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    1. Cú Chulainn

      I think the scene where he’s strung out and the helicopter is following him, might be the moment he captured a generation..

      Meanwhile, Private Eye has passed out of satire, as well it might, into a place it has never been before.. desperate times call for desperate measures.. perhaps England needs to do this, go through this continuing self harm, in order to be born anew. I do doubt that.

  1. stephen moran

    Brexit ultras look away – The Excrement points out that UK asylum seeker applications have seen the most approvals in 30 years – the comments section of the story is a joy to behold – “taking back control” – the main reasons for the increase are the UK not being able to avail of the Dublin rules for refusing asylum applications on the basis a refugee has already passed through another EU country anymore and the outsourcing of their border controls to third party countries – Lewis Goodall from Newsnight has the good thread with the details – whilst the Excrement is foaming at the mouth


  2. Mad

    Great day for Graham and Andy
    And let’s face it for Boris as well
    Is this as bad as it’s going to get?
    Private Eye slipping to your level?
    It’s a nothing burger

  3. galaxiapolizia

    i just missed HSE Director General Paul Reid
    holding-forth (with his delightful brogue)
    on Mourning Ireland there …


  4. Kin

    So now they are banning the gaming tent after the fact
    No point
    What’s needed all those senators who attended prevented from placing their vote as they could of Recieved bribes and who knows secret bank accounts

  5. Nigel

    The heatwave scorching India and Pakistan has been made 30 times more likely by the climate crisis, according to scientists. Extreme temperatures and low rainfall since mid-March have caused widespread suffering, including deaths, crop losses, forest fires, and cuts to power and water supplies.

    The study is the latest to show the already severe impacts of global heating on millions of people, even though the global average temperature has risen only 1.2C above pre-industrial levels to date. If it rises to 2C, heatwaves as intense as the current one would be expected as often as every five years in India and Pakistan, the scientists estimated.


      1. Kin

        Nigel get onto China India Russia USA for no matter what we do it’s pointless unless they toe the line
        Even if we were totally carbon minus tomorrow it would not even make a dent on the emissions of Beijing
        So tax yourself to death
        I think the people of this country needs to wake up to tax gouging going on disguised as carbon action

        Maybe Nigel get on your bike up to Dublin airport and demonstrate outside

          1. Nigel

            There are always stories about most places. Still don’t knoiw what ‘backstop’ is supposed to mean.

    1. SOQ

      Speaking of pathetic rubbish

      “Paying to look homeless”: Balenciaga Distressed Sneakers brutally trolled over $1850 price tag

      Pre-distressed fashion items are not new to the fashion world, and legacy luxury fashion house Balenciaga has not shied away from the seemingly ever-popular trend. The Kering-owned brand recently announced a distressed sneaker lineup for both men and women, with a unique distressed look.

      The label calls the line of sneakers “Paris,” which includes two forms of footwear – tank top sneakers and mules. However, the fashion brand seems to have gone much further with their distressed look as some of the shoes appeared as if someone had dipped them in highly concentrated acid and then threw them in a blender.


      Anyone buying those things should be pitied more than laughed at.

      1. Johnny


        “I am not interested in anything average, including the average consumer,” Gvasalia wrote to me in an email this fall. “If someone is personally offended by Crocs, there might be a more serious problem within that person than the design of a shoe.” As for those who think they’re getting one over by pointing out the absurdity of Balenciaga’s multi-thousand-dollar versions of mass-produced lowbrow objects: “Everything I do has a reason for it,” he says. “The trashy prom suit or an ‘unreasonably expensive’ market bag did not just accidentally slip into my collection without me super consciously putting it there. Do I know that this may not be ‘understood’ by the average social media critique? Yes, I do. Do I care? I am pretty sure you know the answer. I just do fashion that I love and enjoy; it is really as simple as that.”


        Anything else good in your online Indian sports web site.

