Speaking Our Language


From top: Irish language rights demonstration in Belfast city centre last Saturday: Brandon lewis, UK’s Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

This morning.

Via The Guardian:

Brandon Lewis, the secretary of state for Northern Ireland, is to introduce the identity and language (Northern Ireland) bill at Westminster to recognise and protect Irish and foster Ulster Scots.

It will give the Irish language official status, allow the use of Irish in courts, create two commissioners plus an office of identity and cultural expression and provide £4m to An Ciste Infheistíochta Gaeilge, an Irish language investment fund. “This bill represents a significant milestone in laying down a new cultural framework,” Lewis said.

Irish language activists welcomed the legislation and urged swift implementation. “That is now the immediate litmus test for the British government. Having legislation is one thing, acting on it is the real test,”

Conchúr Ó Muadaigh, of the Conradh na Gaeilge language group, told the BBC. “Without that immediate action this legislation won’t be worth the paper it is written on.”

‘It can’t be sidelined’: bill aims to give Irish official status in Northern Ireland (The Guardian)


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11 thoughts on “Speaking Our Language

  1. bisted

    …at the stroke of a pen the tory Sec of State, Brandon Lewis, has enacted Irish language legislation and extended British abortion laws to NI…why do I smell a rat?

    1. Cú Chulainn

      A rat for sure.. now the Unionist majority is gone are we looking at direct rule from London? And/or direct rule as a method to force the Unionists into a united Ireland..? We might never be sure, but, the Brits are at it again..

  2. Dave

    This is what happens when Jeffery won’t take the seats in stormont , direct rule !!!

  3. Kin

    Ah well bisted provided both gaelics are included it’s a win win
    Me mammy was a Scot and me granny was a proud Scot
    A Robertson from the Isle of Arran
    When she was sixty I told her because she was 14000 to the thrown of Scotland I would put a hit on all those above her
    Then she would be queen of Scotland
    She chuckled at a 10 year old boy

    1. bisted

      …back over forty years ago I spent several hours in the company of a gentle giant policeman from Oban…speaking freely in Donegal Irish and Gaelic…

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