And So We Face The Vinyl Curtain [Extended]


So this is goodbye.

Thanks so much to everyone who left such supportive messages on my post yesterday. They really warmed my heart and are appreciated more than I can express.

I am sure gonna miss our regular Friday get togethers.

At least Janet can rest knowing that no ABBA songs are lurking under the next link.

It’s apt that the theme for our last music bants comes via esteemed Broadsheet Trailer Park supervisor Andy Pipkin, who writes:

“So with the heaviest of hearts, my last suggestion for The Last Quiz: ‘What’s your favourite song that mentions Goodbye or Farewell or Thank You?’ Here’s mine.”

Thanks Andy.

And here’s mine.

You know the drill: Please include video links if possible.

Lines stay open until Sunday at 5pm.

Parting is such sweet sorrow,

Pic: Apple Corps

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174 thoughts on “And So We Face The Vinyl Curtain [Extended]

          1. galaxiapolizia

            on here.




    1. TenPin Terry

      I thought it fitting to keep the mood Irish because no-one does maudlin and lachrymose better than Paddy.
      Well Northern Irish anyway.
      Energy Orchard were one of the great London bands back in the day holding court at the Mean Fiddler, Claphan Grand, The Borderline with a talented lead singer and songwriter Bap Kennedy.
      They never hit the big time but what a sound.
      This one’s for Bodger.
      Good times chief. See you again soon.

      1. benblack

        I might as well get this out of the way considering time is short, Charger, but I’ve always thought you’d make an authentic Ian Bailey.

        1. TenPin Terry

          Sadly I have no recollection of you or any of your posts on Broadsheet.
          You might as well have been invisible, Mr Cellophane™.

          Fnarr fnarr.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I will give fair warning, but I do have one ABBA song, for which I ask advance forgiveness :)

        1. Andy Pipkin

          Thank you Lush for your many kind words over the years about some of my song choices, it means a lot!

          Take care and hopefully we’ll be back soon in some form!


          1. Lush

            The pleasure was all mine Andy; you broadened my musical horizons for which I am forever grateful.

            Hope this is not adieu, but only au revoir.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            just because they’re after you….don’t mean you’re not paranoid…or something :)

    2. Andy Pipkin

      Well Missy,

      It’s been a pleasure having our little banters over the years!

      Look after yourself and the family and I’ll see you soon!

      In the meantime I think it’s only apt that I leave you on this one!

      A dedication to you and Nick,

      See you soon!!

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        right back at ya Andy, I knew I forgot someone in my shout-out
        and ( shudders ) thanks for the song ;)

        1. Slightly Bemused

          Ok, that was the one i was going to warn you about (thanks, Andy :D )

          As such I shall no longer leave you in fear of my posts ;)

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            phew, it’s best to get the worst out of the way ;) before I have had wine ;)

  1. CapernosityandFunction

    Jeff Buckley – The Last Goodbye

    Thank you for the music Nick (intentional ABBA reference). I looked forward to this every Friday and it was a real tonic during lockdowns to share and discover everyone’s favourite tunes under all the many and varied themes. I was also lucky enough to win your esteem on a couple of occasions. It was nice to be a winner.

    In my fantasy rock n roll supergroup of all time Jeff Buckley would be my singer. I have heard no one before or since to match him. Like Broadsheet we only had him for a relatively short time. The song implies that the goodbye isn’t forever. So rather than the Broadsheet posse wading into the Mississippi for the final time you all will emerge again in a different form to entertain, delight and anger us in equal measure.

  2. baz

    i’d have left a really nice post but for a reason unknown to me my posts have not appeared for months
    permabanned I am, would love to understand why.

    anyway, sad to see you guys go, thought you ran a great scroll.
    best of luck and much love

  3. Slightly Bemused

    I would have to suggest Roger Whittaker and The Last Farewell

    I have used lines from this song as I said farewell to friends and teams I had worked with. Today that line is apt, “far away from your land of endless sunshine to my land full of rainy skies and gales”, as the weather beats against my window in a reflection of pathetic fallacy

    For you are all beautiful!

