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    1. TenPin Terry

      Anyone who believes the Tories have already lost the next general election when they are only six points behind at the mid-term and will start that contest with approximately 150 seats more than Labour under low-wattage Sir Kneelalot shares certain essential characteristics with a moron.
      Which is obviously where you come in One Vowel™.
      Stick to your racist bigotry about ‘ ragheads ‘.

        1. TenPin Terry

          Still waiting for an explanation as to why you think Muslims are ragheads.
          It hasn’t gone away you know One Vowel™

        2. Ian - oG

          He’s allowed post because he drums up controversy.

          This is the person who makes creepy sexualised comments about Vanessa and her baking (one of the regular posts I miss about the old Broadsheet along with Harry’s Dublin and a few others), defended Jimmy SaviLLe because he did a few charity walks and instructed Bonny Prince Andrew on the best predation methods and cheerleads the scion of the wife beating Johnson family while posting anti Irish racism while pretending to be English.

          Mostly I’d not really care but he displays a clear pattern that is concerning in that he will start with some rather mild attempts to rile people up, then when he gets no traction switch to more outrageous comments like those about Vanessa’s cooking then goes full on abusive if challenged. We already saw one poster last night threaten another poster about real life engagements and it took some time for it to be addressed by the site.

          Racist (even anti English racism as his caricature is based on the worst England has to offer), sexist, homophobic, transphobic, makes fun of the dead, dying and disabled and thinks his fantastical posts about a life less ordinary wind people up. The only way they might annoy people is in the implication of their repetitiveness that we are all at least as dumb as he is to fall for them. That’s the thing about stupid people, they are too stupid to understand that others might be brighter than them,

          But anyway, his presence got the comment above so well done Bodger, you’re hate filled little paedo pal is working out as expected, huzzah. ™

          1. Micko

            “Racist… sexist, homophobic, transphobic, makes fun of the dead, dying and disabled”

            You just described Ricky Gervais ;-)

            Well, that’s if the Twitter mobs latest description is accurate…

          2. Kin

            You forget david but he was banned because he did not support the narrative and last time I looked he was pretty spot on
            Since charger left his new avatars are pretty tired pretty nasty with an odd smart reference to his puka wife

          3. Ian - oG


            ”Vanessa’s Creamed Horn is baking not cooking you sanctimonious tosser”

            True, I did get one thing wrong in there (the second time I mentioned it, got it right the first time though.)


  1. Hughie Luas

    Drunkenness, fights, drink spilled all over the place, all on top of each other, and then “we got away with it”.

    But enough about Travellers (in the ethnic sense) at Dublin Airport.

    1. Mad

      I did note that some of the fighting travellers were also how shall we put it, somewhat overweight. One even spoke in an English accent and was overheard telling everyone loudly that he had just eaten a meal and was contemplating having a drink later.

      1. Kin

        It’s simple the airlines must use Shannon Kerry cork as they did before
        The army can handle security
        We have thousands of them and as a sweetener their pay increased to the gardai
        Also if needs must only limit Dublin to half the flights close all bars and the duty free so no one can have a drink
        But that takes a minister to get off his bike and do what he is paid for

        1. Barry

          The solution to the one fight that has happened at dublin airport that anyone can remember.

    2. ce

      No drunken non-travellers in ireland or england would ever do any of this kind of thing… most weekends… all around the countries…

    3. Kin

      Just because they were at the airport it dose not make them travellers
      Some actually are business people tourists and flight crews
      Blaming the whole travelling community is just out and out racist
      These were scum who because they were waiting so long no doubt fed drink decided to act like they normally do
      The blame lies firmly with the Garda security and management of Dublin airport
      I say sack the lot

  2. f_lawless

    Newstalk decided to conduct an online poll:


    “Nearly half of the Irish public does not trust the Government to be honest or to tell the truth, according to a new study carried out by UCD. What’s your opinion on that?

    I trust the Government 8.6%
    I don’t trust Goverment 91.4%

    2,789 votes·7 hours left
    8:01 AM · May 25, 2022·Twitter Web App”

    Maybe this is what happens when you’ve had to decommission your Turkish bots :p

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      I really enjoyed that comment,
      I don’t trust them at all, I actively distrust them.

