why start poking that rabid scum bag
        Meanwhile the neutrality game is on and the USA is behind the expansion of NATO
        Which comes the big question that is
        If an EU nation is attacked I presume they have the protection of the EU ?right
        So why do they need to join NATO?
        So ireland can like Sweden and Finland stay out of NATO have their neutrality and the protection of other EU states that are part of NATO as you attack a NATO state then you are protected by NATO
        Exactly the same as the EU
        but with NATO the USA calls the shots like it did with the illegal invasion of Iraq Afghanistan etc

        Meanwhile nigel has turned into the first human deflector apparently a wind farm

  2. K. Cavan

    The Revolutionary Workers Union, eh? Are they related to the Union of Revolutionary Workers (splitters!) or the Workers Revolutionary Union (splitters!) or the Revolutionary Union of Workers (splitters!) or the Revolutionary Workers Union (splitters!). Oh sorry, they are the Revolutionary Workers Union, my bad.
    They’re still splitters.

    1. Kin

      Seems to me I cannot find any record of this case
      Searched the high court records online
      This is all bluff
      Just call it

  3. john f

    Of course I support property rights, the building is owned by whoever it is owned by and they can do with that what they wish.
    I would love to know who is organising funding and pulling the strings of the ‘Revolutionary Workers Union’. The vast majority of them seem like total knuckle draggers.
    That being said, the optics of the situation are terrible. Accommodation that was previously used to house homeless people are to be closed due to lack of funding. Yet somehow funding is absolutely no issue when it comes to “Ukrainian” refugees.
    It’s a sign of a sick society, mediocre politicians think there’s more votes from virtue signalling and diverting loads of public money to quangos that accommodate refugees whose chief executives and no doubt well-paid.
    Rather than using a fraction of that money to address homelessness issues.

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