70 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Papers

      1. stephen moran

        Trump spoke of Third World s- h- i- t Holes, well he only has to visit present day Texas or Oklahoma. The GOP is no better than the Afghan Taliban when it comes to women’s rights. If JC actually came back today he’d nail most of the GOP & all those hate filled white evangelicals to the nearest available tree .

        1. K.Cavan

          That’s right, stephen, The Taliban love women’s rights. What a clown you are, funny but frightening.

          1. stephen moran

            You’d get the wrong end of the stick if you were playing hurling wouldn’t you.
            The is no such thing as a pro-life Republican – they are all pondlife with children’s blood on their hands – I thought you were some sort of faux libertarian ? So you approve of laws controlling 100% what a women can do with her body ? I’ve a Burqa for you boy but I say your well used to wearing hooded garments at your shindigs – Sieg Heil – Vive l’Ukraine Libre from the bastardized fascist Russian hordes – the KKK took my baby away.

    1. Fearganainm

      Uvalde, Texas elementary school shooting: 20 dead, including 18 kids:


      “Twenty people are dead, including 18 children, one teacher, and the suspected gunman following a report of an “active shooter” at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, Governor Greg Abbott reported. The deceased children are said to be 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders, approximately 7, 8 and 9-year-olds…”

          1. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

            May be time to ponder how many traits and opinions you share with the gunman, Cop on to yourself.

          2. Fearganainm

            “Did someone order more wallpaper?”

            Not for you – you’ve already been pasted enough.

      1. Junkface

        21 people dead. My God! This is appalling. They have to make their gun laws more strict and enforce them federally. Texas is too crazy with their gun laws, no BG checks. Stop praying about it and do something!

      2. Kin

        And the USA is the only democracy in the world that has enshrined into its constitution the right to bear arms and against its own democratically elected government
        Meanwhile the killing continues

        I often wonder why europe colonised the new world with morons

    1. K.Cavan

      Thing is, flawless, she’s been promised the top job, during her recent visit to Brussels, if she just dials up the technocratic totalitarianism. She’ll be our first Birthing Person, Chest Feeding, Taoiseach, with a Uterus, what a great moment for Freedom & Equality, well, Equality, anyway.

    2. benblack

      f_lawless, I find your comments a little bit too balanced.

      Wilful stupidity should never enter the equation.


    3. stephen moran

      if you want to see real totalitarian fascism live in action then do some reportage on the s h i t h o l e s you’re such a fanboy defender of here – odd how you never post about the daily atrocities committed against the Uyghurs or the peoples of Myanmar, North Korea etc. etc. and of course BS pet project fascist neo-Czarist Russia

      1. TenPin Terry

        The Uyghurs wear some interesting hats.
        Would you call them ragheads as you did all Muslims you racist bigot ?

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Not again. Not the ‘Cork Docklands’ regeneration? Must be and election on the way.

  2. TenPin Terry

    A quiet day by the pool is planned after yesterday’s energetic endeavours.
    A perfect way to miss the Boris-fest.
    Indeed, you could say a sunny day instead of a Gray day.


      1. Ian - oG

        Imagine going on holidays and at 9 (or 10 depending) in the morning going onto an Irish website when you are supposedly not even Irish to comment and making up, as of this post, 1/6th of all comments?

        When I go on holidays I barely look at my phone, far too busy actually enjoying my holiday with my family to bother.

  3. stephen moran

    Interesting to read Kellyanne “alternative facts” Conway in her memoir “Here’s the Deal” just published concedes that Trump lost resoundingly, that she told him so and it was sycophants who helped perpetuate this big steal falsehood – aided and abetted by counter factual sites like this of course all over the world

  4. TenPin Terry

    Just in case Beret Boy™ News Service doesn’t keep you updated.

    ‘ Irishman arrested in Brazil for drug trafficking after police seize ‘bricks of cocaine ‘

    Several credit and airline cards were also found in the suspect’s wallet, “as well as the amount of 30 euros and 65 British pounds”.

    No big time Charlie …


  5. stephen moran

    Re theTexas school shooting : How long before we get our first “false flag” item on bs ?

    1. Ian - oG

      Already started.

      But not going to give it any oxygen by linking to it.

      Suffice to say Bodger would most definitely approve of the theories as they fit the ones he gets from his brain bees.

    2. f_lawless

      Not even 24 hours have passed and you’re already using the incident as a vehicle for one upmansip games in the comment sections? My advice would be spend less time online, go out into the real world and seek out healthier, more fulfilling ways of interacting with people.

    3. Nigel

      Some fine examples of humanity have linked the shooting to a completely innocent and unconnected trans person, so there’s that.

      1. Fearganainm

        Unsurprisingly that began on 4chan, very soon after the murderer’s name was released. Within an hour there were hundreds and hundreds of posts in multiple languages going viral, targeting the uninvolved person you’re referring to.

  6. TenPin Terry

    More news from those magnificent men in their flying machines at the Irish Air Corps.
    A British aircraft had to be brought in as air support for an RNLI rescue 35 miles off Achill Head.
    A Defence Forces spokesman said ” Jaysus has someting been happening boi as we know nuttin’ about it and anyway de lads were home having their dinner wit’ mammy like. ”


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