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  1. Kin

    I would not say exaactly Hillary Weston a self made woman
    Most of her wealth most probably comes from a tax exempt trust
    As for the others money makes money so rock on and pay your taxes

  2. Kin

    Ukrainian forces retrain ruffian attack dog
    Latest front line news wow
    I suppose the dog will be used on the captured Russian soldiers for ruff justice
    Apparently now zelensky wants to talk to discuss peace
    I suppose Russia will be taking the industrial heartland no doubt as a buffer zone and soon the Ukrainian people will start thinking about the cost of a war that should never of happened
    Mind you electing a comedian as president now is no laughing matter
    Hopefully now the war that should never of happened is ended
    Maybe the Russians did blow up the last delivery of western weapons of death and are realising for the west the cost for its people is pretty high

    1. Hughie Luas

      Ukraine: the widespread use of drones continues all weekend on Broadsheet (see above).

      More boring than Conversations with Friends even.

      1. Mad

        see also:
        Tommy and Ten Pin below

        david’s ONLY redeeming feature is his occasional stand up routine Hughie – see also his “hilarious” remarks about tonight’s special to me yesterday evening – it’s certainly not the quality of the service or speed of same in his “pub”.

        PS fair play to you for even attempting to watch that show – you’re a better man than me

      2. James

        Sure humid you are as original as the band and that’s not news
        Jesus first Covid then the war now monkey pox and still the airport cannot even scan for bombs and firearms
        Think I might show up in departure with my tank
        Meanwhile the best and only news out of a war zone is a dog defecting
        I suppose the attack dog will be used in one of ukraines camps to ensure Russians are kept in line
        Now zelensky wants to talk peace with Russia
        He must of been on some coke bender to antagonise satan and when sober realised shit
        His people now have to live with the consequences and suffer for decades to repay the yanks for the weapons including the last shipment destroyed in Odessa b

          1. James

            Fact is putin is satan and of course we all that
            Man puts his head into a tigers cage and the tiger bites it off
            Who do you Blame?
            The tiger or the idiot who put his head into the cage ?

          2. Nigel

            The exact form of Zelensky putting his hand into this cage seems vague. Does ‘just existing’ count?

        1. Kin

          Surly James you are not referring to humid
          But the 80s band Huey Lewis and the news. When responding to hughie luas

          1. scottser

            Are you actually replying to your own comments?
            You’re going full charger now David- never go full charger..

          2. bisted

            …Surly James is quite a good name…I’ve been called much worse…even on Broadsheet!

    2. K. Cavan

      There are up to 20,000 Ukrainian troops about to be encircled in 3 or 4 Cauldrons in Donbass, Azov has been defeated in the city it ran, Mariupol, rumours are that Zelensky, under the control of the CIA & MI6 since the start, wants out, this war should be over. Unfortunately, it won’t be for some time yet. George W Bush reiterated that Ukraine’s mission is to “kill as many Russians as possible”, no mention of victory or even surrender, in order to spare their soldiers or citizenry, so on it goes, now a meat-grinder for 45-year-old Ukrainian conscripts, sent out with AK-47s against T-90s. Hopefully, the Defence Ministry will allow their commanders to surrender, given that their Interior Ministry opposite numbers in Azov have already.
      Meanwhile, the Sanctions system has all but collapsed, as companies access loopholes or simply ignore the rules, because they’re run by adults, unlike the EU & US.

      1. James

        He also gave a speech
        And instead of referring to Ukraine he referred to Iraq
        It’s now doing the rounds of media

      2. Kin

        I was listening to sky news and they were saying zelensky now states only a political solution will end this
        So I heard nothing about the sheer scale of the number of troops cut off
        And I doubt he is capable of doing a Churchill at Dunkirk
        If the Russian reports of true about the weapons destroyed in Odessa all I see is that it’s all over for him
        The inevitable is this war will end and Putin is in the driving seat
        I would say if Putin gets his hands on zelensky I would not like to be zelensky

