‘The Only One On The Coast’ (1970)

This morning.

He painted matchstalk men and a public convenience.

Will Derham tweetz:

This is very cool – who knew the famous British artist, L.S. Lowry once visited and sketched my home town of Skerries? If anyone has a spare £12k, you can buy it for me here


L S Lowry?

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5 thoughts on “Loowry

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Ok, sorry. The fourth verse!

      Edit: I just remembered that Dirty Old Town by Ewan McColl was about Salford, too

  1. Moira Cardiff

    There is also a drawing of somewhere near Drogheda. He also spent time in Balbriggan. His gallery is in Salford. Sad and lonely life he had. His lesser known seascapes are beautiful. Big fan here obvs.

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