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…via Lawyers for Justice

In response to a Parliamentary Question Number 397 raised by Roisin Shortall TD on 10th March 2022, the Minister for Health in Written Answer states that “Ireland supports the WHO led process to negotiate a binding legal instrument on pandemic preparedness and response”.

The Irish People have not been asked to vote by Referendum on the question of whether they ‘support’ a ‘binding legal instrument on pandemic preparedness and response’ under Article 19 (Treaty) or Article 21 (Regulation) of the WHO Constitution.

The Minister for Health and Official delegates (to date the delegates have not been published) to the WHA from the Department of Health (‘Official delegates’) should make clear to the INB that Ireland can only agree to an Article 23 (Recommendation) agreement in the absence of a People’s Referendum under Article 6 of the Irish Constitution.

The people must demand that the Minister for Health and Official delegates notify the INB by formal record, prior to its second meeting, that Ireland CANNOT agree to a WHO measure (i.e. a legally binding treaty) without holding a People’s Referendum.

Petition here

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38 thoughts on “Up Your Swiss [Updated]

    1. E'Matty

      It hands legal authority to an unelected international body that would take precedence over the Irish legislature and executive. It needs a referendum just like our engagement with the EC and EU required referendums. The executive does not have the right to simply hand control of the country over to a private organisation.

      1. Sara

        But that’s not repugnant to any article of the Irish Constitution. We hand over competency regularly, i.e. by signing treaties. This is very basic stuff. A challenge on the grounds proposed wouldn’t even get a hearing in the Supreme Court.

        1. Rob_G

          Careful Sara, e’matty has done internet research, his well-honed legal mind is more than a match for an open top bus full of attorneys general.

          1. Ian - oG

            I see ‘lawyers for justice’ (great name by the way, like chefs for hunger or drivers for transport) is just a facebook page so no, I didn’t sign it.

            I try not to associate with far right scumbags.

        2. freewheeling

          Just like Crotty’s challenge to the EU treaties didn’t get a hearing in the Supreme Court (or result in referendums)?

          I think, Sara, you just don’t want a hearing or referendum.

          1. Sara

            I mean you’re welcome to ask for a hearing. But good luck. Crotty knew what he was doing, and had solid grounds for taking the cases he took. But if anyone took a case on this they’d be told to go back to playschool.

        3. E'Matty

          Art 28 of the Constitution provides that the executive power of the State shall be exercised by or on the authority of the government. This treaty simply hands executive power in a time of supposed emergency to a completely unelected private organisation with no democratic accountability. It’s scope is so broad this private organisation can, at its own discretion, declare such an emergency with no right of reply or challenge, and can then impose on our citizens legal requirements. This is a complete destruction of any sense of democratic rule or accountability. It is in its very essence unconstitutional. Were the WHO to mandate vaccines, they would be directly infringing on our Constitutional rights with no means for an Irish citizen to challenge. Your right to travel could be obliterated at the stroke of a pen

          International laws that take precedence over our national laws all had to come on foot of treaties voted for in a referendum by the Irish people, hence the Lisbon rerun.

          1. Sara

            Ok, I’m going to take it that you’re sincere, and not trolling me. The Supreme Court has never upheld any challenge on the grounds of Article 28 in relation to the State making voluntary treaties or agreements that are not repugnant to the Irish Constitution. Your use of ‘private organization’ is not recognized in Irish law. Ireland’s relationship with the UN is not a relationship with a ‘private organization’. Irish law recognizes the UN as a legitimate and contracting intergovernmental organization. But again, you’re welcome to hire some people to take a case on the grounds you’ve stated. I just don’t think you’d get a SC hearing, they wouldn’t even consider it.

          2. E'Matty

            Fair enough. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. In Crotty v An Taoiseach the state was found not to be able to ratify the Single European Act without a change to the Constitution which resulted in the tenth amendment to the Constitution which provided the state the ability to ratify that treaty only. The requirement for the amendment was based on the fact the the SEA would bind the State to concede part of its sovereignty in a manner not permitted by the Constitution. Similarly, it could be argued this attempt to handover binding legal authority to the WHO, an unelected privately controlled body, would involve the ceding of sovereign executive power in a time of crisis. As stated already, the scope is so broad it is an effective handing over of sovereignty on the basis of a declaration by this private body of an “emergency”. The private body has sole discretion to decide what Constitutes an emergency.

            It is on a par with the government deciding to give a private bank the legal power to impose on Irish citizens legally binding laws and regulations in the event of a bank declared emergency.

