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    1. Kin

      Latest figures
      Around 40 thousand Ukrainian refugees all with a roof over their heads in the republic
      And 10 thousand Irish homeless
      I presume these are rough sleepers and in homeless facilities like hostels

  1. Hughie Luas

    First person to say “Ballsy” in the context of Brendan O’Connor gets a kick up the bum bum.

  2. TenPin Terry

    British PM claimed to have been ” humbled ” over Partygate but only for a minute reports Irish Times London Editor Denis Staunton.
    The same Denis Staunton who was so outraged by a London cabbie calling him mate he wrote an entire column about the offence comparing it to the Black and Tans torching Cork.

    ” I felt the blood rushing up through my chest and into my head as my eyes flashed and stung. Mate. It’s not the insolence or the cheerless familiarity of it, so much as the hint of laddish menace. It’s the sound of getting taken down a peg or two, of home truths being delivered, it’s the bouncer on the door, the hooligan on the terrace, it’s a pint glass smashing in the street at midnight. It’s the Black and Tans burning down Cork. ”

    And this cretin is employed by the Irish Times to be the expert on all things London ?
    What an ass-wipe.

      1. TenPin Terry

        I’m two hours ahead and was up early to get the the airport.
        As you were also up at that time I can only presume you work some dead-end graveyard shift menial work.
        You really should have concentrated more on your studies at school instead of always trying to catch the priest’s eye with a mincey look.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            I’d think he’d hold on to it to try become a member of the solo mile-high club.

        1. Annie 14 Tennis

          That is some sad existence. Going on holiday and the program of daily events is logging on to Broadsheet.ie multiple times. You’re a lonely soul. I feel sorry for you. You could be dangerous though.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      You don’t have to be anywhere near being an expert on anything to do with england to be able to see what a clown and untrustworthy liar Johnson is.

  3. Mad

    It’s great to see the homelessness getting back to pre pandemic levels all the same – just a great sign that things are truly coming back to normal

    1. Kin

      What’s not been reported in the papers
      Is the outbreak of elephant it’s in stormont
      Apparently the Northern Ireland’s executive have been complaining of when seated they find it most uncomfortable so they are refusing to take their seats
      After reading my wicked wicked ways by Errol Flynn when he personally witnessed the effect of elephantitus in a village he visited in Africa
      I cannot blame them

  4. Tommy Bohan

    Who the hell is Jasmine Birtles? The English, I mean Irish, Daily Mail deem it fit to have an English person show us how to save money. Pathetic excuse for a so called Irish publication.

    1. jonjoker

      Nobody considers the DM to be an Irish publication.
      On a very very good day, the Irish edition is a hybrid thing, but mostly it’s just the Daily Mail with an occasional paddyism to fool the least intelligent among us.

    2. TenPin Terry

      Timmy – you ought to zoom into the top right corner and see the price differential.
      Even the Daily Mail is taking the piss out of gullible Paddy.

  5. SOQ

    CDC Warns of COVID Rebound with Paxlovid

    Dr Peter McCullough and Harvey Risch chat with Laura Ingraham about how the new drug touted as having over 90% efficacy against CoVid-19, now causes rebounds.

    There has been no testing of repeated use of this drug and it appears to have a lot of interactions with other medications.

    Also they discuss the hysterical media over reaction to monkeypox and Harvey Risch suggests “risk may be increased in people whom have been heavily vaccinated”. Given that most people are double if not triple jabbed- I doubt if he just speculating on that- time will tell.

    They are trying to use monkeypox as an excuse to make people wear masks in New York again apparently. Really?


    1. Kin

      Covid is now yesterdays news
      It’s the new flue
      Our Tcells will protect us buy we will feel pretty **ap then get better
      More concerned about monkey pox as the HSE refuses to quarantine people that have it

  6. SOQ

    Two Shots Worse Than One, Three Shots Worse Than Two: Every Pillar Defending This Jab Has Fallen

    Dr. Robert Malone: “The more doses of these products that you receive, the higher your risk for infection, disease, and death, compared to those that remain ‘unvaccinated.’ ”


    If this is true then a mistake of monumental proportions has occurred. A mistake so huge that it cannot be covered up no matter how hard they try.

      1. SOQ

        More chance of managing being infected, getting sick and possibly dying you mean? Unless you know more than Robert Malone of course.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Such an expert opinion from a professional with a degree degree awarded by Google Search.
            haven’t you a few sandstorms to follow?

