Love Island


This morning.

Good Morning Britain on ITV.

Richard Madeley to Sinn Féin, President Mary Lou McDonald:

“How long before we have a united Ireland?”


Shaughna Phillips?

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13 thoughts on “Love Island

  1. Hughie Luas

    Gwan Mary Lou! Stick it to the Brits!

    Shaunagh? Is that the place near Shankill?

  2. Nilbert

    In fairness, she’s very reasoned and eloquent.
    Such a contrast to the raving doom-politik of the DUP and the blithering ramblings of Boris.

      1. Kin

        Within hour’s of Sinn Fein winning every last red cent of anything that was not locked down would be leaving the country and never mind the money tree a massive Cyprus pine money tree would be needed to achieve the political version of the late late shows one for everyone in the audience
        Sadly the EU and the real power in the world would make plans for it to be the shortest government Ireland would of ever had
        But dream on We are like it or not part of the forth reich and they tell us exactly what they want and we say yes sir
        Them of course the unionist thugs would be down here bombing the poo out of us

    1. Kin

      But nilbert SF mirrors the DUP
      it just depends on what side you are on
      Just before the latest usual predictable empass low and behold thousands of Irish Gaelic language speakers take to the streets regarding the Irish language and the act to make it like in the republic
      I wonder will Scot’s Irish be given the same support and of course the money to put Scot’s Irish everywhere on signs to documents
      These languages are of no use in the world as they are dead and incomplete if truth be told and the money spent on the health of the nation and both are divisive depending on which part of the community you are from
      The north still is sectarian as ever and the controlling political system just is as hateful as before
      A great saying that sums up Ireland
      From doctor tiida herriman kidnapped by the IRA decades ago
      Ireland is a nation living in the past with its backs to the future
      Until attitudes change by those who pertain to represent us
      There will be no United Ireland and still the bitterness hatred and division
      Ireland has suffered from decades of this mentality and
      Ireland has to become a nation of people living in the present with their faces to the future

  3. AC

    Peaceful transition? Yikes. Maybe this is why Ireland politicians wants us to invest in an Irish army, not to be ready for Russia but what could come from this. Another one for the pile of potential disasters facing us all, pandemic, WW3, financial crash as bad as the depression, food insecurity, drought, worldwide political instability and now a potential civil war. Think it would be a good time to reset after all that and start again. CBDC would be a good starting point.

  4. stephen moran

    It’s amazing how these presenters know the square root of diddly squat about their “own” country – conflating Ulster with Northern Ireland is straight out of the Dom Raab (our man in Calais) school of cartography – now while I’m sure the good folks of Cavan, Monaghan & Donegal would enjoy having a dual franchise I can’t see the Northern Taliban being as keen.

    1. Cian

      There was two of them at it, MLMD called it the “northern Irish state” (and she even did air quotes).

  5. max

    Dont know why they are pushing for a united ireland vote, the unaligned are likely to vote for the lowest tax state which is the uk

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