1916 Proclamation

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Martial Law extended in Ireland (Century Ireland)


Any excuse.

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2 thoughts on “1916 Proclamation

  1. K. Cavan

    Had Dolly been around in 1916, she could’ve denounced the leaders of The Rising as “the fash”, the KKK & “rando” Trump-supporting, QAnon, “Trucker” Carlson types. Then, of course, they would’ve been carried, shoulder-high, as heroes, through the streets, only to be met by Nigel, blocking the road by linking arms with The Working-Class Brigade Of Trinity College Antifa, (go, Trinners!), carrying placards inscribed with slogans like “War Is Peace”, “Coughs Kill” & “Ukrainian Nazis Aren’t So Bad”, while singing a version of Lennon’s “Imagine” that went “Imagine there’s no genders, it isn’t hard to do, Men are Women, dogs are kangaroos…”, while demanding an immediate Lockdown & mass injections with water from the Liffey, because of an outbreak of acne among local teenagers.
    Then suddenly, Joe Biden announces his presence but gets his own name wrong, before declaiming “Anti-vaxx rubbish” & soiling his underwear, again but luckily Ferganincel, has wallpapered the gaff with drivel from his beloved MSM, which is used to wipe Joe’s posterior, as he rants about Chimate Clange & helping the Iraqis in their fight against Prussia, come on, man.
    Let’s hope the Vulcan Science Academy are correct & time travel is an impossibility.

    1. Kin

      Ah sure in 2020 marshal law was pronounced but it went further we were not allowed to earn a living
      Well during a war or times of trouble marshal law is just one thing the authorities declare
      Mind you in all reality 1916 was hardly the mad hatters tea party
      I would say if those men and women who died for Ireland could only talk they would be using choice language when asked about the shower running things since the crash and before
      I bet many will yearn for another haughey
      You got what you saw with Charlie boy


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