    Edit: fantastic headline to go out on!

    1. Lush

      My posts keep disappearing.
      I think they’ve already cancelled their internet contract.

      Loved this song when I was a kid.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        it’s like a rocket ship that starts having systems fail as it approaches (the sun/ an asteroid/ the aliens).

  4. Gerogerigegegege

    sorry to hear this. you guys deserve credit for putting your heads on the block putting out info about covid especially. I am reading your site for years and will miss it very much. I would like to contribute a few quid to you if you can provide details I will do so.
    Thank you.

  5. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    Jamais la fin d’été n’avait parue si belle
    Les vignes de l’année auront de beaux raisins
    On voit se rassembler, déjà les hirondelles
    Mais il faut se quitter, pourtant, l’on s’aimait bien
    Quel joli temps pour se dire au revoir
    Quel joli soir pour jouer ses 20 ans
    Sur la fumée des cigarettes
    L’amour s’en va, mon cœur s’arrête
    Quel joli temps pour se dire au revoir
    Quel joli soir pour jouer ses vingt ans
    Les fleurs portent déjà les couleurs de septembre
    Et l’on entend, de loin, s’annoncer les bateaux
    Beau temps pour un chagrin que ce temps couleur d’ambre
    Je reste sur le quai, mon amour à bientôt
    Quel joli temps, mon amour, au revoir
    Quel joli temps pour jouer ses 20 ans
    Sur la fumée des cigarettes
    L’amour nous reviendra peut-être
    Peut-être un soir, au détour d’un printemps
    Ah quel joli temps, le temps de se revoir
    Jamais les fleurs de mai n’auront paru si belles
    Les vignes de l’année auront de beaux raisins
    Quand tu me reviendras, avec les hirondelles
    Car tu me reviendras, mon amour, à demain

  6. Liam Deliverance

    The Pogues – Leaving of Liverpool / Fare Thee Well, My Own True Love

    “Fare thee well to you, my own true love,
    There were many fare thee wells
    I am bound for California,
    A place that I know right well

    So fare thee well, my own true love,
    For when I return, united we will be
    It’s not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me,
    But my darling when I think of thee”

  7. gorugeen

    My favourite song mentioning goodbye is The Tower of Song by Leonard Cohen. This one of my all time favourite songs.
    I wish all you lovely folk peace and happiness. A special thanks to Nick. This comp has been such fun and a great source of new music.

      1. scottser

        Likewise eamon, you always threw in a nice blend of classics and eye openers.
        Take care mate.

  8. Tom J

    I’ve only this to say to you know why
    Good bye, bye bye
    My loneliness endears it but so do I
    Good bye, bye bye
    You’d think by now that somehow
    You’d have changed
    Long range no change
    Forget me now you know how I will you
    Will you please do?
    I’ve only this to say to you know why
    Good bye, bye bye
    Forget me now you know how I will you
    Will you please do?
    I don’t know why
    Sometimes I lie
    Other times I tell the truth
    Sometimes even out of spite
    I’m uncouth

  9. scottser

    ok, one more before i head home from work, not that i did much today except check on the comments for most of the day. i’m going to really miss our friday tunes club. i always felt if there was ever to be a broadsheet meet up, it would be this, in a pub, and we all took turns to pick a tune and talk about music.

    anyway, here’s the pogues, ‘sally maclennane’:

    i mean, it’s lashing rain and i’ve to cycle home. i’d be better off heading to a boozer until it stops, right?

  10. Fergalito

    A bittersweet ending indeed with music putting tone and melody around lyrics as they fall like tresses and swirl about the face of the heady farewell to musical alms.

    When the curtain has been called and the players have bowed and taken their gratitude I hope this tune will be a balm, not necessarily a song about goodbyes but so what.

    Anyway, here’s the glorious Be Good Tanyas and “Ship Out On The Sea” – calm waters all !

