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  1. SailorGerry

    Local markets should definitely be supported whilst it is still possible.

    I can only imagine when the CBDC is rolled out, there will be no buying from unapproved food sources, or the govt will bang on their 20% surcharge. Same for the busker, they will see every tip and tax his earnings at source.

    In Turkey at the moment they are charging 7% transaction commission to pull out cash from the wall, they really are trying to discourage cash.

    We are well on the road to Hell.

    1. SOQ

      Is there not some move to convert that fruit market between Capel Street and Smithfield into a thing? I know DCC is very busy waving their Azov Roman salute flags, but I read about the conversion at least 5 years ago.

      Meanwhile- St George’s Market, Belfast- just down from the train station, caters to the requirements of Prods, Fenians, vegans and transsexuals- or any variation of.

      Also antiques- I do not have a price tag when shopping btw.

    2. Kin

      All over france local markets are a day out
      We lost that years ago along with fish shops butchers who slaughtered their own and grocery stores and finally the local bakery that baked real bread not the rap with a c that supermarkets dole out as artisan produce
      All par baked and finished off in store if you are lucky
      Meanwhile supermarket gouging is gone to a new much higher level
      Virtually every vegetable you buy in this country is imported mostly from grow facilities in Holland which I doubt contain any soil
      We even get onions from chile green beans from Turkey or even Kenya


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