        As for zelensky I doubt the Russians will be pretty easy on the peace deal
        I am sure vast swaths of ukrain will be the price the Ukrainian people will pay going to Russia or independent breakaway areas leaning towards Russia than the EU
        As for Russia I doubt they give a rats are about good relationships now with the west
        They might as well dig up the pipeline and use it to supply China with the gas that once the west has

        Let’s face it the Soviet Union endured the Cold War for decades and the world dose not revolve around Europe and there are other markets
        Where is with the EU it will be years before gas that once came from Russia can be replaced ,and that’s just the start

        1. Nigel

          No more troops have been cut off. It’s amazing you
          a) took Cavan at their word and trust their assessment
          b) even then they only said ‘about to be’
          c) but you turned that into ‘cut off.’
          d) you think the destruction of one arms shipment means ‘it’s over for him.’
          e) Russia collapsed at the end of the Cold War. That was the second time Russia collapsed in one century.

          1. bisted

            …there’s a man going round making lists…get in line there Nigel…

            …wasn’t one of the times Russia capitulated when your man JFK put his foot down and said he wouldn’t accept Russian missiles based in Cuba?

          2. Kin


            Thanks to the. Russian commander who refused to carry out the firing of that nuke we did not see a nuclear war when the Cuban missile crises happened
            But the good old yanks dropped atomic bombs on two cities and those tasked with using atom bombs on cities full of innocent Japanese followed their orders to the full

            And had no regrets
            Kind of puts tanks into Hungary into league two
            And just look at viet nam Latin America
            Libya Iraq Afghanistan Cuba to name a few

          3. Nigel

            All those Russian officers could have disobeyed orders to invade Ukraine.

            But then Russia has always devoted most of its energies to killing and oppressing Russians, and their neighbours.

          4. Me So Harney

            Yes the Ukrainians shot lots of Russian speaking Ukrainian people trying to flee a Russian speaking city.

          5. Nigel

            The Russians also just shot a lot of Russian-speaking Ukrainians. We’ve come full circle.

  3. Tommy Bohan

    The English Mail on Sunday not looking very Irish. The Hairy Bikers and yet more Wagatha for it’s front page. Still, I have to laugh at last week’s circulation figures for April 2022. It’s now selling 41,455 copies in Ireland – compared to over 100,000 not so long ago. That’s a drop of over 700 on previous month or just under 10,000 in last 12 months. It absolutely amazes me why they persist with this strategy. People are stopping buying it in droves.

    1. TenPin Terry

      That wouldn’t be the Irish Daily Mail with a front page exclusive about failed security checks at Dublin airport would it ?
      I know you’re not the sharpest pencil in the case but still …

      1. Tommy Bohan

        18,865 is the figure for the Irish Daily Mail and that includes Saturday where all papers get a big bounce. They sell 18,066 Monday to Friday. They were selling over 50,000 not so long ago. I appreciate all papers are losing print sales but the Mail is falling a lot faster than others. There must be a reason for this, my guess is that it no longer qualifies as an Irish paper going by the amount of English articles in it. It is just a copy of the UK version with a small number of Iris stories in it.

    2. Mad

      lol never change Tommy fist pump!

      I don’t mind the Hairy Bikers if I’m being honest and sure Wayne Rooney being from Liverpool is even lower on the pecking order in the UK than the Irish …

      Someone posted a great article about being Scouse not English here yesterday I think

    3. Mad

      seriously though that story about the airport is a major downer and will likely result in even longer queues now
      Amazing how that useless lardass Dalton Philips left that as his legacy before jumping ship to another plum job

      1. James

        He also gave apparently Ireland is joining NATO for that very reason
        It’s a boot
        Maybe that’s why their is a delay for passports