            If the executive have power you think they do, why did they bother go through the hassle of the Nice and Lisbon referenda, when they could simply have signed up without one?

            The WHO is not the UN, which at least has a semblance of democratic accountability so not sure why you compare a fully private entity such as the WHO to the nation state collaborative effort that the UN entails.

          3. Sara

            WHO is a UN entity. It operates under UN control. It cannot do anything independent of the UN.

      2. Kin

        So doctor death says the legally binding international treaty?
        So to force people is going to be the law?
        What Orwellian world dose he think we must live in
        A Gilead world of the founding fathers
        I would rather live under Kim in North Korea
        At least he he is less of a dictator than tedros
        Who would of imagined that the USA that the USA under Biden would have a barrier between the people and Capitol Hill and the right to have abortion removed by the Supreme Court
        A militarised police force and WW3 on the way and big brother sat in the White House

    2. Kin

      But it dose if made compulsory
      Much like our constitution
      But hey just because we have not one with balls in our government it dose not mean the Irish will like sheep do what they are told
      I am pro vac but now I am against anything that brings us to an American Gilead or George Orwell’s dystopian 1984 or animal farm which is the state of our political system

      Anything that stops bar violence the March of this great reset has my vote

      Ever watch elysium
      Every day that becomes more of a reality
      Meanwhile the war in Oceania rages as the Iron curtain slams shut

  1. freewheeling

    In an undemocratic society where people do not get a say, where their politicians ignore them, or sell them out to a higher power, civil disobedience becomes the only way their voice can be heard. So, we are heading for a more fragmented and contentious period in social history.
    Meanwhile, enjoy having to log your WHO-mandated moneypox vaccine injection on your WHO-passport in order to leave (or return) to your country.

    1. Rob_G

      In an undemocratic society where people do not get a say, where their politicians ignore them

      6,700 signatures on a petition that has been online for more than two months… Tbh I’m not sure you understand the principles of democracy there, chief

      1. freewheeling

        Yeah, coz’ that petition link was up on RTE news, right? Most don’t even know it’s going on. They’ll only know about it when they get locked down again, and told next time it’s due to our “international treaty obligations” (to the communo-pharma complex)

      2. Kin

        Rob g
        Just look at democracy at play
        The national maternity hospital handed to the ownership of a religious order lockdowns banned from attending your loved ones funeral etc etc
        All that will happen is the petition will be thrown in a bin a few words said and government do exactly what they want then we all have our tantrum then the next crises comes along
        Sure you can scream and shout but no one is listening in the corridors of power

    2. Kin

      I am 68 and never before have I seen the world in such a place slipping into oblivion
      One thing they have not realised is that our leaders are expendable
      Anyway at the end of the day
      People can survive without travelling outside this country
      And if people stopped flying out of Ireland our whole airline industry would collapse
      So it’s pretty easy really
      Every one refuse to get on a plane
      Yesterday on the radio Dublin airport was lambasted
      Who wants to spend 3.5 hours sitting around an airport waiting to get on a flight only to have to wait another maybe hour on the runway in a sealed can breathing everyone’s germs before the flight takes off
      Anywhere if no one flies the climate can have a break

      It’s up to us to stop the elite in their little plan at DAVOS by simply not doing what they want

    3. Kin

      I would be very wary of taking another vaccine that has not been developed to cope with a new mutated strain
      Has there been tests to see if this vaccine works on this new strain or is it a case of throwing anything at it
      Let’s face it we have T cells that are used by the body to fight disease
      Did you know every generation has T cells designed by our bodies to fight every disease through our evolution
      Even bubonic plague
      So we have had 3vaccine boosters and if we need 10 20 30 40 50 60 then what’s the point
      I think what’s better is a pill we can just take when we decide enough is enough and let’s leave it at that rather than being bled to death by the medical profession
      There is no dignity in dying just pain and suffering

    4. Kin

      It’s pretty scary that possibly we have a president that refuses to uphold the constitution
      It’s fine to have a constitution but a constitution is only a piece of paper and if it’s being violated it’s not worth the piece of paper it’s written on
      I doubt the world is Democratic
      It’s just an illusion in reality as governments trample on the people and treat constitution as a piece of muck on their shoes
      Just look if you rock the boat in Russia like Navanly
      But when you rock the boat like Julian Assange in the USA ?

