Please Please Tell Me Now

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This afternoon.

ESB writes:

Duran Duran in St Anne’s instructions just sent out to the masses….

No professional cameras or cameras with a detachable lens, video cameras & audio recording devices, iPads or GoPros.”

2010 called and asked who still uses iPads?


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7 thoughts on “Please Please Tell Me Now

  1. Kin

    For god sake Dublin airport syndrome
    If this is the gig then maybe their level of security needs looking at before the gig takes place

  2. Micko

    “2010 called and asked who still uses iPads?”

    It’s because most of this text was written yonks ago and updated for this show, coz MCD are a lazy shower. :-)

  3. Kin

    Ah sure they lost Darryl Downey years ago after the time of the trip to tip cemented their position of a major player in the Irish music scene and he really was a real dick spring


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