Tomorrow Belongs To Davos



This morning.

Davos, Switzerland.

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab says the “powerful community” assembled at Davos can change the world, adding:

“The future is being built by us.”

Seems reasonable.

Any excuse.

Davos updates: Corporate, government leaders schmooze (AP)

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21 thoughts on “Tomorrow Belongs To Davos

    1. U N M U T U A L

      Let see…

      Author of a dodgy manifesto✔️✔️
      Fist waving speech✔️✔️✔️

      Yep!, nuthin’ to see here… all totally kosher…

      1. Kin

        They tried that in the 1930s
        We see a very scary world where humanity is enslaved owns noting and serves the elite
        And I believe in a capatilist future but one that rewards those who work hard
        This vision at DAVOS is a mix of Stalin and hiitler
        God love our children
        Meanwhile a good old global war

      2. Horsethieving Dopesniffer

        Are you talking about Karl Marx?
        Friedrich Engels?
        Martin Luther?
        Because Adolf Hitler was Austrian, not German.

        1. Kin

          Pardon me mr smart bottom
          Yes he was Austrian and yes he was chancellor of Germany
          It was the troops of nazi Germany that invaded Europe
          The rest were philosophers and yes German who were in the forefront of socialism apart from
          Martin Luther who I believe was a monk
          China still celebrates the birthday of Marx a German Jew as he was the grandfather of what was Chinese communism and soviet communism

  1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    pity they don’t ask the world ( minions/great unwashed/breeders) their opinion

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        I whisper sweet nothings to my bacon I’ll have you know

      2. Kin

        Seems the elite forget the lesson the tzars learnt
        Hopefully one day people will wake up and smell the coffee

  2. Gavin

    You have to admit, the problems facing the world won’t be solved by countries going at it their own way, it’s going to take a collective effort to ensure we are all aligned for the common good, Whether you trust the WEF is another matter.

    1. Kin

      Unfortunately the elite are in control weather it be america China or even Russia
      Communist capatilist elite two sides of the same coin
      Such a pity europe colonised the new world with what now is a nation of morons

    1. jonjoker

      They are unelected and outside democratic control. They can divert more money into corporate pockets, and conspire to undermine democracy.
      The sort of world we live in is one with more and more powers being ceded to undemocratic bodies. The EU is one of these, the Commission is unelected, and not answerable to any electorate (although it can be sacked). It has huge powers, and keeps coming back for more.
      The WHO – another unelected body, and one funded mainly by private interests – is looking for powers to decide in relation to pandemics; once it has the powers, who is to say that the definition of “pandemic” doesn’t broaden to encompass the annual flu, for instance.
      NATO is another of these unelected bodies, with one member pretty much having control of the organisation.
      etc etc…

    2. Kin

      Each year Davos dictates to every leader in the world what to do and they do it
      We of course have to take it
      Davos created the world we have

  3. eamonn

    WEF, like a trade union for transnational, intergenerational wealth itself.
    “The future is being built by us.” oh, and pretty much for us too.
    Trust a major issue –
    Whenever you are told something is being done for your benefit – look twice, and check again.
    The love of wealth for wealth sake, what could possibly be the downside to that, I wonder.

    1. E'Matty

      Same team. It’s one big club and you ain’t in it. Indeed, none of us are. We’re in this together, whether you realise it or not.

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