Gotta Catch Em All


This afternoon.

The multi-poked through the ages.

Via Vaccine Ireland Progress



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23 thoughts on “Gotta Catch Em All

    1. Kin

      And so it dose
      But the lies and half truths the Stalinist type behaviour of government was unconstitutional and no one will ever believe them again
      I was totally pro vaccine until I had covid and got tested for covid and positive
      This virus had exactly the same symptoms to a misters flu that was like hell reincarnated I had in December 2019
      I survived it and it was the worst flu I ever had it took me one week to do so with steroids to help me because I have emphysema to aid my breathing and no hospital
      So I will give the jab number 4 a skip and rely on my immune system plus the T Cells to work
      Chicken soup and whisky
      Now monkey pox maybe bananas

  1. Micko

    “…and John has diabetes”

    Ah, but does John have good diabetes or bad diabetes? ;-)

  2. SOQ

    If there is one thing all of this has revealed it is the power and influence Big Pharma has over not just medicine but also the media.

    There is absolutely NO justification for injecting healthy children with those concoctions- they are at very low risk of serious illness but the potential long term injuries are unknown- so why risk it?

    1. SailorGerry

      I can only think, evil, control, and profit as reasons to jab children with an “emergency use authorisation”, gene altering therapy, for a virus that 99.95% of children survive, unless they have co-morbidities.

    2. Obvious Troll 01

      Surely it’s because children are natural superspreaders, spewing germs and disease everywhere with every flail and thrash of their mucous-coated limbs?

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Dear Bring Back Normal

    We did, ages ago.



    ps: That BMJ article is sponsored, in part, by Janssen, Merck and Wellcome. Big Pharma, maaan!!!

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Were you castrated as a public safety measure? Is that why you’re obsessed?

        1. Kin

          Daisy Ireland has loads of prosthetic penises
          Unfortunately many work in the dail
          Personally I would not vote for them but they just keep winning the erections
          Many labour voters still want the heady days of dick spring winning the erection when labour ruled the waves

  4. K. Cavan

    There is no vaccine for any Coronavirus & there never will be. mRNA injections were often described as “experimental technology” but in fact they failed their trials, disastrously, way back in the 80s, they are a Failed Technology.
    The politicians & public servants who exposed their citizens to these dangerous & outdated technologies are reckless & incompetent bums & should all be sacked, without pensions.
    Big Pharma were protected from prosecution, so it was a no-brainer for them, they don’t give a damn about outcomes, they only exist to generate profits.
    The media, who lied through their teeth, spreading disinformation, misinformation & sometimes hilariously fake science, well, they’re on their last lap, anyway & good riddance, utter scum the lot of them.
    The social media companies, who censored scientists who spoke with honesty & expertise, should all end up in court & their ability to censor must be removed forever by legislation, they cannot be trusted with such power, ever again.
    The WHO operates as a neo-fascist, globalist political entity & simultaneously as a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Gates Foundation & should be declared a terrorist organisation, just like the political party it’s boss belongs to. He should already be behind bars, lowlife scum that he is, the sexual blackmail he was subject to, because of his own behaviour, is no excuse.
    None of this, except for the inevitable demise of the MSM, will come about, because we are no longer living within our short, post-War experiment with Liberal Democracy & are entering a new, neo-fascist system of Oligarchical Rule, which will focus on reducing the number of people on the planet & the amount of resources they are allowed to consume, while maintaining the one thing both humanity & the planet can actually no longer afford, the Billionaire Oligarchs, the most powerful & psychotic human beings in the entirety of human history.
    It will take a while to destroy the nations of the West but that destruction is now inevitable, the rest of the world will watch from afar, having used our insane war of aggression in Ukraine as an opportunity to distance themselves from our sickness & degeneracy.
    The Empire of Lies will keep lying to itself, until it’s no longer an empire but nobody else is listening to the sound of our civilization dying, they’re all too busy living.

    1. ANO

      I’m not a doctor so please don’t take this as medical advice but I really think that you need a five knuckle shuffle.

  5. SOQ

    This is your answer John? This is your answer to people who have commented on your site in good faith?

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