Two For The Price Of Two


Staying in  tonight?

Taoiseach Micheal Martin travels to Davos, Switzerland to participate in a World Economic Forum panel discussion on European unity at 9pm Irish time.

Top of the world, Ma.

Watch live here



This morning.

Davos, Switzerland.


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15 thoughts on “Two For The Price Of Two

        1. K.Cavan

          Well, he has invested a lot of money into waging war on Europe, so he’ll probably be upset if someone destroys it before he’s finished the job.

    1. K.Cavan

      Look, he’s pulling out all the stops. Stops have needed pulling for some time & Varadker is doing us all a favour by pulling them. Nobody can build enough houses to accommodate all the immigrants, never mind the Irish, if there’s unpulled stops everywhere. Soon as all the stops are pulled, he can roll up his sleeves, put his thinking cap on & prepare to leave no stone unturned.

  1. Kin

    Mehole is getting his orders
    As for Leo sure willing to accept loss of revenue
    He really has no choice
    Just wait until the level playing field and these locusts that located here for tax reasons start realising the cost of doing business really dose outweigh the tax savings of tax avoidance
    150 thousand +more refugees to arrive and not one hotel bed for a TD in the country

  2. Junkface

    Leo makes me furious. Him and his party have created the housing crisis through negligence, and corruption. Why would they sell everything away to vulture funds? Brown envelopes and a pat on the head from USA and Canada’s biggest VF’s.

    1. K.Cavan

      Sorry, Junkface, there is no corruption & even less negligence involved, it’s utterly deliberate. You Will Own Nothing.

  3. SailorGerry

    Wait till we get our individual carbon credit score linked to our CBDC.

    Of course when the Davos crowd fly their private jets, which are carbon tax exempt, and fuel their mega yachts, with tax free fuel, which are carbon tax exempt, they will be ok.

    If there really was a CO2 emergency, maybe reigning in the US military industrial complex which is just a death machine and wastes enormous resources might be an idea?

    I need to walk or cycle to work, and taxed out the yazoo on my one family car, but private jets are essential?

    It is a Canard, we are being openly mocked, they are peeing on my shoes and telling me it is raining.

  4. SailorGerry

    I can only imagine that Forbes did not exaggerate, and possibly down played the energy used by the MIC.

    After all they are not going to count the oil stolen from Iraq or Syria in their tally.

    Burn pits in Iraq causing injury to US vets, depleted uranium rounds poisoning the water table, sure they really care about the planet.

    It is a scam.

  5. toby 32

    O would say Ireland will be the holding camp for all migrants trying to get into ,mainland Europe and the plus is it will really get up Boris Johnson nose
    Lets face it surrounded by water that’s a win win
    And boy we could hold millions

  6. Amsterdamaged

    I wonder… Does Leo pluck his own eyebrows or does he pay someone else to do it? I hope we don’t end up with the bill as we did with Bertie’s makeup! Leo always has a “shocked and surprised” look nowadays :)

    1. K.Cavan

      That’s only since he’s been told he has to hand over to McEntee, as she’s been chosen to be our first McEntaoiseach. He’s probably going to have to be accommodated with an EU job & he did wobble quite seriously during The Fake Pandemic, when his medical background kept nagging at him when forced to utter increasingly outlandish, unscientific guff to keep Big Pharma happy. He may end up as the Commissioner for Patent Leather or some similarly crappy gig.

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