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    1. Kin

      To change the subject
      Church in talks with insurance company over losses during pandemic
      I never thought a church is a business and if so a business is not a charity and if must pay it’s taxes
      I hope they they realise it’s now two years after the ruling that pubs that had infectious disease cover have been fighting over the compensation they were insured for under their business interruption cover and the courts are dragging this out
      My feeling is the insurance companies and government wants this dragged out hoping the pubs will all go bankrupt then the receivers will make a deal with the insurance companies for a fraction of what their insurance loss is and the government can then insured these vacant properties can be used to house people
      As we all know recent changes in planning for pubs especially is not change of use is needed before it can be converted
      Meanwhile enter the church

    1. Hughie Luas

      “The accused’s criminal record had previous 10 convictions under the Road Traffic Act, one for assault, three public order offences, four drugs charges, and possessing a weapon, failing to appear in court and criminal damage.”

      Taoiseach Seanad Nomination material for sure.

      1. Rob_G

        Right. And did FG send him round to people’s houses after this, and another 9 subsequent convictions (one of which involved a gun)? Or do you think maybe that the two situations are not quite analogous?

        1. Me So Harney

          Nit picking as per usual Rob..

          How about these for credentials..

          “A former Fine Gael town councillor who received the longest prison sentence for corruption ever handed down by the Irish courts has won his Supreme Court appeal over his conviction.”

          1. Rob_G

            well I’m not sure what is to be gained from such an activity, but do you really think that FG (or indeed any other party) would come off worse in a Top Trumps competition against SF, comparing crimes committed by their elected representatives?

  1. stephen moran

    But the pathological liar de Pfeffel was only double jobbing as Tesco’s new world beating sommelier to pay for the child maintenance costs of his uncontrollable (anything with a pulse and a hemline above the knee) trouser snake. A sub pound shop PM for a Frat House mother of all clusterfcuk parliaments.

    1. Kin

      Getting nasty?
      That started around 2016
      Had to laugh heard trying to access her losses comparing her earning potential to William shatner
      Mind you from day one her deification of Jonnie depp as she screwed him to the wall in that case in London becomes more apparent
      Maybe the key is comparing her self to William Shattner

  2. TenPin Terry

    As expected the shortage of tourist accommodation in Ireland this summer with hotels and AirBnBs filling up with Ukrainian refugees is beginning to bite.
    Around 1400 a week are still coming through Dublin airport.
    This together with some outrageous gouging on car rentals means it’s going to be a gnarly summer for tourists.
    Rip-off Ireland is back with a vengeance.


    1. Kin

      It would be pretty good for the government if tourists could avoid Ireland
      Make travelling here a nightmare
      3 hours waiting to get on a plane the cost to travel around unbearable so all these hotel rooms can be used to home refugees
      Ever. Wonder why nothing is being attempted in Ireland to tackle price gouging and the beauty of price gouging is that it has a knock on effect
      We have about another 150 thousand to take
      I am sure the EU has decided ireland is the perfect place to dump every migrant entering the EU

      We are an island surrounded by water
      A perfect spot to house them because we simply cannot have them wandering all ove mainland Europe and the bonus is that it’s a back door into mainland UK and that will really piss off the brits post brexit

      1. TenPin Terry

        A pal of mine was up in Dumpland for the Leinster-Munster game and said you couldn’t walk five yards without bumping into a Romanian.
        The next immigration figures for Ireland are going to be interesting …

        1. Hughie Luas

          Irish lad from Cork likes to pretend to be staunchly English because he thinks he’ll be noticed

          Everyone in Ireland knows the biggest source of immigration into Ireland: white people from the UK (the majority from the South of England). Time to return them back to outside of Europe.

          1. TenPin Terry

            Not sure Ireland could cope with the millions if Blighty was to reciprocate.
            Not that we would because our record of inclusive multi-culturalism is second to none.
            Ireland on the other hand has one of the worst records of racism towards black immigrants in the EU.

    2. Kin

      There you are tin man
      According to the narrative all Russian sportsmen and women singers artists sporting teams individuals goods all banned oligarchs banned oil gas even the space station banned but when it comes to tennis guess who is playing in the french open
      You got it good old Daniel Medived number two in the world
      Hypocrisy beyond belief
      Bet Nigel has a howler of an explination

  3. GiggidyGoo

    The excitement of a court case must be as big a turn on for a swindler as the swindling itself.

    1. scottser

      ‘if a man wants to try living his life without a pair of balls he just needs to get married’.

    2. Junkface

      I caught that over the weekend. Bill Maher is great! He’s representing a huge chunk of the population on the moderate left and right who know the facts, have the research and just want some common sense back before the Gender Borg screw up tens of thousands of kids lives permanently.

        1. Junkface

          I can’t take credit for that, it belongs to Dennis Kavanagh. He works for the Gay Men’s network. I saw him interviewed by Andrew Doyle on GB news.

      1. Nigel

        ‘the moderate left’

        Nothing moderate about joinng the far right and fundementalist Christian conservatives and the Republicans (but I repeat myself) in singling out trans people for attack.

        1. Junkface

          Did you watch the video? Hard to believe you did if that’s your response.

          “Everyone who doesn’t like my religion is a right wing Christian” – Nigel

          As an atheist, I’m not having any religions dude. Including your woke religion. Also, he clearly points to studies and data in that video, so now you are anti-science? Maybe you’re the right winger now Nigel?

          1. Nigel

            Did you read my comment? Hard to believe you did if that’s your response. I just noted who else shares your taste for this particular blood sport.

          2. NobleLocks

            I’ve been telling Nige that he’s right wing for ages. Unfortunately the Dunning-Kruger affect is strong with this one.