      1. ce

        Newstalk/UCD Poll… bit mainstream media lizard-ish elitiest instituions… shock news people don’t trust the government… bots or not…

  3. f_lawless

    Prof Mark Crispin Miller gives a good synopsis of the past two years in a western context as the mass media has been used as a tool to mislead, distract and polarise the general public. He stresses the urgent need of greater awareness among the public about the nature of the media they consume and ability to recognise propaganda when they see it, as really the only effective way to counter propaganda.


    ‘Whereas, in the “democratic” West, propaganda used to be most evident as an intensive episodic practice, flaring up in wartime, in political campaigns and following immense state crimes .. the propaganda blasting all of us non-stop today is no longer national, or merely multinational, but global; and the former intermittency of those most awful crises, with decades going by between one trauma and the next, has given way to a mind-numbing strategy of serial bombardment — one cataclysmic fuss after another (with, sometimes, one within another), as under openly totalitarian rule…”

    Any thoughts?

    (PS: comments like “Crispin Miller is a @X!!! Here’s a ‘fact-checker’ article” or “Try living in China!” would only underscore the points he makes, so I’m sure no one will fall foul of that, right?)

    1. Kali

      +1 for “one cataclysmic fuss after another”

      It’s laughable that people think were on the verge of extinction every year. How has mankind survived this long with the annual apocalypse is anyone’s guess :)

    2. Nigel

      This is awful, awful stuff. It’s not an examination of propaganda, it’s a vehicle for counter-propaganda.

      ‘(despite the scientific fact that lockdowns do more harm than good)’

      ‘(despite the scientific fact that neither practice “slows the spread” of any respiratory virus)’

      ‘to make us less afraid of COVID-19, it only made us more afraid of one another’

      *citations needed.

      ‘had already fiercely propagated since the rise of Donald Trump;’

      Blaming media for the red/blue division in the US (not saying they didn’t contribute, but it was mostly by pretending the Republicans were reasonable and honest) AND tracing its rise to Trump is just bad and wrong.

      ‘crimes pointedly denied throughout the media’

      Anti BLM, too, what a surprise. I saw no media that denied there was violence at BLM protests. How can anyone claim to be an expert on propaganda and ignore the lies and denials AND the violence of the police?

      He also complains that BLM protesters didn’t wear masks, when the vast majority of protests were pre-covid. Isn’t that special? Compaining that the media treated a social justice movement differently from a movement that just wanted government to pretend the pandemic wasn’t happening is also a bit rich.

      The spin on the Jan 6th riot is decidedly pro-Republican.

      ‘ Joe Biden’s inexplicable election “victory.”’

      You know how to pick ’em.

      ‘will surely give way to some other inescapable campaign’

      He bravely predicts that time will pass and other things will happen. Congratulations, he’s acheived the insight of a teenager becoming aware of the world around them.

      ‘a heightened “climate crisis,” necessitating further lockdowns’

      This is a talking point that’s going round, I’ve yet to see how it’s supposed to work, but more importantly why is someone who is supposed to be critiquing propaganda repeating so many talking points?

      ‘which has arguably killed or injured millions through the mass injection program’

      Not one of his scientific facts, then?

      He’s blaming media for literally everything that’s happening in the world? Not that its boosting some stories, obscuring oithers, sensationalising, reporting innacurately – all charges that can be leveled at media, but that it is actually CAUSING them? You realise that this represents and actual political position? It’s a partisan political talking point.

      Meanwhile, people actually interested in the spread of lies, disinformation and propaganda might want to check out this sad case study of a morally disgusting example, and bear in mind that the same actors have been at work through every crisis the prof complains about but is curiously absent from his analysys:


      1. f_lawless

        Thanks Nigel, you’re entitled to your opinion. From my point of view though, I see you as someone who demonstrates a particularly strong susceptibility to media propaganda coupled with an authoritarian disposition.

        I could invest time in picking apart your predictable response which consists of misinterpretation, strawmans and misdirection but it would be a fool’s errand. In a way, your comment is a nice addendum to Crispin Miller’s article – it reads as a kind of “Exhibit A”, or a “cautionary tale” of what happens to the mindset of a person consumed by media propaganda but lacking in the self-awareness to see it, so thanks again for that.

