10 thoughts on “Any Questions?

  1. Nigel

    Is this like if Joe Biden is the bad cop, then that means that Putin is the good cop and the invasion of Ukraine agenda is a good thing? Or does this fake oppositional narrative actually reflect the viewer’s own entrenched binary worldview and can only accept things that break that binary as a calculatedly manipulative media strategy?

    1. Kin

      Problem Nigel is Biden is hell bent on a war in Europe and a war in the Far East
      Maybe Kim might just fire a missile off or two targeting the USA then the USA and it’s people realise what war brings
      The suffering the injustice and the poverty
      Hopefully if WW3 breaks out the Russians will target the USA instead of europe with their missiles and long range bombers and submarines and believe me they will have a fifty foot fence around their government building instead of the eight foot fence they erected after the so called insurrections by a bunch of yokels and red necks

      1. Nigel

        Problem is Kin, he isn’t hell bent on war anywhere. Not that he’s a dove, but there’s no indication he’s the raving hawk you make him out to be to absolve Putin of the war he started, for some reason.

        1. Kin

          Listen to him on the news threatening China
          Sure we had that before in Ukraine
          Fact is the USA always thrived with wars
          The Second World War built their empire their wealth their power and before that WW1 selling arms to both sides

  2. Broadbag

    This is too advanced, can we do the A,B,Cs first?

    Then we can move on to Chicken Licken, the sky is falling in.

    1. Kin

      Actually the two nations with nearly the most bomb shelters in the world per head of population is Sweden and Finland
      Who want to join nato
      Seems chicken licken could be Swedish or Finnish
      As for the USA apparently all the nuclear war luxury bunker trade is thriving with bunkers at a snip $5.4 million in Kansas and Las Vegas complete with dog walking areas
      A beauty in Germany with underground garden near on an acre in size with a computer generated sky with all sorts of settings like rain snow clouds etc no doubt with sensory smells to remind you of life on the surface
      Maybe 3D holograms of cows and sheep to give you the farming experience

  3. Fergalito

    This is predicated on the basis that people are stupid and can’t think for themselves and of course spend way too much online than is good for them. I guess when your audience tick these boxes then you can do anything you like to manipulate them because of course some people are stupid – perhaps febrile might be more magnanimous – can’t think for themselves while thinking they can and definitely spend way too much in line which might help with the stupidity, can’t think, think-they-think bit.

    1. jonjoker

      During Covid, it came out that around 30% of the population will believe whatever they are told by the “authorities”. Another 30% will question matters; and the remainder will go along with whatever causes them least hassle – which very often means acquiescing to what the authorities propose.

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