      2. Kin

        Well mad I think it’s a hoot
        A nation that had the troubles and all the need for security and we find dozy feckless security guards that most probably are too busy dining on burgers on duty than doing their job
        Decades ago a mate of mine and myself got a contract with barringer technologies to sell drug and explosive detection units they are a Canadian company
        We tried in vain to sell any Irish government department even a tea spoon
        Barringer technology developed the ion scan which is used internationally in airports
        It’s the machine they use to swab items and you see them every where
        We showed them to the Garda headquarters and to lonegan remember him running mount joy
        They preferred six wardens sat at video screens each day rather than invasive drug detection equipment
        Seems things have not changed
        I assume now every terrorist and drug dealer will now decide to take advantage
        I really have concerns about the monkey pox as I presume they will be looking for chimpanzees with acne
        Maybe it might be better having these muppets tasked with security working remotely in the dole office

  4. TenPin Terry

    The Sindo reports that ” The Government has been secretly warned that the arrival of tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees into towns and cities across the country poses a risk to social cohesion and integration, particularly among deprived communities.

    ” Ministers have also been told that the current humanitarian response could become unsustainable in the coming weeks, with a risk that those displaced by the war in Ukraine may not be able to secure accommodation, education, income support or access employment. ”

    Uncontrolled immigration causing a risk to social cohesion particularly in deprived communities ? Now, what does that remind me of …
    I’ve been warning of this for weeks.

      1. Joe F

        How is this comment left on???
        Broadsheet, will you get your act together. That is a disgusting comment to put on a public place.
        I cannot believe it hasn’t been removed.
        I like BS in a lot of ways but is there no limit to what is allowed posting?

        1. Annie 14 Tennis

          I have to agree. This Mad guy has posted some disgusting things, and repeated them ad nauseam today, which have been taken from the peoplesrepublicofcork link. It’s becoming clear that he is actually TenPin and finding a way to post this kind of disgusting stuff here under the guise of someone pulling up the TenPin account.

          1. Annie 14 Tennis

            I’m glad that sense has prevailed and Broadsheet has removed your more disgusting comments. You were saying about ‘Dipstick’?

          2. TenPin Terry

            I suppose it’s partly my fault Annie.
            My enviable lifestyle seems to whip these same sad people into a frenzy like rabid dogs every time I tell them about sunning my chiselled body in foreign climes.
            But actually it also exposes their own inadequacies and prejudices much better than I ever could do so I simply drop my love bombs and survey the resultant damage.
            There seems so little joie de vivre or humour in their miserable grey lives the poor things.
            For the record I would never use the pejorative term for people from Pakistan on here or indeed anywhere else.
            Anyway, back to my holliers it’s bloomin’ roasting here in the Southern Med but the fragrant Lady TenPin and I have decided it’s going to be a margarita day today.
            It could get messy.

    1. Kin

      Jesus tin man
      With 37 thousand mainly taking over hotel accommodation I can see why towns villages depending on tourism are going to be hopping mad as no tourists just Ukrainian refugees
      Then of course people who cannot access a roof over their head left wanting
      We are told we are going to take up to 200 thousand and EU nations 13 times our size take in 100 thousand
      And we have no services
      Infact is the only child psychologists position in Wexford still infilled
      To call this racism if you question this government decision is classic cancel culture
      Maybe they might just pitch a tent in your garden

  5. bisted

    …oh dear…looks like sleepy Joes proxy army aren’t going to fight to the last Ukrainian after all…not even to the last nazi…ah well, at least Finland and Sweden will be buying their arms from US…

      1. Kin

        Anti bot really
        That’s joe bidens nickname he is also referred to as Brandon
        I just prefer village idiot
        He is possibly the biggest war monger since Atilla the hun
        A despicable man a tool of the real elite
        These elite you could fit on a bus they are so few and at the moment in DAVOS giving next years orders to the political leaders as they are headed through DAVOS to get them
        Hopefully a outbreak of monkey pox might just put an end to them

    1. Kin

      Is it not a fact if a country attacks a EU member the EU steps in as like NATO once an attack is on one member it’s on all members
      So knowing that why do they need to join NATO considering France Germany and Italy are members of NATO plus the nations that encroached on Russia’s border who joined NATO

      Answer what I can see is it’s to provoke Putin yet again
      But unless Turkey agrees then they cannot join

      1. SOQ

        Turkey has being trying to join the EU for so long they know that because they are Muslim, it is not going to happen- so Erdoğan is using the opportunity to extract maximum benefits from NATO.