        1. Nigel

          That was not media analysis, that was a series of well-worn partisan talking points put together in a particular order without even bothering to strain for the thinnest sheen of academic credibility. You can tell by the way he didn’t actually analyse any media.

          Guess you weren’t really all that interested in ‘any thoughts’ after all.

          1. Kin

            You must be deluded blue red agenda has been pushed by the democrats since trump was elected
            There were no wars started under trump no humiliation of the US military under trump (Kabul)
            He was right about China he was right about Iran the Abraham accords were brilliant
            The border policy of bidens is back to cages for kids under Obama
            Trump has been vilified but the world was a far safe place with less racist murders or mass shootings under trump
            And certainly no 8 foot fence around the seat of power capital hill
            Biden is a war mongerer and trumps name is dirt thanks to the non stop barrage of propaganda
            As the year goes on American people will be less safe and it’s always the other guy with sleepy joe
            He is Nigel’s back stop
            The biggest mistake trump made was not signing an executive order to drain the Washington swamp who are defiantly in power and bringing this world to a WW3

          2. Nigel

            Wow. You’ve been hitting some propaganda sites pretty hard there, Kin, might want to ease back.

            ‘blue red agenda has been pushed by the democrats’

            Thsi is meaningless. It’s gibberish. What it may be referring to is Democrats being opposed to Republican policies, which is apparently very divisive of the Democrats, who should be entirely supportive of Republican policies. Well, some of them are, that’s why Biden can’t get stuff done, apparently, so yay them.

            ‘no humiliation of the US military under trump’

            Trump escalated bombings and dronings, but ended reporting and accountability. Was the betrayal of the Kurds not a humiliation for the US military? He also launched a couple of disastrous special ops that ended in military and covilian deaths, it’s a bit weird there wasn’t more about them or the bombings in the anti-Trump media.

            Who cares if the US military gets humiliated anyway?

            ‘He was right about China’

            That climate change is a Chinese hoax?

            ‘he was right about Iran the Abraham accords were brilliant’

            He let North Korea and Iran advance nuclear programmes kept in check under Obama – but he was right, apparently.

            ‘The border policy of bidens is back to cages for kids under Obama’

            US border policy is still TERRIBLE but under Biden hundreds of children sperated from their families under Trump have been reunited.

            ‘with less racist murders or mass shootings under trump’

            Count ’em and get back to me.

            ‘And certainly no 8 foot fence around the seat of power capital hill’

            Trump surrounded the Capitol with fences and barriers during the BLM protests.

            ‘He is Nigel’s back stop’

            I have no idea what this means.

            ‘Biden is a war mongerer’

            Biden hasn’t started any wars. Biden ended the war in Afghanistan.

    3. paddy apathy

      Ref Farmer’s Journal “Ireland steps toward BVD-free status”, BVD is Bovine Viral Diarrhoea for those wondering. Control of BVD is based on four equally important aspects, maybe we could learn something from it:

      1. Elimination of Persistently Infected (PI) – Those PI’s found under diagnosis should be isolated

      2. Biosecurity – Maintaining biosecurity involves avoiding introduction of animals into the herd and/or implementing strict isolation / quarantine of introductions until proven negative

      3. Monitoring – This varies depending on the nature and risk status of your herd

      4. Vaccination – To eliminate PI’s is not sufficient alone to keep out infection and prevent it from continuing to spread. This is best achieved by the appropriate use of a BVD vaccine.

      Any thoughts?

  4. TenPin Terry

    Big news of the day.
    The 11th World Potato Congress will be held in Ireland for the first time this year, from May 30 to June 2.
    The Irish Potato Federation has announced that the four-day event taking place in Dublin’s RDS will feature more than 60 speakers and is set to be attended by up to 1,000 delegates from over 60 countries.
    Let’s hope they can find a hotel room because they’re not cheap as chips.
    Geddit ?
    Oh, suit yourselves.