    “plant me in the garden
    don’t you let me roam
    cuz love is a feeling like a warm dark stone”

  11. Clampers Outside

    Ah nuts… that theme… kinda hurt, like I’m still in denial and it’s hammering it home to me :/

    Anyhoo… after some deliberation, I have settled on the Overmono remix of For Those I Love’s brilliant poetic piece ‘I Have A Love’….

    And this verse I think is quite apt :)

    “I have a love, and it never fades
    Full of plights and gripes, like Achilles
    Who loves fights?
    Like you did, right?
    And we did, twice
    I will love you beyond life”

    Turn that dial… ALL THE WAY UP! :)

    1. galaxiapolizia

      Brillo*, DW …(and thanks for your many laser-sharp posts!)

      * tho’ Lydon’s genius
      had already launched him
      in new directions by then, and
      I’m guessin’ John Ryan’s genius
      will ensure him a similar, happy,
      creative bounce presently.

      ( “goodbye” @ 2.54)

      1. Duncan Wheeler

        Perfect song & thank you for the kind words.
        I too see a future with much bouncing back and up
        for John the Staunch.
        Have a good one.
        I’m finding it hard to let go @18:36

    1. Lush

      Couldn’t bring myself to post it.
      Everything is making me teary.
      I’ll blame it on the hormones.

    2. The Mad Account

      That was one of the ones I posted earlier !
      Always said you were a classy lady mills- did you see Bertie came back yesterday to announce your engagement? Congratulations to you both

  12. Gdog

    Sad to hear your hanging up your boots. Thanks for all the entertaining articles and informative banter over the years. Bit of a sad one but I think it’s apt for the final Curtain.

  13. ce

    Slightly off topic… not quite a farewell or end… but the band has “Enz” in their name and the song title seems appropriate

    Time for a Change – by Split Enz

    Wonderful Lyrics –

    You act as though
    You are a blind man who’s crying
    Crying about
    All the virgins that are dying
    In your habitual dreams
    You know, seems you need more sleep
    But like a parrot in a flaming tree
    I know it’s pretty hard to see
    I’m beginning to wonder
    If it’s time for a change
    But still you try like a fat boy
    Dancing Gershwin’s Blues
    But you’d rather sit at home
    And watch the news
    And I’m beginning to wonder
    If it’s time for a change
    I’m beginning to wonder
    If it’s time for a change …

    1. Tarfton Clax

      Monster Magnet have always been a favourite of mine. Love the title I’m God.

      I tried to do some good
      I gave you Hollywood
      I let you put nails in my feet
      I let you play around
      I let you have your sound
      And then you peed right in my creak
      What am I ‘sposed to do
      You know I don’t need you
      I could have danced a different strut
      But I let you track
      And what do I get back
      A big pile of fuppin’ up
      You know I hate to fail
      But I need to bail
      I’m not afraid to use my might
      So get your red dress on
      And you can party it down
      I’ll give you the big goodnight
      ‘Cause I’m God
      If you’re looking for who to blame
      I’m God
      And I’m ridin’ a river of flame
      I’m God
      And nobody gets a free ride
      I’m God
      And you’re lucky to be alive
      I’m God
      And I ain’t gonna take no blame
      I’m God
      And I’m ridin’ a river of flame
      I’m God
      And you know that I never lie
      I’m God
      And I’m thinkin’ of sayin’ goodbye

  14. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    On the road again
    Just can’t wait to get on the road again
    The life I love is making music with my friends
    And I can’t wait to get on the road again
    On the road again
    Goin’ places that I’ve never been
    Seein’ things that I may never see again
    And I can’t wait to get on the road again

    A little Willie to cheer you up (a little Willie always cheers me up )

  15. ce

    Slightly off topic… not an explicit mention of “farewell” or “ending” in the lyric… but the sentiment of “later folks, time to leave stuff behind and do something new” –