        Fair enough- that is one of the things the Turkish people employed him to do.

        1. Kin

          SOQ I know that
          Remember the flood of refugees in the med
          His bone of contention is the Kurds
          They want a Kurdish homeland
          And it’s Turkey Syria Iraq they wats bits of
          Turdawan as I call him has a problem with Sweden for giving refuge to PPK types
          And Turdowan has aspirations of becoming another attiturk
          And leave another Turkish empire like the Ottoman same as Putin wants his empire and the EU wants theirs and of course the yanks

  6. stephen moran

    Good to see one of Murdoch’s pet climate denying stooges get the boot in Oz

  7. SailorGerry

    The conflict was gamed out by The Rand Corporation for the US government, long before this kicked off. The US wants to weaken and unbalance Russia and the cost in weapons supplied and Ukraine blood does not matter too them

    Ukraine has already lost access to the Sea of Azov and may well lose access to the Black Sea also if Odessa is taken as some kind of retribution for the Maidan massacre.

    It would be naïve to think that what has been won on the field at a massive cost of Russian life, will be given away at a negotiation table. To me it looks like Ukraine will end up a smaller land locked country, when eventually the dust settles and a peace resumes.


    1. Mad

      Outstanding link and reference thank you Gerry
      It’s little nuggets like this which still make Broadsheet endure

    2. SOQ

      Agreed- it has been floated for some time now that a smaller landlocked EU funded Ukraine will be the outcome. Possibly taken over by Poland, but they are not too found of the Nazis either.

      The 40% Russian speakers never called for separation, but given the way they have been treated, I doubt if many will object to such a new arrangement. Being banned from speaking their native language is bound to have left them more Russia friendly.

      The east is the resource rich part of Ukraine apparently, so it will pay for itself. The Bandera crew, or what is left of them, will move westwards, as there will be no place for them in the east.

      Rumours of Zelenskyy turning up at Davos may explain his new diplomatic soft speak. Russia’s stated objectives were to denazify and demilitarise, and that is exactly what they are doing.

        1. Kin

          Well Maura it’s all going to end in tears
          The EU no cheap gas and no infrastructure to pump it in from else where
          Price of food sky rocketing due to shortages
          That’s just for starters
          And Russia will not care one fig
          When will the EU finally get it that Russia can trade with non aligned EU UK or even US countries
          India China are massive nations hungry for what Russia can sell them and let’s face it the EU UK USA are dependent on China for everything from bras to electronics to rare earth minerals to create clean energy
          Get ready for a massive recession or even a NATO special operation to secure the needs of the west to function
          We all know what happened when the Germans and french tried that

      1. Kin

        Mad the Healy Raes are great they are the epitome of parish pump politics but the whole world uses parish pump politics may it be the US parish or Chinese parish or EU parish never mind the UK parish
        Mind you little Leo varadkar and mehole martin often scorn the whole of the Healey Raes
        They are cool and I love watching the faces of government when they start educating these muppets about what rural means
        Sure remember Leo going on about rockhall being a rock in the middle of the sea

    1. TenPin Terry

      Hey, One Vowel™ – any news yet on why you think all Muslims are ragheads you racist bigot ?

        1. TenPin Terry

          Actually the fragrant Lady TenPin and I are having a very late brekkie after tying one on last night which involved skinny-dipping and a certain amount of frivolity under the stars.
          Bacon and eggs and some sort of freshly-squeezed detoxy juice sort of thing which tastes disgusting but which I’m ordered to drink.
          Sunbed then final day footie are our plans for this glorious Sunday – hope everyone back home enjoys their Sunday too.