  5. ce

    In US news, face masks are still dangerous for children, more guns will keep them safe…

    1. Kin

      Not much about the talks about Iranian nuclear deal
      Seems to be as dead in the water as it was before
      Trump was dead right and it’s becoming more and more apparent everything else he did or tried to do had more success than Biden and more since
      You see Iran has been sanctioned for decades up to its necks and they are used to it so they do not give a tin teaspoon about anything but getting their own way
      The biggest failure of trumps administration was he underestimated the swamp
      The swamp that he referred to was Washington and it’s firmly in control
      We are now on the edge of WW3 mainly down to the Biden administration

      Biden can and refuses to bring in a referendum to remove the second amendment and reword it
      Right to bear arms against foreign power in the case of invasion

      1. Nigel

        Trump was right to end the Iranian deal you’re complaining was ended? Have you ever tried jumping up on a horse and riding off in all directions? Because you could probably manage it.

        1. bisted

          …ouch…painful analogy for me…had a horse spooked by a hedge cutter die under me and its legs went four directions…

  6. TenPin Terry

    Had a bit of a late one last night so this morning’s update comes to you from the leaba.
    Enjoyed watching the Special One lift his latest trophy in the company of some mad soccer fans in a raucous local bar till the wee small hours. Cracking game.
    Before that the fragrant Lady TenPin and I attended a barbecue and dined on succulent lamb and crispy pork chops.
    Sank a few ice-cold German pilsners.
    Funnily enough the fisticuffs at Dublin airport was a topic of conversation even here as the clip of yer man pogoing on another fella’s head has gone viral.
    Extraordinary that, as the Irish Daily Mail reports, it took the doughnut-munchers forty minutes to waddle their way to the scene.
    Third World stuff.
    They’d have been quicker calling in the SAS.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Odd you mentioned your local Cork holiday destination yesterday and the lack of wi-fi / phone signal. It must be quite a thrill for you to leave Blackpool, Cork Bedsit Central to get ‘away’ there for the odd day trip. The stench off the bus seat after you get off (maybe literally even) must be overpowering. Doubtless you’re under surveillance from the time you arrive there – weighty lone male traveller at a children-orientated holiday destination would be frowned upon.

      They call them Crispy pork scratchings by the way.

      1. Kin

        Fact is the infrastructure is so bad
        remote working has made it worse
        Since the pandemic arrived even the radio signals have suffered
        As for mobiles and internet it’s like the dark ages

    1. Paulus

      That report should come with a health warning..for the reader. Say what you like about the I.T., but Colm Keena is an excellent journalist.

  7. TenPin Terry

    Started the day off with a mushroom omelette – breakfast of champignons.
    Puntastic !™

    1. scottser

      so she has a mushroom-like body odour? she might be menopausal then.
      wayne rooney has nothing on you pal.

  8. Kin

    It gets worse
    And maybe revenue needs to audit anyone to do with him
    Evidently he had his money well hidden

    1. Kin

      Yep to vote Michelle in as first minister then during the vote it’s suspended again as no side wants to share the same voting facility

    1. TenPin Terry

      Reminds me of the joke about the two pensioners going at hammer and tongues when they decide to try a bit of the old soixante-neuf.
      The old feller pipes up ” By jove, that’s great news about the sinking of the Bismarck – it’ll set Mr Hitler’s war effort back years ”
      ” What are you on about you doddery old fool ” mumbled his missus through a mouthful of meat and two veg.
      ” I’m just reading this bit of newspaper stuck in your arse crack ” he replies.

      Suit yourselves.

    1. TenPin Terry

      Noooooo !
      Only 67.
      ” As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a gangster ”
      Great movie opening line.

      1. SOQ

        Wow Fearganainm that is big US news.

        Could you not have held back until Friday the 27th May 2022 broadsheet.ie newspapers which will be posted at 5:30am GMT time?

        1. Fearganainm

          Go on, show yourself up even more for the clown that you are.

          Twitter’s EMEA headquarters are located in Dublin. More than 500 people are employed there.

          You really are thick.

          1. TenPin Terry

            There’s a bang of a Plastic Paddy off this one.
            I bet he drinks green Guinness on ” St Patty’s Day. “

        2. Fearganainm

          Go on, show yourself up even more for the clown that you are.

          Twitter’s EMEA headquarters are located in Dublin. More than 500 people are employed there.

          You really are thick, too.

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