          2. SOQ

            So at a time when Pfizer’s dodgy practices are being exposed – questioning the motives of people like Robert Malone is a priority then is it?

            Violates the Nuremberg Code: Pfizer Clearly Knew the Risks of the Shot and Failed to Provide Fully-Informed Consent


            And before you start with the right wing labelling BS, Robert has been a lifelong supporter of the US Democratic Party- until now.

          3. SOQ

            That means you never bothered so.

            HE is the front man for a large community of medical practitioners and scientists. The fact you think he is only speaking for himself really proves how ignorant you are of that organisation and their goals.

          4. SOQ

            The inventor of the platform technology which is delivering these criminally corrupt poison jabs doesn’t need his authority established- no more than Oppenheimer.

          5. Annie 14 Tennis

            For flips sake Nigel. Do you realise at all how stupid you’re coming across as? Give it a rest.

          6. Nigel

            SOQ – he worked on it over a decade ago.

            Annie – no, without you telling me I would have no idea.

          7. Nigel

            He had some important breakthrough over a decade ago. Thousands of other people worked on it before, during and since.

          8. SOQ

            WRONG- he invented and patented the technology, which has since been applied to various areas. This has been repeatedly clarified since the ‘fact checkers’ tried their BS.

            Dear God- at least try to have some semblance of knowledge on what you are talking about- absolute idiot.

          9. Nigel

            Not denying he played an important role, but now he’s spreading dangerous falsehoods about it.

      2. Kin

        Well Nigel 2 cases of monkey pox now in Ireland and neither under quarantine
        Trump gave a speech today at the NRA conference in Texas
        He stated if the USA can send $40 billion of arms munitions and military aid to Ukraine surely they can keep their children safe
        Meanwhile Biden is?

        1. Nigel

          Yeah, Trump read out the victim’s names, then danced. You’ll get no gun control from him. Plus he got impeached for his own dealings with Ukraine, and he holds grudges.

          1. Annie 14 Tennis

            What was the result of the impeachment then Nigel ? You might consider changing your name to Wurzel Gummidge, there’s so much straw surrounding you.

          2. Nigel

            SOQ – yes.
            Annie – the result was he was impeached. He also lost re-election shortly thereafter.

          3. Annie 14 Tennis

            The result of the impeachment was that he was impeached?
            The result was that he was acquitted. You’re a waste of space Nigel. I’ve never come across someone as thick as you are. You can’t even argue a point. No wonder you’re not taken seriously here.

          4. Nigel

            No, he was impeached, and remains impeached. Acquittal in the Senate does not cancel the impeachment. You clearly don’t know how US impeachment works.

          5. Kin

            Nigel they tried to impeach trump and he was not impeached
            Just like calling someone cleared of stealing as a thief
            Fact is trumps accusations that Biden and son were up to their neck in corrupt practices with a company in the energy section
            There was never a full investigation because zelensky refused to hand files over

            Mind you I just wonder maybe zelensky used the goods to get Biden to send $40 billion plus in arms and push for NATO to help him in a war that started with poking a man that is well known as the biggest b****rd in the world

            I suppose if trumps accusations were investigated and it dose emerge as true
            This would make watergate like a parking offence

            Just wait until Ukraine has to digest that massive double decker**rd sandwich
            The on
            Y other way is NATO invades Russia
            And we all know what happened the last two times and even if that happened before they get 100 miles from Moscow the Russians would launch every nuclear weapon in their arsenal
            And it’s all over

          6. Nigel

            That’s not how it works. He was impeached. He wasn’t ‘cleared.’ His attempt to extort dirt on Biden from Ukraine isn’t in question. As for the rest, how much of an idiot do you have to be to believe Trump? The same sort of idiot who blames everyone but Putin for Putin’s invasion?

        2. SOQ

          What is the physical skin difference between shingles and monkey bollix btw? Do you not need a blood test to decipher?

          That’s good because otherwise, we would all just mistake the monkey for good old fashioned vaccine reactivated shingles, and sure- everyone and their poodle has that nowadays.

  7. galaxiapolizia

    the Monkeypops have landed…!
    the Monkeypops have landed…!
    Calm-down, dears…!
    No panic…!
    NO PANIC…!
    Don’t panic, goddammit…!


