A Limerick A Day


A movement to get rid of the famous Osborne bulls that dot the Spanish landscape has begun with the the help of 15 litres of blue paint

This may seem bizarre, but it’s true
A Galician bull has turned blue
Some say that it’s part
Of some work of art
But it seems like an odd thing to do

John Moynes

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1 thought on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Jonsmoke

    My mother loves to tell the story that in the mid ’70s, my family was on holiday in Spain, touring the countryside in a hire car and every time we would see one of those bulls on a hill, I would leap out of my seat and shout at my dad, while punching him the arm, “Look Dad…cow Dad…look” over and over again.
    There are lots of them on the hills apparently.

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