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This afternoon


RTE presenter Claire Byrne is calling time on her weekly currently affairs TV programme to focus on her radio show and family.

Claire Byrne Live will come to and end after seven years and will broadcast its final episode on Monday next week, RTÉ has announced.

The weekly current affairs programme hosted by Byrne, and featuring a live studio audience, will wrap as this season ends.

Byrne recently spoke about her heavy workload ‘taking its toll’ as she was busy presenting across TV and radio.

RTÉ’s Claire Byrne calls time on TV show with final episode to air next week (

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46 thoughts on “Claire Sheds Show

    1. Micko

      Noooooo (Fingers in ears)

      “Not a WOMAN! It’s like Doctor Who all over again!!!! ”

      Next it’ll be a black gay fellah…


      Crap – did I say that last bit out loud?

    2. Kin

      Sounds like she is being treated like a canine
      Mind you my dog paddy would be a better host than tubs and being a Labrador he needs less time in make up and his beautiful shiny black coat dose not need any brushing

    1. K. Cavan

      I’ve never witnessed any of her ouvre but I get the impression that watching someone actually rivetting would be more entertaining. I have seen a lot of excerpts, the Luke O’Neill in a plastic ball bit that someone pointed out, I kept shouting “now, suck all the air out!”, while simultaneously imagining what Luke’s ball would smell like after a Beef in Black Bean Sauce (with fried rice) the night before.
      Mind you, O’Neill’s face always looks like he’s being asphyxiated by his own guffs, doesn’t it.

      1. Sara

        The verbal dribblings of a failed ex-boxer. You and your sparring partner SOQ should just move to reddit.

      2. Kin

        I know maybe get fleetwood to sponsor it and then watching the late late show would really be like watching paint dry

  1. john f

    Her shows credibility has been shot to hell over the past couple of years. I think the stunt they pulled with the broadcasts from her garden shed (which was actually just a different set) hasted the public’s declining trust.
    Throw in an endless stream of manipulated polls and meaningless statistics to back up what ever line the government was trying to sell and it’s easy to see how and why this show is being pulled.
    This show won’t be missed, but like Frankenstein’s monster, she will be wheeled out in a couple of years time in a different show sprouting the same propaganda.

        1. benblack

          Maybe in her hand at particular times, but, let’s be sex specific.

          Clare Daly is a woman – a biological female.

          She is brave, courageous, honest, strong, intelligent and possesses more integrity than any pseudo 21st century emasculated elected male politician.

          Have a good weekend, SOQ – the light of the truth destroys the evil lies and deception.

          1. benblack

            Did you just imply that you have the ability to think?

            Leave the thinking to the adults and keep putting your J up your Tom, Tom.

          2. Tom J

            @ Benblack, I’m older than you by many years, so stick your Sat Nav up your backside.

    1. Chuckenstein

      The demonstration of social distancing in a zorb by O’Neill was, and remains, utterly laughable.

      1. SOQ

        I expect that in his own head- O’Neill considers himself to be a lovely person.

        I could do a similar 12345 on and that is after filtering out those who are just earning a living.

  2. SOQ

    Brand promotes fear- then fear dissipates and so does brand- the ratings are probably on the floor. Family more important than career on the cards.

    Aisling O’Loughlin getting the good teeth in for her ‘I told you so’ bit.

    1. SOQ

      She might get a gig on LMFM?

      Definately not Dundalk FM- they interview even the likes of DKIT gay Icon Dolores Cahill.

  3. Andrew

    She’s called time? It makes it sound like it was her decision. Her rise in RTE baffles me. Lightest of lightweights, that much was obvious when sh was on Newstalk.

  4. f_lawless

    Rumour has it she backed out after she was a passed a list of episode ideas that were being developed for next season by the pre-production crew . Working titles are said to have included.
    How to get the most of out your food rations
    Paying for everything with your face
    Maximising your social credit score
    Creative cooking with bug paste

  5. Mad

    I don’t dislike CIaire Byrne the way some of you do – I just don’t watch that particular show.


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