      1. Kin

        Love it ce
        What saves us is humour
        We have
        Elephantitus in stormont and monkey pox in the republic a war in Ukraine and we are told Dublin will be under 15 meters of water pretty soon
        I just wonder will the banks be looking for their instalments for that once des res that’s now at the bottom of the sea
        Meanwhile we are the biggest exporters of bananas in Europe

  8. GiggidyGoo

    Queueueueueueues upon queueueueueueueueues of trucks today at dover. Oh lordy me. Hurray for Brexit! Holiday makers doing the normal english inherited thing of looking for queues to join.
    Back of the queue!

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Lots and lots of cars and trucks queueing there alright. Hahahah. Do try keep up!
        Back of the plane! 33F!

          1. GiggidyGoo

            45 Minutes queue time at DAP at the moment. Still 3 hours+ at Dover. That’s the only explanation needed.


            DOVER UPDATE: estimated waiting time:
            A20/M20: up to 12 hours
            A2/A256: up to 3 hours
            once you reach the port: 2 hours

            There’ll be some disappointed Liverpool fans this evening.

            When you’re losing, you’re losing.

            Back of Net
            Escape from Victory

  9. No Mask On Your Face, A Big Disgrace, Spreadin Yer Germs All Over the Place

    Christ, but that Late Late Show was painful. A complete line up of utter crones.

  10. Kin

    I must apologise mad
    Those students are still waiting to be served in my bar
    Lots of would be legal students waiting to be called to the bar

    1. Kin


      So it’s not airborne unless it’s large droplets then it is like someone screaming cheering on their team or in a crowded place or even spits
      They wipe their mouth on a towel the usual things
      And the carrier or victim has not been quarantined
      Is this not how covid 19 started
      For the HSE to act dose the monkey pox victim have to be dribbling and postuals spraying as he or she visits Tesco

  11. Kin

    Good man Connor getting up the nose of the followers of the narritive
    Maybe zelensky will now go on another coke bender
    This war will most probably be over soon and it’s followed by a massive recession and of course Ukraine is going to have to swallow a pretty large ***d sandwich
    Bets are on after this is all over where zelensky is going to flee to as he people finally realise what zelenskys government brought upon them

    1. Nigel

      You mean you think Putin will get at least some of what he wanted as a reward for an unprovoked invasion? That’ll only happen if the Ukrainians stop fighting, but you don’t support the Ukrainians in defending themselves, or approve of them getting support to defend themselves with.

      1. Kin

        Nigel trumpeter of war like the grand old duke of York
        NATO lied once to many times as they invaded Iraq afghanastan and all down to the USA and their swamp in Washington
        Millions died lives ruined from wars NATO and it’s ilk started
        The truth died alongside dr david Kelly and the smoking gun led by Blair and bush
        Soon Ukraine will be fed that giant **rd sandwich minus a quarter of their country or NATO will have to do what hitler and Napoleon failed to do
        Even the British army failed in the crimea
        Great to see you cheer on those that are dying for that coke head zelensky
        Just cannon fodder for zelensky And his cohorts and just a continuance of misery

          1. Kin

            Let’s face it he warned NATO and zelensky
            He even had military exercises
            Remember the 150 thousand soldiers
            But the west kept poking him
            A retarded chimp could of told you what would follow
            Sure between the pentagon and military intelligence around the world tens of thousands of highly paid experts spend all their working life on Putin ping and Kim
            They can tell you what Putin has for lunch and none of them knew what was coming and lightened the rhetoric come on ?
            Now Shultz and micron EUs vaudeville act are after sanctioning Russia to the middle ages telling Putin to sit down with that coke addict zelensky
            Good luck on that one as let’s face it the EU has guaranteed the iron Curtin is slammed
            As for the infrastructure to supply oil and gas to Europe
            I bet it’s already been dug up and used to supply east
            I would say Russia has plenty of new customers for its oil and gas at twice the price they were getting last year
            And meanwhile Iran is now confiscated two tankers owned by Greece because the USA siezed one of theirs and confiscated the cargo

            I can imagine if that sort of thing is going to spiral and add more woes for europe and the west
            Good old joe he is doing his best to reduce europe to a third world wasteland
            But Nigel keep on with the guff

          2. Nigel

            Yes, he warned them he would invade, then he invaded, unprovoked. Biden warned everybody that he would invade, and told him not to, but Biden is ‘sleepy.’ You can’t keep blaming everyone but the one man responsible. Or rather you can, but it’s a lie.

            (Greece siezed the ship, not the US.)