    Dead Can Dance – Ulysses

    John Francis Dooley
    Wipe the sleep from your eyes
    And embrace the light
    You have slept now
    For a thousand years
    Beneath starless nights
    And now it’s time for you
    To renounce the old ways
    And see a new dawn rise
    In former days
    The masks were raised
    When the god came down
    From off the mountain
    And a sacrifice was made
    For they knew the day of wrath
    Was fast approaching
    Just like yesterday, before the war
    John Francis Dooley
    The scapegoat has run
    All our sins are disowned
    And now it’s time for you
    To take off thy mask
    And cross the Rubicon
    If you and I were one
    Within the eyes of our designs
    It would still not change
    The fact of our leaving.
    For tonight we must leave
    With the first gentle breeze
    For the isles of Ken we are assailing
    Just like Ulysses, on an open sea.
    On an odyssey of self discovery

    Later folks, off to put the house on red at the casino, and see what happens….

  16. stephen moran

    Far too many to choose one so I’ll offer one final smorgasbord. The schmaltzy “If You Leave Me Now” Chicago & “Season in the Sun” Terry Jacks to an ode like “Ruby Tuesday” Rolling Stones a torch song “Say Hello Wave Goodbye” Soft Cell or the mildly bitchy “Hit The Road Jack” Ray Charles to the just another chapter “All Things Must Pass” The Beatles, “Go Your Own Way” Fleetwood Mac & “Ramble On” Led Zeppelin or the sentimental “Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye” by the late uncle Leonard C. But in the end I’ll stumped for something a tad more bitter sweet and ambiguous “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” by Green Day

  17. Johnny

    My fav song about what the ‘sheet became and we all know who did that.

    Tell me lies
    Tell me sweet little lies
    (Tell me lies, tell me, tell me lies)
    Oh no, no you can’t disguise
    Tell me lies
    Tell me sweet little lies

  18. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    this is a little goodbye lullaby from Savitri who many of you welcomed into the world here

    There are songs, there are complaints
    There are stories, there are words

    Conversations are forgotten
    Memories stay with you

    1. Duncan Wheeler

      It’s an all day affair, proper oderr.
      This is a sad blast, a blast all the same.
      no drama just love.
      meet you in the wunderbar…..

    1. galaxiapolizia

      well, yes, a beautiful, evocative, seemingly timeless song
      they tend to play it a lot on rte1 Risin’Time at around 5h35
      of a morning: so it can be tricky to deal with its instant sense of loss,
      regret, desolation and its potential for complete emotional demolition
      before the day gets going, even. Tho in fairness, that Glen Campbell
      version is relatively tame… whereas this Nick Cave 1980s version fairly
      scythes-down ones will to go on… A bit like the demise of Broadsheet, alas.
      But Bodger will Bodge’ back better before we know it :-)

      1. Lilly

        That’s beautiful, thanks galaxia. Leave it to Nick Cave. And I agree, Bodger’s finest chapter awaits.

    1. Fearganainm

      “Tous ces moments
      Perdus dans l’enchantement ,
      Qui ne reviendront jamais…
      Pas d’aujourd’hui pour nous, pour nous il n’y a rien
      A partager, sauf le passé.
      Tous ces moments
      Perdus dans l’enchantement t,
      Qui ne reviendront jamais, jamais, jamais, jamais, jamais, jamais.”

      Roxy Music – Song for Europe

  19. Tom J

    If you could press rewind and do it all again
    Would you change your mind, would you change a thing
    Would you make it easy, would you make it hard
    Would you play the game under another name
    Or ask the dealer for one more card
    Bang your drum, sing your song
    Don’t give up, keep the faith, it won’t be long
    You’ve been high, you’ve been low
    Press rewind and let it go
    Have you had your say, seen all you wanted to see
    Or did your dream give way to reality
    Don’t think it’s all too late for you to even try
    Before you clip your wings, see what this life brings
    You’ve waited too long it’s time to fly
    Bang your drum, sing your song
    Don’t give up, keep the faith, it won’t be long
    You’ve been high, you’ve been low
    Press rewind and let it go
    Do you believe in fate and what is meant to be
    Could you imagine life without a guarantee
    Would you appreciate that time was on your side
    A flash of second sight, a chance to do it right
    Is something money just can’t buy
    Bang your drum, sing your song
    Don’t give up, keep the faith, it won’t be long
    You’ve been high, you’ve been low
    Press rewind and let it go

  20. Tom J
    Suppose I were to tell you that the meaning of dreams

    Is not all that it seems and the ultimate truth is a lie.

