Terminal 2: Fight’s On Time


Ah here.

Dublin Airport.



Another angle.



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45 thoughts on “Terminal 2: Fight’s On Time

  1. Mr .T

    Its just their culture boss

    Stamping on the heads of bystanders, shur its the systems fault

    1. Kin

      Point is gardai will not deal with order
      Maybe trying to prove a point to encourage the nation to arm them
      Fact is Security must be sacked and the police authority made accountable for not ensuring the place is safe
      From arms and bombs not being detected to waiting time totally unacceptable to leaving cork airport and Shannon near ghost terminals those in control should be jailed
      But they strut around with degrees coming out of where the sun dose not shine using gobble gook but cannot run an airport
      Maybe just close them or reduce the number of flights until
      They get their act togeather
      Meanwhile transfer the flights to Shannon and cork

      1. Kin

        Course they do but if the facility is not fit for purpose shut it down
        Anyway cutting down air travel will save on the climate change
        Time the major airlines were forced to utilise both cork Kerry Shannon and knock
        We spent billions on terminal two and look at the mess
        If they cannot get the security then the persons running the airport are removed and someone who can dose the job
        It’s now regarded as one of the worst in the world and if truth be told these scumbags most probably behaved due to intoxication frustration 3.5 fecking hours to get on a flight would drive the pope to the taliban
        And the Garda where the hell were they?
        Between weapons and bombs getting through Dublin airport this surly must wake the management of Dublin airport( who frankly are living in the dumbass area )to realise if this would of been a terrorist attack maybe hundreds would of been slaughtered
        Heads must roll
        Maybe minister Ryan must resign and finally get on his bike over this

  2. Ronan

    Appalling lack of security. How long did it take for any Garda presence to arrive. Per the tweet above, they’d have been taken down sharpish in a European airport.

    1. paul

      the Gardaí even have a station onsite, a big one too.

      I’m not sure I’d expect the local security to do much, get put in hospital for a bit above minimum wage (and a suspended sentence for the offender) but the Guards should have been in there, batons twirling, fairly sharpish.

      1. Liam Deliverance

        Minister McEntee attends official opening of Dublin Airport Garda Station
        Published on 6 May 2022


        “As Minister for Justice, supporting the work of An Garda Síochána is a priority for my department and this year’s unprecedented budget in excess of €2 billion reflects that commitment. Visibility is key when it comes to effective policing and this new station will help maintain a higher Garda presence here at Dublin Airport.”

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Shows the bullology that emanates. ‘Visibility is the key’ Laughable – someone should tell Garda Harris

    2. Kin

      And only one arrested and the other taken to hospital and those who were involved going on holiday blocked from the flights and held to be charged in the morning
      They have CCTV and these scumbags can be identified
      When they are in detention they can mull over the holiday they never had

  3. Broadbag

    Dirt – stamping on someone’s head is disgusting and should be charged as attempted murder, vile cowardly action from a pathetic coward who first of all blindsided the man, utter scum, as are the 2 fighting and those egging them on.

    1. Liam Deliverance

      Not that it makes much difference but it appeared he tried to jump on his head two footed and missed making contact with both feet so yes attempted murder is a viable charge.

  4. TenPin Terry

    Perhaps it’s best if I sit this one out.
    Don’t want to upset anyone …

    ( Just a quick reminder that Dublin Airport has failed its last two security checks – the most recent being revealed exclusively in the Daily Mail last week )

    1. Rob_G

      Britain’s second biggest airport was shut down for three days in the week leading up to Christmas because of a non-existent drone.

  5. Fergalito

    Where’s that garda from Lansdowne Road in the 90s when the English were at it?

    Helmet off, baton twirling like Paul says, giving them a good working over.

  6. jim

    Why do we, as a nation, tolerate this sort of crap?
    Public order issues,
    Fly tipping,
    Wheelchair parking,
    Domestic abuse,
    feel free to add to the list my brain hurts.

    1. ce

      Yeah it’s pretty depressing – we don’t enforce anything… which begs the question why do you have to enforce being a decent human… there’s no single answer but if we don’t bring up kids to have respect for others (ie. their parents don’t demonstrate it) there’s not much hope it will change very quickly… violence in Ireland is definitely lower than it used to be in many places but the sense of entitlement from the population, everything is a effin’ drama, with bunches of drunk fake tan/tangerine wearing/loving BT-manikan wanna bees, cleptocratic banking/professional elites, healy-rea/lowery loving chancer turf diggers, cocaine-snorting muppets funding deluded gangster scum etc… etc… still at least we don’t have guns… for everybody …

      1. ce

        Add the SUV and feckin’ electric Range Rover owners believing they’re saving the planet… second-home owning morons complaining that their kids can’t rent anywhere … the same muppets who bought up homes abroad and invested in vulture funds during the Tiger Times etc…. etc….

        … think I’ll go for a walk…

        1. AB

          Isn’t the issue with vulture fund that they came in a bought up the property that had been bought by all these people which the banks then off loaded. Not sure your rant about the SUV brigade investing in vulture funds during the celtic tiger era is at all accurate but glad to see you’re enjoying your rant.

  7. ManT

    I was on a flight recently and there was a guy on the flight actually doing cocaine. He was going nuts. It kicked off a bit with other passengers as he was really pissing people off, the cabin crew radioed the police who meet us on the other side. They frog marched him off so I assumed that would be him arrested and f&*ked it turns out his punishment was getting first off the plan. There he was in the terminal shouting and screaming when the rest of the passengers got off. Seems security issues aren’t only in Dublin. I flew into Amsterdam

    1. bell

      probably mental health or addiction issues

      Caused by a tradition of marrying close relations?

  8. No Mask On Your Face, A Big Disgrace, Spreadin Yer Germs All Over the Place

    Rossa never around when you need him.

  9. Dave

    Travelers let themselves down again ,and then go around screaming that they’ve been discriminated against !!!!

  10. Mad

    There’s nothing wrong with any of these guys that Diarmuid Rossa Phelan couldn’t fix

  11. Daisy Chainsaw

    I just wonder what great reset conspiraloon GerardDelaney39, fan of There is a War On Whites telegram account, expected Mehole, Leo and Eamon to do if they weren’t in Davos?

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