They Love It When A Plan Comes Together


Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director general of the World health Organisation


This afternoon.

Lizards assemble.

Political and business leaders from around thw world meet in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2022 from 22-26 May. Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation’s Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly is being held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 22-28 May, where members will discuss the pandemic treaty.


Davos 2022: Who’s coming and everything else you need to know (World Economic Forum)

Seventy Fifth World Health Assembly (WHO)

Ah here.

Yesterday: It’s Like ‘Independence Day’, Without The Independence

Pic: WEF

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34 thoughts on “They Love It When A Plan Comes Together

  1. K. Cavan

    Interestingly, Tedros’ political party is a banned terrorist organisation in his home country.
    They clearly have him sussed.

      1. Kim Cardassian

        Sometimes you’re off your rocker, other times it’s gold. I genuinely laughed at this.

        1. SOQ

          Some would like to think I am off my rocker because raise issues which leave them feeling uncomfortable- but I am perfectly sane, thanks all the same.

        2. K. Cavan

          If you were actually well-informed, Kim, you’d understand that it’s funny cos it’s pretty much true. The WHO are at Davos this year, behind the screen of 5,000 soldiers that have been brought in to protect the jerd of Globalist Pigs who gather there.

  2. jonjoker

    There is a new disease on the way. It’s called Monkey pox. :
    “An ongoing outbreak of monkeypox was first detected in the United Kingdom on 29 April 2022 ”
    My guess is that the Ukraine war is coming to a conclusion. Never fear, there is a new pandemic on the block, we’ll be hearing plenty about it in the coming weeks.

  3. SailorGerry

    2 prime candidates for a long rope and a short drop if ever I saw them.

    They epitomise all that is wrong in the world.

    1. Vlad ‘21 Roses’ Novichok

      Another Tankie with murderous intent.

      What is it with you Q types and your penchant for killing people?

      1. SOQ

        Q types

        Everyone that is not hard of thinking is tarred as being the most extreme- especially if a double tar can be achieved by a ridiculous CIA pysop.

        Here is a tip about ‘conspiracy theorists’- they are not mad nor stupid- they are usually so intelligent that they cannot make sense of the world as most see it.

        They are sometimes completely off the mark and sometimes- like the pandemic / vaccine scam- making more sense than the official narrative ever will.

        1. Nigel

          Every conspiracy theorist thinks they are so intelligent they make sense of the world other people do not, and they all think they are right on the mark.

          1. K. Cavan

            Well Nigel, you get spoonfed a narrative of utter drivel by the MSM & convince
            yourself of it’s veracity. That’s pretty sad but it becomes pathetic when you come on here & parrot those Received Opinions, as if they were your own, even becoming emotional when others fail to share your naivety.
            I reckon you watch RTE’s “Six One” TV show & actually think you’re consuming a product called “The News”, which is dedicated to keeping you “informed” about events across the planet.
            This, of course, leads you to support US Imperialist warmongering, Child Grooming, Fake Science & Globalism. You regurgitate the Political Dogma of the world’s wealthiest individuals & their Corporate interests while, it seems, believing yourself to be some sort of Liberal Lefty type. That’s utterly delusional, even the most fervent Conspiracy Theorists I’ve encountered are more wedded to reality than you & considerably better-informed.

          2. Nigel

            ‘I reckon you’

            It’s was weird to watch you construct the straw men you prefer to argue with in your comments, the first time.

          3. K. Cavan

            That’s amazingly dim, Nigel. Had I not used “I reckon”, yes, it would be a Strawman argument but I did use it, deliberately. The rest is observed, I’ve never read a comment from you that does not echo the MSM narrative, ever.

          4. SOQ

            Nigel is an auto bot- which is why is not going to make any semblance of a profit in the near distance future.

            Likewise the Anglo Millie bs.

        2. K. Cavan

          I assume, SOQ, you’ve read the result of the FOI request to the CSO, officially stating that, in 2020, a total of 61 people died of Covid in Ireland?
          It will be interesting to see how this news, which has apparently been circulated to the Irish media, will be ignored, as the CSOs mortality statistics have been giving the lie to the official narrative, throughout the Fake Pandemic. I’ll bet not a single one of the Covidians who parade their ignorance on here has ever visited the CSO website, as it’s mortality figures make it undeniable that, if we had a Pandemic in 2020, the one in 2018 was slightly larger.

        3. SOQ

          If wants to grow then it needs to kill the weeds- meaning a boiling kettle when they pop up?

      2. K. Cavan

        Ah, little Vlad, you’re just missing the target so badly because of your own limited perception of the world. Nobody who comments in here is likely to have visited this QAnon website (I assume it’s a website?). The fact that a Capitalist Goon like yourself is so obsessed with it would make most people assume it’s glowing like Chernobyl the morning after & like The Washington Post or The Guardian, is shepherded by the security services.

        1. Mad

          Whereas you are a mere goon K with a small g.
          Even Sir Spike Milligan himself couldn’t capitalise you such is your pea-like status.

    2. K. Cavan

      Short rope, long drop, Gerry or maybe just a long drop but they are subhuman scum, undoubtedly.

      1. jungleman

        Interesting to see my response to cavan gets posted immediately but any response to SOQ goes straight into moderation. Why is that bodger?

  4. Kin

    Yep all the political leaders head there to get their orders for the year
    These in DAVOS have the world they way it is
    Maybe all us peasants should go on a tax strike for one week and show the elite exactly who has the power
    Soon DAVOS will be held no doubt in an elysium scenario as they orbit the world and we the people like the meek inherit the diseased planet they have created
    Mind you loved the ending
    Last DAVOS shindig we heard the bird who stated we the people will be happy to own nothing

  5. anolderman

    History shows that the killing soon comes. Every generation produces its freaks & weak, its a curse of our species. The pendulum will always swing back, it always does. This time its different, no just a new lipstick on the same old war pigs. Perhaps our armed protected ministers might reflect on this
    We have form here in our history perhaps they sense something. Is it only 3
    meals from chaos, I wonder.

    1. SOQ

      I also wonder why this is all so US focused on very old people with very frozen faces?

  6. SailorGerry

    I only recently learned that boiling water kills weeds rather well, I must give it a try.

    The analogy would work well on the private banks that masquerade as Central Banks.

    If the power to create money from thin air was removed from them, the world would be a more harmonious place, and this needs to be step number one.

    Letting the same cabal be in charge of issuing a CBDC is as bad an idea, as filming yourself doing crack, whilst being the presidents son.

    Full clown world.

  7. jungleman

    You’re definitely not sane though. You thought Putin invaded Ukraine to save us from US labs in Ukraine that you believed were behind the pandemic..

  8. SailorGerry

    President Putin launched a security operation in Ukraine to protect the Russian speaking people in the East from an imminent attack that was about to happen, which is why around 120k Ukrainian are stuck near the borders of of the LPR and DNR, currently getting spanked.

    This conflict started with the US sponsored Maidan Coup and subsequent failed Minsk agreements that Ukraine never honoured.

    The bio labs are a separate issue, but I think the US funding of them on Russia’s door step creates poor optics at best.

    The pandemic was and is about control, ushering in a digital ID and imploding the worlds economy as part of the great reset.

    If you think holding the above opinions qualifies me as insane, it might be an idea to broaden your search for where you get your daily propaganda.

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