          3. SailorGerry

            Absolutely, Russia was provoked.

            Did not abide by the Minsk accords, that they signed.
            Killed 14k civilians in the Donbass after they decided they wanted no part of the coup and would prefer independence.
            Amassed around 120k soldiers in Donbass to take back the east.
            Tried to join NATO..
            Allowed US companies to trial biological weapons on their door step, specifically marking Russian DNA.

            Nigel, you are not being honest; Russia was provoked and the response has been proportionate and measured, in my humble opinion.

          4. Nigel

            Didn’t the Russia-backed speratists break the accords? And wren’t the seperatists, y’;know, backed by Russia? Suggesting that their agressive intentions against Ukraine go back a ways? So much for provocation.

            Ukraine has every right as a soveriegn nation to join NATO, in fact, it’s now obvious that the reason it got invaded is because it isn’t in NATO.

            The bioweapons stuff is a lie. But then, so are the rest of your points.

    1. Kin

      When this was reported yesterday it really was fishy
      Do not tell me Del Boy hutch will be out on bail as a file is prepared for the DPP
      God love the poor woman
      Comes from hell only to be nearly killed by one of dublins scumbags
      And how could he afford a litre of petrol let alone a motor bike
      And do we not have a police force to investigate crime
      The Garda ombudsman ? No wonder the scum control the streets

      1. Ian - oG

        Just checked my elevation, 57 metres above sea level.

        Feeling fairly smug I must say.

        Wonder when Lidl or Aldi will be selling dinghies again, just for a bit of a runaround.

    1. Kin

      Cast your mind back to Carmencita hederman when she was Lord Mayor of Dublin many moons ago
      She said Dublin should be like Venice
      Seems she might get her dream
      I can imagine it punting down the M50 watching the corpses buried in glass even floating past you

    2. SOQ

      Question- if sea levels are going to rise so fast, why do wealthy people still all buy by the seaside and in places that will only be reached by boat?

    1. Kin


      The real question is was he paid and where if he was did the money come from

      Did he claim personal expenses
      Did he pay tax on those earnings and Garda fraud enquiries

    1. Micko


      Soon Bayside and most of Edenmore will be underwater and then “Costa del Mickos” will be a reality.



      P.S Play your cards right and I might let you have “Nigelberg”


    2. Kin

      South west of Ireland basking in glorious sunshine except it’s raining cats and dogs over you
      Soon ireland will have the most perfect climate in the world
      That was predicted in the 1970s
      They said 2025 and that was way before the Chinese Indians USA europes industrialised areas really started pumping it out and carbon taxes gouged us all while governments did nothing to tackle globalisation in its destruction of our planet
      The only thing governments have achieved is tax the poor peasants to death
      Nigel the day I see no plastic on supermarket food then I might care a rats bottom
      Your war is producing loads of carbon emissions yet you cheer it on and quote heatwaves
      Eat seaweed it helps in limiting the guff which will help the climate
      Remember Nigel there is no I in backstop

        1. Kin

          Oh Nigel I do disagree with you full stop
          You simply are a good little man that dose what you are told without question following the narrative

          1. Nigel

            You’re not a climate change denier and you understand the dangers of plastics, I’ll give you that, but your actual thought processes are hard to grasp.

    1. Annie 14 Tennis

      Oh go away Mad you eejit. Of all the people who add nothing here, you’re in pole position.

  12. bisted

    ..Micko, you have tried to make a virtue out of peoples misery here for a long time…time karma visited you…

  13. The Dude

    Remarkable the amount of coverage given to Claire Byrne finishing her show – 2 front pages.

    What major insights has she ever brought to anything? How did she get to where she got?

    Only this week, on radio she noted how people find it very hard to become more environmentally sustainable ‘because not everyone can afford to buy an electric car’.

    That’s right Claire, buy a car and save the planet. At least the advertisers using RTE will be happy with you.

    A face of the pandemic unlikely to be missed.

  14. Hughie Luas

    Katherine Zappone looks well in that picture with Helen Mirren. Plenty of Cannes-do attitude.

    1. Nigel

      Russia is the country repsonsible for some of the more notable biological attacks, but the Ukrainian biolabs were not manufacturing bioweapons.

    1. Mad

      Thanks Fearg
      I know you think you are doing us some service here but a this is not news or even remotely surprising , nor the scoop you think it is and b, you are a tedious bottom-feeding troll in any case. That is all.


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