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Tracy Gallagher – Caves

The hit man and her.

Mayo singer/songwriter Tracy Gallagher (top) evokes vintage Portishead vibes on her atmospheric new single, recorded in Belfast with Michael Mormecha.

But check out the darkly charismatic video shot in County Antrim by Dan Dan Media and starring Michael McGarry.

Tracy writes:

“Caves is inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell, American professor of Literature and well known mythologist, credited by George Lucas as having inspired Star Wars. While reading his book ‘The Hero With A Thousand Faces’, I became enamoured with the idea of each individual being the hero in their own story and the trials and tribulations each of us have to face and overcome throughout our human experience in order to grow and develop as human beings.

“Caves explores the relationship we have to the natural world and simultaneously to the inner self, it is a look at the wild, powerful and sometimes frightening aspects of nature that can act as a metaphor for the unexplored parts of our inner worlds. The wildness of the ‘seven seas’ and the dark unknown of the ‘cave’ represent our innermost fears, that which we try to keep hidden from ourselves and the world at large but this is also the place where the deepest treasures and revelations lie, where personal growth and development happens.”

Nick says: The darling buds of Mayo.

Tracy Gallagher

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