  4. f_lawless

    The US government spent $119 million of taxpayers money on moneypox vaccines at a time when “across the US all but the wealthiest Americans are despairing over the price of food, gas, and everyday necessities”. There was just one confirmed case when the deal was made.


    “The big losers? The people who continue to believe that our government officials are making smart, rational, science-based decisions that are in the best interest of our nation’s health.”

    Sounds familiar

  5. Gerry

    The mad thing about the BoJo pics is that they are from an event he wasn’t fined for!


    1. stephen moran

      de Pfeffel; Tesco’s soothsayer sommelier – they really must thing the serfs, peasants and subjects are even thicker and more contemptible than your average Daily Excrement “reader”

      “Grant Shapps (Schnapps) has bizarrely claimed Boris Johnson was “clearly not partying” when he raised fizz at a No10 party. Shapps says PM was in fact mourning his mum…despite the fact Charlotte Johnson Wahl died “suddenly” 10 months after the party happened”

  6. TenPin Terry

    I know you’re all on tenterhooks for the latest instalment of what I did on me holliers so a quick update.
    The fragrant Lady TenPin and I took to the hills for some walking on trails among the pine trees.
    At one point she took a slight stumble so I quickly fashioned a tree branch into a shepherd’s staff – Ray Mears would have approved.
    We lunched at a delightful restaurant overlooking the sea – nothing fancy just a Caesar salad, some grilled prawns and a carafe of local village wine that was a bit sharp and needed ice cubes to soften up.
    We then dropped down and took a walk through a military cemetery for Allied troops that had fallen during the Second World War.
    Quite sobering to see all those young lives lost in defence of the liberty we enjoy today particularly with events in Ukraine uppermost of our minds.
    We’re back at the hotel now resting up before the evening’s revelries and all that walking and fresh clean air has given me a massive appetite for a steak cooked over charcoal with a stonking 14% vino collapso.
    And I know just the place.
    More to follow if you can contain your excitement.

    1. TenPin Terry

      Dinner tonight was again excellent.
      Didn’t horse into the steak after all but went for the mushrooms stuffed with caramelized onions and a cheese sauce, squid stuffed with peppers, cheese and bacon and a divine local sea bream with rice.
      Stonking 13.5% Barolo as advertised earlier.
      Panacotta with espresso and a JD and Amaretto for a nightcap.
      €70 all in.
      I shall sleep well tonight.

  7. Fearganainm

    Murder charge barrister Diarmuid Rossa Phelan’s solicitors granted permission to speak to eyewitnesses:


    “…Michael O’Higgins SC, for Mr Phelan, said there had been five people present when the “spontaneous incident” occurred last February. Four of the individuals were foreign nationals and working as part of a student placement scheme on Mr Phelan’s farm when the shooting took place, counsel explained. Mr O’Higgins told Mr Justice Birmingham, who was sitting with Mr Justice John Edwards and Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy, that the students had since returned to their home countries. Any interviews by the defence team would be carried out remotely, using Zoom or a similar technology, and would be recorded, he explained. He also informed the court that a suggestion from the State that a member of An Garda Síochána must be present during the interviews was “completely unacceptable” to his client…”

      1. TenPin Terry

        And we send you all our potatoes too.

        ( Btw, there’s no such potato variety as Queens – only British Queens.You poor things )

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Nope. They are British Queen potatoes. Not British Queens.
          And it was a type bred by a Scotsman.
          Do try keep up.

          Isn’t it great that the spuds imported from the UK are mostly of a quality suitable only for sale to chippers, and that we support uk farmers so much?

          1. TenPin Terry

            You do know that Scotland is part of Great Britain ?
            Actually I doubt you even know your arse from your elbow.

  8. TenPin Terry

    As well as tremendous fun in the sun the holliers are a great time for copious amounts of reading.
    My favourite book so far this time was picked up for a euro in a charity shop – Stephen Fry in America.
    Generally I loath the smugeratti but I make an exception with Fry – he’s self-effacing, takes the Jimmy Riddle out of himself and possesses a filthy sense of humour replete with double entendres.
    His book is based on his TV series of the same name and each chapter is a bite-sized look at every US state.
    Each page throws up an interesting nugget – I learned today that hookers who work truck stops are called Lot Lizards and two American states are perfect rectangles.
    Filth and fact.
    I like it.
    Highly recommended.

  9. Fearganainm

    Northern Ireland Census results 2022 reveals new data on local population


    “Northern Ireland’s population has reached its highest ever level – at 1.903 million….Figures show that, as per much publicised trends, the number of older people is increasing – a factor which health service planners say will add increasing strain to already stretched services. The Census figures show that the number of people aged 65 or more rose by over 60,000 to nearly one-third of a million people – a near 25 per cent increase on 2011. In contrast, the report shows, and in line with the recent falling birth rate, the number of young children (aged 0 to 4) decreased by nine per cent from the last Census. Statistical experts believe that the number of people over 65 could increase to a figure larger than the number of people aged under 15 in the coming years – as soon as 2026 or 2027…”

  10. Fearganainm

    14 students, 1 teacher dead after shooting at Texas elementary school:


    “Fourteen students and a teacher are dead after a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, according to Gov. Greg Abbott. The 18-year-old suspect, a student at Uvalde High School, is also dead, he said. “He shot and killed horrifically and incomprehensibly 14 students and killed a teacher,” Abbott said during an unrelated press briefing. The suspect also allegedly shot his grandmother before entering the school and again opening fire, Abbott said. He did not say anything further about her condition. Abbott said the shooter — identified by law enforcement sources and the governor as Salvador Ramos — had a handgun and also possibly a rifle…”

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