This morning.

Dublin Airport.


Yesterday: Terminal 2: Fight’s On Time


Good times.

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15 thoughts on “Early To Rise

  1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    I saw they are looking for staff but the conditions and pay are desperate, all that to work somewhere hard to access, with terrible conditions and hours and where you will get dogs abuse ….nah

    1. Kin

      Time flights were restricted to the staff they have to run the place safely
      Number one if there is a three and a half hour delay waiting to get a flight
      All alcohol must be banned
      Hope insurance companies take them to task

    1. Kin

      Exactly ce evident
      Y Dublin cannot cope
      These flights must be moved to the other three airports that can function

  2. Ronan

    What am I looking at here? A queue for check-in desks or a queue for security that they’ve had to snake back around multiple unused check-in desks?

    How long did he queue? Did he miss his flight? Or is he just annoyed that it took 1 to 1.5 hours to get through checkin and security when people are being told to expect exactly this (arrive 2 hours before european and domestic flights).

    Dublin has always been chaos for 6-7am flights. I flew for work for years from Dublin. Always a shambles first thing in the morning, and at passport control from 21.30 to 23.00 when all the flights come back.

    I’ve flown from Cork twice in recent months and spent a max of 15 mins doing both, despite the same advice. If I still lived in Dublin I’d be giving serious consideration to flying for holidays from Shannon – long term parking across the road from the terminal, shorter queues.

    1. Micko

      “What am I looking at here?”

      The latter. Security queue snaked around the check in desks. Once you’ve popped your bag off at one end of the building, everyone is sent into the one queue.

      Took us about 45 mins to get through on a Sun evening the other day. Wasn’t the worst – but then it was Sunday evening ;)

      This is Terminal 1 of course. Terminal 2 might be sunshine and lollipops with cocktails…

      1. Ronan

        Cheers Micko, that explains a lot.

        45 mins on Sunday evening … grim, but then I’m sure they’re loading up the peak roster and leaving travel like yours swinging in the wind.

        I had a woeful experience in Schiphol recently. Arrived 3 hours early as instructed, but Aer Lingus had 2 staff covering 2 flights, going really slowly, then security and passport control took forever – the former because of no staff (1 person allowed to each 3 bay security belt at a time) and because of all of the idiots than can’t put a passport in the machine and stand still for 30s, respectively. Ended up sprinting for the flight – in fairness to AL they waited as I’ve seen them do on many occasions and I was allowed to board 5 mins before scheduled departure. More got on after me and in the end the captain had to take 6 bags off and close up 15 mins after scheduled departure.

        I guess it’ll be a while before it settles down. I’ll be flying a bit for work now again but thank god from Cork, so I just have to worry about the trip home.

  3. Kim The Cardassian

    I take it the angry twittererererer didnt have to arrive 4/5 hours before his flight and got on board without issue.

  4. E'Matty

    I understand profits for the DAA at Dublin Airport from the bars, cafes, shops are up 30% plus on prepandemic levels due to the longer waiting times in the airport. More people eating, drinking and shopping. This all benefits the DAA bottom line. Travelled through terminal 2 a few weeks back and couldn’t believe it was such a dump. Inexperienced migrant staff on a pittance, clearly lacking any proper training, struggling to deal with the customer flow. Mgmt pay themselves huge salaries whilst paying poverty wages for hard work to the staff. It all results in high profits as the customer base is effectively captured.

  5. TenPin Terry

    That Aer Lingus plane is a beaut.
    I presume it’s doing service in the Irish Air Corps now ?
    My word I’m in a flippant mood today …

  6. Zaccone

    The government cut the tax charged per passenger for Dublin airport by 24% between 2020 and 2020. This goes to funding Dublin airport. This works out to about 2euro per passenger per flight, on flights worth hundreds of euros. Its a nothing saving for us individuals but adds up to a big reduction in funding for the airport.

    The DAA warned this would result in a severe degradation in services. They were ignored. This is the result.

    Once again the neoliberal desire to cut taxes and reduce services bites back. But note theres no mention of this cause and effect in any of the mainstream, government friendly, media…


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