      1. ce

        “Civil Disobedience”… I hope you achieve this by releasing monkey to terrorize the populace with the their monkey pox…

      2. Kin

        Liam an old saying
        You can take a horse to the water but you cannot make it drink
        Wars are fought by human beings
        If no one wants to fight then we have no wars
        Everything depends on compliance
        Everything works as a legal contract
        Ever wonder why you get issued a receipt when you buy something
        It’s a record of an agreed transaction you pay for what you bought
        It’s a copy of that legal contract between you and the shop
        Did you know if you are made bankrupt you must sign the order that you agreed to be bankrupt
        If you refuse the bankruptcy cannot be legal so they make you contempt of court
        You go to prison and if you refuse to purge your contempt then what
        Remember the guy from Kerry who refused to accept bankruptcy
        He went to prison and he held on then they released him as it cost thousands to keep him in prison
        He won as the millions he owed were never repaid and he was released a non bankrupt individual
        Moral of the story just do not do what they want and if enough do this
        Where do they house them ?

  2. SailorGerry

    Petition signed and contribution made.

    The WHO should be scrapped not encouraged.

    1. Kin

      Sail on sailor
      The WHO failed in detecting covid 19 and preventing it getting out of China
      It’s also failed in monkey pox
      It’s time it was disbanded and the headquarters sold off
      If anything a replacement established that has clout to immediately identify the country that is about to export these new viruses
      A good start would be take all viral and drug research away from pharma
      And ceasing anymore encroachments into the rain Forrest’s
      Evidently monkey virus is atheist latest one
      And there is a whole host of them waiting to emerge
      And of course if they research the Origen of covid 19 there is proof that that virus is linked to an outbreak from miners in mojiang in a cave infested in bats in the south central Yunnan Provence in China
      The Samples were brought to the virus research lab in wuhan from miners infected in 2012
      It’s the most logical explanation that is being ignored
      But no one is actually trying to get to the bottom of it as the whole west is too dependent on China

  3. K. Cavan

    What this “treaty” represents is the right of the Oligarchs who control & finance The WHO to commit genocide & that is exactly what they plan to do. It will be a clean, orderly, modern
    genocide, done by degrees, delivered by syringe. When have Pandemics been a serious threat to our health? In fact, there has never been a Global Pandemic, not a single one, ever.
    Even the Covid-19 Fake Pandemic had virtually no effect on the vast majority of the planet, it merely, mysteriously, impacted those living under the increasingly autocratic former Liberal Democracies of The West, the vast majority of the population of the planet continued with no masks, no distancing, no lockdowns & most importantly, no Fake Vaccines. The last epidemic was over a century ago, yet suddenly an unprecedented international treaty is required, defying democratic principles, human & civil rights & violating the Nuremberg Treaty? I’m sure no-one is stupid enough to actually see this as anything to do with Health, it’s about Death, the death of our democracies & the death of ourselves, our families, loved ones, friends & neighbours. The perverted sociological pressure not to breed hasn’t been enough, the citizens of the West, the ones least likely to produce excessive amounts of offspring & “overpopulate the planet” have been chosen for sacrifice on the altar of Malthusian Eugenics, simply because we are so easily-controlled, manipulated & dictated to.
    I don’t give a damn whether this treaty requires a Referendum or not, it’s “My Body, My Choice”, no exceptions, no excuses. I did not assign my bodily integrity to the State, it is not theirs to give away, under any circumstances. Mandated medical treatment is a Criminal Act, nobody needs to be forced to undergo life-saving medical treatment, the idea is absurd & could only be entertained by a fanatic, a lunatic or a fascist.
    People can die fighting or at the end of a syringe, my decision is already made & anyone who thinks “oh, it won’t come to that” or that I’m being melodramatic is idiotically naive, it will come to that, they did not go to all the trouble of creating a Fake Pandemic, toxic fake vaccines, the entire technocratic digital surveillance system that the EU will roll out in July, just to shut it all back down again.
    This is a one-way journey for all of us, nobody gets out of here alive but if you can’t stand up for the right to live out your natural lifespan in peace & health, life itself has been wasted on you.

    1. Sara

      WHO have done some great work on brain damage and ex-boxers. You should be thanking them.

  4. Kin

    WHO did everything but what they are paid for to do
    Fact is while this covid pandemic was raging they refused to go in and the. Warn every country of what was coming
    Time they were disbanded and an authority fit for purpose was established
    The rest just looses their jobs and can apply for a new one provided they have a proven track record
    Time all vaccine and drug research is removed from big pharma and the new body tasked with that job
    I am sure we might just see a cure for cancer then

    1. Kin

      No they are referring to an insignificant rival to Biden so no one has heard of him so they say who
      What else from a nation of morons

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