8 thoughts on “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

  1. SOQ

    Well that is at least some useful purpose for the face nappies because they done frig all to slow or stop spread.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Any update from one of your twitter sources on the liberation of Ukrainian biolabs?

        1. Kin

          I do not think they were in bio labs just the azov brigade of Nazis like the SS Ukrainian batallion WW2 plus mercenaries
          Maybe so it shows exactly the animal that was being dealt with
          Maybe watch a polish film about after WW2 a polish film called volhynia
          It shows the mentality and the pure simmering of hatred that was simmering under soviet rule
          Much like the break up of former Yugoslavia

  2. Commenter #1

    Some new voices really making their presences felt lately. Refreshing! weird how a lot of them seem to have the same hangups and perspectives, just expressed idiosyncratically.

    Some more successful in driving engagement than others tho.

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