Unjust Labelling


This morning.

Via The Irish Times:

The “Russian state-affiliated media” designation by Twitter appears on Mr Galloway’s profile and on tweets posted on the network. Mr Galloway said in a statement that Twitter’s “unjust labelling of honestly held political views is the New McCarthyism and it must be held accountable”.

He rejected Twitter’s assertion and denied that he was ever “Russian state-affiliated media”. Being labelled as such was “perverse, unjust and highly damaging”, he said.

George Galloway sues Twitter in Dublin over ‘Russian state-affiliated’ label (Irish Times)



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14 thoughts on “Unjust Labelling

    1. Cú Chulainn

      I’d almost forgotten how great he was at that hearing. I was in America working at the time and the major news outlets portrayed it as Galloway put in his place.. and, thinking that can’t be right, found it for myself and watched it. He absolutely destroyed them. Righty.

    2. Kin

      So he is
      Love this guy and he is spot on
      Hopes he sues Twitter for millions
      You can still get stuff from his programs on rtoday on the internet both him and the wonderful max Keizer

  1. Nigel

    Are those little dogies trying to persuade us that Russia Today has editorial independence compared to the BBC or NPR? Good luck with that.

    1. bisted

      …despite the doggies…national broadcasters tend to have the same level of independence…zero…

      1. Nigel

        No, I don’t agree. Though there are degrees of independence, state funded is not the same as state controlled.

  2. No Mask On Your Face, A Big Disgrace, Spreadin Yer Germs All Over the Place

    G’wan the George. Finish Twitter off. Elon’s bailed.

  3. Ronan

    440k followers. 350k (!) odd tweets.

    To be fair, he’s probably earned this label from an algorithm because:
    – Account reads like a retweet machine for anti-establishment accounts.
    – He retweets other accounts with the russian affiliated media label.

    1. Lets not pretend that Russian (and indeed other government-driven) accounts aren’t pushing an agenda on twitter.
    2. Lets assume GG is happy to retweet deflection stuff
    3. He is demonstrably (as recently as today) retweeting other accounts with this label (Renegade Inc)

    It seems likely to me that his account is being treated like a bot. Influential to the tune of 400k followers, and spreading content from other tagged accounts. I doubt Twitter actually apply their policy that carefully using an army of account review boards, rather they are parsing his network of followed accounts, followers and retweets and constructing a persona that points to this label.

  4. Kin

    Reds under the bed
    You are like merkin muffley from doctor strangelove or even the general who thinks that Russia is after our bodily juices
    Ever see a commie drinking tap water

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Do you remember when there was a ‘left’.. at least a number of people who could get elected and be part of political parties and be able to hold power, sometimes they’re own lot, to account. I think the ‘would you like me to be the cat’ probably killed him (although those furries would have him). I was at the anti war March in London and there was well over 1m people.. were are now..?

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