    And you are just a puppet who can dance on a string.

    Do you feel anything?

    Would you laugh? would you care? would you cry?

    But the meaning of life is a mystery, how can anyone disagree?

    And the music of life is a symphony which we play in a minor key.

    I am a mirror. I am a mirror. looking at me you see yourself

    I am a mirror. I am a mirror. every face is someone else.

    Look at me smile and you’re the clown. and if I dance you turn around.

    Look in my eyes and see your tears until the music disappears.

    So if you are confused and don’t know which way to go.

    You will certainly know. from the moment we’re living we die.

    And if it’s all a crazy game you don’t want to play

    Tell me what can you say.

    It’s a joke. it’s the truth. it’s a lie.

    But the meaning of life is a mystery that we don’t understand so far.

    And the music of life is a rhapsody if you’re happy the way that you are.

    I am a mirror. I am a mirror. looking at me you see yourself

    I am a mirror. I am a mirror. every face is someone else.

    Look at me smile and you’re the clown and if I dance you turn around.

    Look in my eyes and see your tears until the music disappears.

    And the meaning of life is a mystery though we live it from day to day.

    But the music of life should be harmony so that anyone here can play.

    I am a mirror. I am a mirror. looking at me you see yourself

    I am a mirror. I am a mirror. every face is someone else.

    Look at me smile and you’re the clown. and if I dance you turn around.

    Look in my eyes and see your tears until the music disappears.

  21. U N M U T U A L

    Into each life some rain must fall… .

    But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the finale…

    Lighters at the ready, ’cause “the Kid is in rare form tonight” :-)
    Prince and The Revolution • Purple Rain (Live in Syracuse, March 30, 1985)

          1. Steph Pinker

            I’m not into pop music but the title of the first song is Today and the second is Chariots of Fire so that was my analogous thinking of 12 years of BS A-Z off the top of my head.

            Don’t ever forget: η ελπίδα πεθαίνει τελευταία


  22. Papi

    I’ll just leave this here, it’s been a blast

    All of you know, all of you are fupping legends.
    Tip your waitress, don’t forget your coat on the way out and try the veal.
    Thanks John.
    All I can say is thanks. You’re a mensch.

    1. TenPin Terry

      Poor Papi.
      Still missing an open goal in the dying minutes of the game.
      What a dose.

      1. Papi

        I’ll give this to you charger, you’ve never been able to understand when you’ve been beaten.
        Can’t beat you. Enough.
        Heh heh heh.

  23. Andy Pipkin

    Well it’s been a pleasure too take part every week in this wonderful competition, I’ve meet some wonderful people ( virtually ) whom I want too thank for even the smallest comments that lit up my Fridays!!

    You guys came up with some amazing songs and videos that has educated me in a way I’ll never forget!

    Millie you were always so nice to me, Lush even the simplest of comments touched me, Janet, well one day I hope you’ll get over your ABBAphobia , Slighty for your brilliant stories, and all the rest of the regulars in the Broadsheet Inn every Friday evening!!

    So knowing I can’t get gate here’s a few of my guilty pleasures all aimed at today!

    And here is Andy Pipkin for those who don’t know me,

    Thanks a million and may your God take care of you and your families!!!

    See you all soon
    Andy Pipkin!!

    1. galaxiapolizia

      U wot chuck?
      No nunchucks to the ‘nads?
      Needs more Peggy Bundy…!

      So long, U N M U T U A L…
      and thanks for all your excellent zingers and pithy bons mots!


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