      2. Kin

        The mind boggles regarding the total insensitiveness of the rich
        Maybe the homeless need to move their sleeping quarters outside all these fashion houses
        They could stop maybe 100 tops but if every homeless mobilises in Paris imagine the police moving on twenty thousand plus
        Gone of the days of the great designers that made Paris fashion the dream of many
        Now we just have tasty shock Tracy emin unmade beds art pure bull S?.t and emperors new cloths
        Gone are the days of the great British designer who designed for Dior john galliano whose shock fashion shook up Paris and had some sense about it
        These guys are just Kardashian’s trailer *ra**

    1. Kin

      She is dam right along with mick Wallace
      If only peace could happen in Israel and Palestinian and Jew could live in peace

    1. Kin

      I am pro vaccine but I will stand my ground and not get another booster
      I know I had covid 19 before this was a pandemic in December 2019
      It was hell but I survived it and with steroids pulled through
      If my body could beat covid before any vaccination was invented all the antibodies all my T cells can fight it
      If I am wrong well it’s my choice and life is about one’s choice to decide what’s best for one’s self
      Dictatorship and forced compliance is against anything that democracy is about
      The worst thing that can happen is I die but die with the freedom of choice
      These mandates must be fraught against and we will not go meekly into the night
      The Jews in nazi Germany learnt a very important lesson
      The KAPOs did not
      When they lived beyond their usefulness they were the ones closing the door of the gas chamber with a very bemused look on their faces

  6. f_lawless

    Giving this a final attempt at posting (with an amended link). First two attempts my comment disappeared after clicking the “Post Comment” button.
    The evidence for fraud in Pfizer’s clinical trials is stacking up:
    The case of Augusto Roux, a 35-year-old lawyer from Buenos Aires, Argentina who volunteered for Pfizer’s Covid vaccine phase 3 trial. He was hospitalised with heart inflammation directly after his second shot, then had to go through the courts to force Pfizer to confirm that he hadn’t received a placebo. In the process, it became apparent his adverse reaction had been airbrushed from the trial data


  7. TenPin Terry

    Third world conditions in Cork hospitals reported on the front of the Echo picked up by the IT with a retired nurse describing the horrendous 30-hour wait she had to endure in ED.
    It’s ironic that despite the oceans of anti Brexit, Boris and Blighty posts on here every day no-one can be bothered about horrendous problems on your own doorsteps.
    The political Establishment and media continue to have you all successfully conned.
    ‘Twas ever thus.


    1. GiggidyGoo

      It’s ironic that despite the oceans of pro Brexit, pro Boris and pro Blighty posts you have on here every day you chose to move out.

      The average time to get an appointment to see a GP in the UK is 15 days. No wonder!

    2. Kin

      Tin man that’s CUH
      If ever in cork and you feel sick crawl to the hospital at bantry bay
      I can personally recommend it
      The procedures I had would make one proud to be Irish
      Great hospital and impeccable

  8. SOQ

    18 Major Airlines, FAA, and DOT to Be Sued Over COVID Vaccine Mandates

    First lawsuit against Atlas Air has been filed

    John Pierce Law has filed a lawsuit against Atlas Air, on behalf of US Freedom Flyers (USFF) and Atlas employees, and plans to sue all major airlines, 18 altogether, plus the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT), contending that the vaccine mandates imposed by these agencies on the airlines’ employees infringed on their constitutional, religious, and medical liberties.


    And so it begins.

    1. Kin

      Good for all these measures flyed in the face of every democracy principle in the world bar North Korea but they did not have a vaccine mandate
      I am waiting for the class action suit against government from my sector
      They destroyed our pubs
      Even locked us down before the pandemic was declared and vilified us as enemies o.f the state

  9. Fearganainm

    Man who calls himself ‘archangel Raphael’ claims he levitated to NI from Spain, court is told


    “…District Judge Bernie Kelly noted on Friday that the papers before her have “no name, no forename, no date of birth, no occupation, no gender… but he called himself the archangel Raphael. I’m surprised that he went for Raphael and not Gabriel but hey ho,” said the judge, adding that “he needs to be psychiatrically assessed”…”


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