        2. Kin

          My god giggly
          4pages about tin man on republic of cork
          Reading the comments posted charger sounds like the jimmy savile of the internet
          So when I described him as a perv wearing a gimp suit with an apple stuffed into his mouth and his misses whipping the poo out of him
          I think I got it spot on
          Within his attempt of coming across as a oh so witty satirist underneath there is a pretty nasty individual
          Now I have been banned many times for opinions some do not like but god love his misses if he really has one

          1. stephen moran

            How is your Article 13.8 busted flush – sure that’s what happens when you get your “news” from a “free press” which consists of barely edited PR handouts from an endemically corrupt kleptocratic cabal faithfully transcribed for the illiterate gullible serfs, peasants and subjects by their paramedia wing (Perfidious Albion’s own Pravda and Izvestia)

    1. stephen moran

      surveys have found a similar basket of grocery shopping in Northern Ireland is 8% cheaper than in GB – now I wonder what could possibly be causing that divergence. That is of course why the Tory ultras hate the Protocol so much because it shows Brexit up for the complete con job that it is in reality – but that’s what you happens when you let a myopic ideology and the self delusions of exceptionalism trump economics all aided and abetted by a compliant and complicit rabid right wing press owned by foreigners and tax exiles

        1. stephen moran

          as someone quipped the Bank of England were concerned about rumours of a massive run on the banks until they found out it was ONLY the food banks

  8. SOQ

    Dr Robert Malone’s take on Monkeypox is

    “In my opinion, based on currently available information, Monkeypox is a virus and disease which is endemic in Africa, emerges sporadically after transmission into humans from animal hosts, and is typically spread by close human contact. It is readily controlled by classical public health measures. It does not have a high mortality rate. Unless there has been some genetic alteration, either through evolution or intentional genetic manipulation, it is not a significant biothreat, and has never been considered a high threat pathogen in the past.

    So stop the fear mongering, misinformation and disinformation.”


    1. ce

      Tell that to info_warless … I think he’s more on the bio-terrorist side of the argument…

      ” It is readily controlled by classical public health measures.” – we tried that with covid but some folks weren’t really into it… bodes well…

      Anyway, I’m off to monkey around for the day… from one former monkey to a bunch of monkeys…


      1. SOQ

        Well, the positions are not so far apart. In a recent interview, Robert questioned why so many doses of small pox vaccines have recently been bought. Are the legacy media trying to hype the fear in order to drum up Pharma business perhaps?

        And I wonder why just MSM (Men Sex Men). I have made no secret that my cynicism of the pharmaceutical industry began with the AIDS scandal- something just doesn’t add up.

        Anything to do with that little Fauci rodent should be questioned at all times of course.


        I can’t believe it’s Monkey pox season already. I still have my Ukraine decorations up.

  9. TenPin Terry

    I have to say there’s a raucous atmosphere in the beach bar as we watch the footy.
    Safe to say Liverpool are not the most popular team among neutral fans.
    I’m not sure booing the national anthem is a smart move.
    There’s always fierce rivalry/hate amongst our footy teams but whingeing unpatriotic Scousers seems to unite the opposition.
    The city of entitlement has scored an own goal.
    ( Truth be told the margaritas were rubbish so we’re horsing into Long Island Iced Teas.Bloomin’ Marvellous™)

  10. TenPin Terry

    I have to say there’s a raucous atmosphere in the beach bar as we watch the footy.
    Safe to say Liverpool are not the most popular team among neutral fans.
    I’m not sure booing the national anthem is a smart move.
    There’s always fierce rivalry/hate amongst our footy teams but whingeing unpatriotic Scousers seems to unite the opposition.
    The city of entitlement has scored an own goal.
    ( Truth be told the margaritas were rubbish so we’re horsing into Long Island Iced Teas.Bloomin’ Marvellous™)

  11. GiggidyGoo

    Oh no! The PoxedMonk hasn’t worked to put the frighteners on the masses, so it’s back to a new variant of Covid. These aren’t variants of interest, the bould soon-to-be-retired Holohan tells us, but variants of concern. Oh lordy me! Shut the country down! Good job we have all of those extra beds opened, and extra doctors, PPE, Roqu machines that are passed safe etc.

    Don’t forget we have had a total of 6 deaths in the over 65 population due solely to covid.

    1. bisted

      …get vaccinated just in case Giggser…like you did last time…take one for the team…

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