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The first cases of a new Covid-19 variant of concern have been detected in the Republic.

Two cases of BA.4, a sublineage of the currently dominant Omicron Covid-19 variant, were detected earlier this month, according to chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan.

…Dr Holohan says the two strains have a growth advantage most likely because they can evade immunity provided by prior infection and vaccination, particularly as this wanes over time.

Covid: New variant of concern detected in Republic  (Paul Cullen, Irish Times)

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11 thoughts on “Ad Booster

  1. Sara

    Look at all the commentators on BS who haven’t got vaccinated. I think that at a deeper level they haven’t got vaccinated because they believe themselves to be people not worth saving. They believe themselves to be trash. It could be a self-esteem issue. That would also account for all the attention-seeking hysteria they generally display.

  2. Zaccone

    If people are getting a 4th shot now they’ll presumably also need another shot, a fifth, when flu season/winter actually kicks off in October…

    At what point is this going to stop I wonder. 10th shot? 20th?

    1. Nigel

      How many annual flu shots have there been? It’s hardly much different from that, once the initial fuss, admittedly massive, has died down.

      1. Zaccone

        “its hardly much different” – yeah, just about 300% more shots per year per person?

        Single annual flu shots that most of the population outside of vulnerable OAPs doesn’t bother with are a bit different from 3 vaccine shots a year being pushed on the entire population.

    2. Kin

      I am giving my 4th a skip
      When I eventually got covid 19 a few weeks ago it was pretty mild but identical e to the flu I got December 2019 3 months before the so called pandemic hit Ireland
      All I needed were steroids for my lungs
      No vaccine then

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